Chapter 1432

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Chapter 1432: Chapter 1431

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“Doctor Ling, as you can see, our support for You is unlimited. It’s definitely the best configuration…”Hannah brought a few professional managers and bragged to Ling ran.

Ling ran carefully checked the emergency equipment in Falcon 2000 before he turned around, he said, “The configuration is okay, but there’s still room for modification. If you really need the best configuration, I can make a list.”

Zuo Cidian came to his senses and was well-trained, he immediately said, “Doctor Ling likes this style of speaking. In fact, it is already very difficult for us, Doctor Ling, to seriously configure it. You, show us how to use this device.”

The one who was called was ye Mingzhi. He had just finished a day of medical transshipment and had been a continuing doctor for two days. Although he slept very little and was half-dead from fatigue, his conditioned reflex was trained.

When he heard zuo cidian say “You-know-who,”ye Mingzhi could not help but widen his eyes. However, he did not waste his two days in Yun Hua Hospital. In almost an instant, ye Mingzhi reacted and said with a smile, “No problem. I’ll demonstrate for everyone.”

Then, ye Mingzhi went forward, turned on a monitor, and started to demonstrate.

His demonstration was not very serious, and it was even a little perfunctory. However, the eyes of the surrounding investors lit up.

“Doctor Ling’s management ability is very good,”Hannah whispered in French.

“That’s right. I didn’t expect it to be a very serious and traditional management model.”The middle-aged elite investor nodded slightly, he commented, “The advantage brought by high-level technology makes it easy for him to appear in front of the staff in an authoritative manner…”

“This is a pleasant surprise. However, there is a guarantee that the project will be completed.”

Zuo Cidian smiled as he watched the investors conversing in various languages. He was neither embarrassed nor bored.

After doing things to this day, he had long lost interest in the flashy thing of mastering a few languages. He had even lost some of his attention.

As it turned out, a man who had mastered surgical techniques would not be affected when he performed surgery on patients who spoke any language. If he could afford to hire a translator, flattery could still be carried out smoothly. Sometimes, the language barrier would produce additional effects.

After the round of demonstration ended, Hannah adjusted her mood and regrouped, she said, “Doctor Ling, we are committed to providing the best service to our patients. As of now, yingren company has signed contracts with several banks and securities companies to provide high-standard medical transfer services to their high-net-worth people. As for the aircraft and medical facilities, we will continue to update and replace them in the next few days. You can rest assured about this. Our aircraft and medical facilities will remain above the mainstream level for the next few days.”

Ling ran had heard the other party speak before, and he listened carefully to the translation. He frowned a little strangely and said, “Maintain a standard above the mainstream level for the next few days? Why not maintain a standard above the mainstream level for now?”

“HMM?”Hannah was stunned for a moment. After a while, she finally reacted and said helplessly, “The standard of our medical aircraft and equipment now is already above the mainstream level.”

“HMM… is the standard so low?”Ling ran asked in surprise.

Hannah was stunned by the question. She subconsciously looked behind her.

A handsome man in a high-end suit stood out consciously, he said, “Doctor Ling, the Falcon 2000 is a medium-sized and large-scale business jet. It has two engines and is extremely fast. It can fly across the ocean and land with a full tank of fuel. This means that it can carry out many short-distance trips without needing to refuel in the middle. It is very suitable for medical transportation missions. “Moreover, this Falcon 2000 is basically new, and so is the medical equipment…”

“So, the standard is based on the business jet, with reference to its performance and usage time?”Ling ran seemed to have understood something, but he only frowned slightly. “Medium-sized and large-sized should be medium-sized and large-sized without considering the transport plane and passenger plane, right?”

Jun Gao was embarrassed for a second, he said, “This… transport aircraft and civilian passenger aircraft are considered large-sized aircraft. There are not many medical transport companies that use such aircraft. The cost is too high, and the carrying capacity is also wasted. Moreover, take-off and landing are also restricted. For example, there are twenty thousand or forty thousand commuting airports in the United States, and most of them can only take-off and landing medium-sized and small-sized aircraft. It would be a waste to use large aircraft.”

“There are also a lot of options other than large aircraft.”When Ling ran talked about professionalism, he would not lie to a few investors who had just read the information. After a few sentences, he said, “The Falcon 2000 can be used to meet the requirements at the moment.”

Zuo Cidian looked at the expressions of the few investors and felt that it was a little difficult to smooth out the situation. He could not twist Ling ran’s meaning, he could only say, “Doctor Ling… is just stating the facts. He doesn’t mean to target everyone.”

“It’s okay. We all know Doctor Ling’s personality.”Hannah took a deep breath and changed her smile, she said, “Next, the time to test doctor Ling will come. We have arranged four surgeries in the next two days. If Doctor Ling completes the surgery to the customer’s satisfaction, we can officially sign the contract.”

“Four surgeries?”Ling ran’s expression changed slightly.

“It’s not a mandatory requirement. If you encounter any problems, we can discuss it again. After all, medical problems are a little more complicated.”Hannah looked at Ling Ran’s face and suddenly relaxed some of her requirements.

Ling ran shook his head and said, “The last time we transferred patients, we transferred four patients at once. Did you only arrange for four surgeries in the next two days?”

Hannah was stunned. She first turned around and communicated with the people behind her before she said, “If you think that the number of surgeries can be increased, we can also arrange more surgeries.”

Ling ran nodded and gave a slightly satisfied expression, which made the professional managers raise their heads and puffed out their chests.

Zuo Cidian said from the side, “Arrange as many surgeries as possible. If there are only four surgeries in two days, this plane will be a waste.”

“Okay,”Jungao agreed. He then looked at Hannah and smiled. “Doctor Ling, Doctor Zuo, why don’t you let Miss Hannah send you back to the city? We still have some other work here…”

“There’s no need for that. We still have to fly to another city to perform surgeries. The time is just right.”Zuo Cidian said goodbye in a hurry. The few of them waved their hands and got on Kost, who was waiting on the other side.

The plain and unadorned minibus stopped next to a Boeing 737 not far away from them. Then, someone on the plane came down to welcome them and respectfully led Ling ran and the others onto the plane.

Although the size of a Boeing 737 that could carry less than 200 passengers on a commercial airliner was only average, compared to the Falcon 2000 that could carry 19 people, it was really inferior.

“Don’t act on your own next time.”Hannah looked at Jungao sternly and walked up to the Falcon 2000, observing silently through the porthole.