Chapter 1431

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Chapter 1431: Chapter 1430 scruples

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“Captain Ye, the last patient has also entered. Let’s Rest for a while.”The vice-captain looked at ye Mingzhi’s restless expression and couldn’t bear it.

He was originally such a calm person. There was once a patient who vomited blood during transport, but ye Mingzhi only did CPR according to the procedures and didn’t frown at all. There was once a patient who vomited rice during transport.., ye Ming knew that he was only performing CPR according to the procedures and didn’t frown at all. There was once a patient who vomited during transport, but ye Ming knew that he was only performing CPR according to the procedures and didn’t even wipe his brows.

Even when his ex-partner pretended to be pregnant to cause trouble, Ye Ming knew that he was still as calm as ever. Even when his ex-partner pretended to be pregnant to cause trouble, Ye Ming knew that he was still as calm as ever. Even when his ex-partner pretended to be pregnant to cause trouble again, he was still as calm as ever, ye Ming was still as calm as ever.

Especially this last part, which made the vice-captain admire him greatly. Although Captain Ye did not bring any medication that day and was worried that his poor performance would affect his reputation, no matter what.., ye Ming knew that he had proven himself to be a person who adhered to principles. If it was him, it was very likely that he would not be able to do this.

However, Ye Ming knew that he was too unstable today. The vice-captain started to feel anxious as he watched. What could be more worrisome than a partner getting pregnant?

“The first few surgeries went quite smoothly.”

After a long while, Ye Ming finally said in a low voice, “Under normal circumstances, Doctor Ling should be in a good mood.”

“That’s for sure. He performed three surgeries in one go, and all of them were completed within an hour. All the doctors in any hospital would feel that today was going to be a smooth day,”the vice-captain said cooperatively. He did not lie. Based on the surgeries that they had seen before, they did not need to perform any major surgeries. They only needed to perform minor surgeries. The chief surgeon would be in a very good mood if he could perform three surgeries in one go without making any mistakes.

It was just like how an ordinary person could complete a week’s worth of work in half a day and still complete it in a very smooth and relaxed manner. It was normal for the chief surgeon’s mood to soar in an instant.

Ye Mingzhi shook his head. He stretched his neck and looked at the livestream on the screen diagonally above him. He said, “But look at Doctor Ling’s expression. What do you think of his mood right now?”

The vice-captain followed his instructions and looked over. He saw that underneath Ling ran’s extremely handsome and cool foundation was a solemn gaze and a serious expression.

“This… Doctor Ling’s expression hasn’t changed much in the past few hours.”The vice-captain paused for a moment, then, he said, “It’s not like it hasn’t changed at all. When he was bleeding just now, the way Doctor Ling looked at Lu Wenbin was quite… how should I put it?”

“Lu Wenbin’s face was so bad that it looked like he was caught cheating.”Ye Ming knew that he was observing him through the glass, then, he said, “Lu Wenbin’s expression doesn’t seem to be excited anymore. I think I can tell from his expression. As the saying goes, ‘spoiling the master is like spoiling the human form.’in his current state, it means that Doctor Ling is very likely unhappy.”

“He must be tired,”the vice-captain said.

“It’s not that tiring. Even though it’s three surgeries, it’s only been three hours. It’s equivalent to other doctors performing surgeries for an hour. He’s also the first assistant and not the chief surgeon. He’s not so tired that he looks like he just tore open the balcony window,”ye Mingzhi said with great insight, he continued, “Besides, the surgery is going so smoothly, and he’s performing three or four surgeries in one go. He should be quite excited, right? He’s so half-dead. Sigh, what you said makes sense. Perhaps something happened at home, or something happened in his career. It’s best if his wife cheated on him.”

“If his wife cheated on him, or if he found out that his child wasn’t his biological child, that would be his own problem. I’m afraid that he might make a mistake in his work. For example, if he’s asked to replace our position, he definitely won’t be happy.”

The vice-captain said helplessly, “He’s replacing our position, and he’s still not happy? Does that count as a mistake in his work?”

Ye Ming said seriously, “Comrade Xiao Chen, we have to have a clear understanding of our position.”

“Alright, Comrade Old Ye.”The vice-captain said lazily, “If not for our clear understanding, we would have gone back to drink long ago.”

“Mm, we’re done tonight. After we’re free, we can drink,”ye Ming replied.

“Alright.”The vice-captain said before, and said jokingly, “We’re still in the emergency department. Don’t talk about when we’re free.”

“Do you think we won’t be free when we’re Free?”

“Yeah, people who talk about us when we’re free in the emergency department are all exhausted in the end.”

“Mm… But we should have said a lot of things when we’re free.”

The vice-captain: (OO)

A few investors were also holed up in their own rooms, waiting for the information to be delivered from the front and back.

Although they appeared to be calm on the surface, behind the scenes, a few people, including Hannah, were very concerned about Ling ran’s work.

Medical transshipment was already very popular in the United States, Germany, and other high-level developed countries. The demand of developing countries was constantly changing as the cost of medical transshipment changed.

In short, this was an industry with strong demand, and it was also a beautiful blue ocean. In the words of the investment community, it was a vast new racetrack.

Hannah and other early investors did not pay much attention to this track. What they really cared about was the size of the track.

Helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and medical equipment were not cheap. It could even be said that they were examples of high bid.

In the financial industry, the higher the bid, the more profits. How much money one could really make was one thing, and making money on a proportional basis had always been the norm in the financial industry.

The same principle applied to sales. The more expensive the item sold, the more likely it would be to earn money from sales.

However, the prerequisite for all of this was that the entire track had to be accessible.

The patient could not be sent to the hospital, and the hospital would not be able to treat him, or worse, the patient would suffer greater injuries during the transportation process..

In the operating theater, Ling ran threw down the scissors and announced the end of the surgery.

“Did the surgery go well? Did It succeed?”An investor asked impatiently.

“It went very well. There doesn’t seem to be any problem. It should have been a success.”The medical consultant that they specially invited was also in a remote connection state, and he came to a conclusion at the first moment.

“My understanding is that at least from the legal perspective, and even from your medical judgment, this surgery was also a success, right?”The investor began to translate in his own system.

“Yes,”the medical consultant replied, and then said, “In terms of surgery alone, it was done very well. It was a successful surgery. Ling ran from China, right?”

“Yes, Ling ran from Yun Hua Hospital in China.”

“I’ve heard of him. He did a really good job.”

“Okay, okay.”The investor did not care about that. He could not wait to stop the connection and turn his face to the other few people, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, according to our previous plan, we should now send a large number of patients to Yun Hua to conduct a stress test on the entire system. Of course, this also includes the test on China’s civil aviation system.”

The investors nodded one after another.

“What about the replacement of the medical team requested by Doctor Ling?”Hannah asked.

“Give it to him. He can do whatever he wants.”The investors no longer had any scruples.