Chapter 1433

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Chapter 1433: Chapter 1432 Yun Hua Hospital

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The sun shone on the porthole, reflecting circles of water ripples. It was like a wave that had arrived in the distance and turned around.

Ye Mingzhi yawned. Then, he saw the pilot come out of the cabin.

“Tired?”Ye Mingzhi greeted.

“Let the autopilot fly for a while first.”The pilot sat down casually and looked at the empty cabin. “I’m exhausted. We’ll change people when we get to Hainan. What will you do?”

“US? We’ll just endure it.”Ye Mingzhi’s face was wooden, he rubbed it hard and said, “We’re not like you guys. There’s no limit to our working hours. We can just lie down next to our posts when we’re tired and faint.”

“You don’t say. It’s quite safe to faint in an emergency plane.”The pilot laughed.

His vice-captain was drinking water by the side. His eyes were deep as he said, “We shouldn’t have talked about idleness at that time…”

“Shh.”Several people, including Ye Mingzhi, made a move.

“I know, I know.”The vice-captain shook his head helplessly. After a while, he said, “You won’t shed tears until you see the coffin.”

“I was already crying.”

“I should have broken Captain Ye’s mouth the last time.”

The two nurses present joined in the conversation.

Ye Ming knew that his face was full of bitterness, so he could only shrug his shoulders. “The company is commercialized. At the very least, we don’t have to lock in Yun Hua Hospital anymore. This can be considered a good thing, right?”

“Of course it can be considered a good thing. Otherwise, the patients who have to undergo elective surgery every day will become medical flights,”the vice-captain replied, he smiled and said, “Now that we’re out of the hospital, we’ll naturally be free to do whatever we want…”

“Well said. Everyone, perform well later and show your professionalism. If we can make money ourselves, we won’t Be Tied to Yun Hua Hospital or Ling ran.”Ye Ming knew that it was impossible as he spoke, then, he laughed bitterly and said, “At least we can come out to relax.”

In the end, Hannah and the others did not sign a deep-bound contract with Ling ran. Because of that, the Falcon 2000 that Ye Ming knew that he served flew out of Yun Hua. Instead, they began the real medical transportation mission.

To a certain extent, this was also the behavior of Hannah and the other investors who forced Ling ran to do so.

However, Ye Ming knew that he did not care about that. At least, he knew that he did not have to be as tired as he was a few days ago.

Compared to the time he spent at Yun Hua Airport, the daily transshipment work was really too easy.

Half an hour later, Falcon 2000 slowly landed at the airport.

Ye Ming knew that after everyone was dressed properly, he made a call and confirmed, “We have arrived at the airport. has the helicopter arrived?”

“About 10 minutes.”Director Bo’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “The patient’s condition is stable. Wait a moment, I’ll get the emergency doctor to talk to you.”

“Okay.”Ye Ming knew what he was going to say, so he started to ask about the medical measures that the other party had taken and record them. The three parties’doctors were even more complicated, but with the current conditions, there was no better choice.

Ye Ming kept talking until the cabin door opened, then he followed the others and ran down.

The helicopter stopped some distance away, and a car was used to transport it in the middle. When the two parties met and got on the plane, director Bo wiped his sweat, he apologized and explained to the patient’s family, “The medical transport in China is not mature yet, so it’s a little troublesome.”

Ye Ming knew that he didn’t say anything. He didn’t care who the patient was. After all, when the patient and his family arrived at the hospital, they would forget a transport doctor like him.

“Where do you want to go?”Ye Ming asked as a matter of routine.

Patients or their family members who had the money and channels to use the medical transfer basically had the resources to use hospitals and doctors in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Tokyo. Among them, Singapore and Tokyo were the ceilings of the world’s medical system. In some aspects, they were not only not inferior to the United States, but also surpassed them.

This time, he was performing a real emergency transfer mission, which was the flight version of the ambulance that most people were familiar with. Naturally, he had to ask the patients and their family members for their opinions.

Different people usually had different tendencies. Patients who liked Tokyo, patients who liked Singapore, and even patients who wanted to fly to Europe or even the United States. In fact, this was not only related to their preferences, but also their identity and health insurance. Even very rich families, faced with this kind of transport costs that could easily cost millions of Yuan, were likely to have bills of tens of millions of yuan, they still had to consider economic factors.

Ye Ming knew that as long as the other party’s request was not too outrageous, he would agree to it.

Therefore, while he was questioning, Ye Ming knew that he was actively checking the other party’s heart and brain condition.

The emergency department was most afraid of chest pain and stroke. This was an emergency in the emergency department, and they were all fatal emergencies. This could be seen from the fact that the emergency departments of all the hospitals had set up stroke and chest pain centers.

Besides this kind of super-critical situation, the scope of change could be bigger. Of course, most people would still consider the hospitals or doctors that were relatively close to them..

“Let’s go to Yun Hua.”The patients’families didn’t have much discussion. After confirming it once again, the man in the lead said it.

“Okay… eh? Go To Yun Hua?”Ye Ming knew that he was hearing things. Why did he have to run back now that he had just crawled out of the Tiger’s Den?

He looked at the patient seriously before he looked at hospital director Bo. He suspected that the latter was the culprit.

Hospital director Bo faced ye Ming’s gaze righteously and said after a while, “Doctor Ling ran from Yun Hua Hospital is an authoritative expert in hepatectomy in the world. This is the best choice recently.”

Ye Ming knew that he was even more certain that hospital director Bo or the Jun ‘an clinic that he was at had definitely done some work there.

However, even with his professional abilities, he could not refute director Bo’s words.

Ling ran was indeed a world-class authoritative expert in hepatectomy, and it was really the best choice in recent times. It was the neighboring countries. Ye Ming knew that the few experts he could think of were indeed powerful, however, it was not entirely true that they were more powerful and famous than Ling ran.

The medical transportation business itself was not a business that obeyed authority. To a certain extent, doctors in the medical transportation business had to provide professional information to their patients and family members. This included information about the doctors in the vicinity who were suitable for the symptoms.

In this regard, Jun ‘an clinic, which had been doing international medical treatment for a long time, not only did it do the right thing, but it was also extremely excellent.

“I understand. Let’s go to Yun Hua Hospital.”Ye mingzhi sighed secretly and sent someone to inform the pilot.

The pilot who was sitting in the cockpit was shocked when he received the news. He immediately opened the door and came out to confirm, “Fly back to Yun Hua Hospital?”

“Yes. The patient and his family members requested to go to Yun Hua Hospital.”Ye Mingzhi took a deep breath.

The pilot understood and looked at ye mingzhi with an auspicious look. “You really need to fix that mouth of yours.”