Chapter 1435

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Chapter 1435: There was a portrait in chapter 1434

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“He’s coming, he’s coming.”A few girls pushed and shoved each other. They ran from the door to a corner and looked through the glass.

Ling ran’s footsteps were as calm and handsome as ever.

“He should be able to see it, right?”The girls whispered among themselves.

“What if he can’t see it?”

“He should be able to see it.”

Zuo Cidian stood behind the few of them. He looked at the big flower basket that blocked the door. There was also a huge picture of Ling ran on it. He could not help but sigh. If he still could not see it, why would ling ran still need surgery, he could just lie behind the flower basket.

If a few burly men were to do such a thing, Zuo Cidian would have stepped forward to stop them. However, when he saw a few girls who were obviously still students putting out gifts in a star-chasing manner, Zuo Cidian was a little hesitant.

While he was thinking, Ling ran had already walked to the glass door.

There was a big flower basket and a big photo. They were looking at Ling ran. The expression on Ling Ran’s face was… the same as usual.

“Who gave it to you?”Ling ran stood beside the flower basket and asked. He did not find it annoying, nor did he find it special.

He had seen too many similar scenes, especially in school. The various tricks that the young girls came up with were always new. In comparison, the patients and their families that he knew after he entered the hospital.., his train of thought was obviously not that strange.

“It’s… It’s us…”a few young girls squeezed their way up to him.

“Thank you so much. The gifts are too expensive. They’re too expensive.”As Ling ran spoke, he took out a few chocolates from his pocket and gave them to the young girls.

“Thank you, Doctor Ling.”The girls thanked him tenderly and happily accepted the chocolates.

Ling ran nodded. Then, he looked into the distance and caught Zuo Cidian’s sharp gaze. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s see how convenient the flower basket is… put the photo away.”

“Alright, I’ll ask if we can return it first. If we can’t, let’s set up a place.”Zuo Cidian first gave the proposal. After he got Ling ran’s permission, he started to work on it.

“That…”the girl at the end called out to Ling ran. She took two steps forward and handed Ling ran a USB flash drive. She said in a low voice, “Doctor Ling, this is for you.”

The corners of Zuo Cidian’s eyes were twitching. He was surprised to see that the profile picture on the USB flash drive seemed to be Ling ran, but he was still filled with curiosity and surprise.

“What’s inside?”Ling ran asked.

“It’s called RAN. It’s a digital currency that I made using the standard of Erc-20 from ether workshop. There are a total of 1,000,000,000,000 copies in circulation, and the is Doctor Ling’s profile picture.”The girl spoke faster and faster, and she took a deep breath, “There are 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,”he continued

Ling ran frowned. “500 trillion?”

“Because I’m an independent publisher, no one has used it yet, so 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 may not even be worth a dollar, but, but… I will constantly update the community and continuously increase the community’s functions. Once more people use it and more people support RAN, it will become valuable.”The little girl paused for a moment, he said in a low voice, “I believe that there will be people who are willing to hold a large amount of RAN for a long time and add bricks and tiles to it.”

Ling ran took it back with a slightly puzzled expression, but he said honestly, “I’ll go back and find out more about it.”

“Oh right, there’s also a lot of NTF in there. “It’s called asymmetric currency. You can think of it as unique digital information, such as videos, photos, and 3D images… please accept it…”the little girl tried her best to explain, it was so much so that the ponytail at the back of her head was twitching.

“Alright, thank you. I’ll accept it.”Ling ran thought for a moment and gestured to Zuo Cidian. Then, he turned to the little girls and said, “I’ll give you a few vouchers from yingren company in return…”

Then.., ling ran said to the girls, “Yingren Company is a medical transportation company. In the future, if you or someone around you is sick or injured, you can call Yingren Company. If you’re in Yun Hua, they’ll send a helicopter to pick you up. In a big city outside of the city, it can be an ambulance or a helicopter. In a small city, it can be an ambulance plus a fixed-wing aircraft to send you to a hospital in a big city at the fastest speed.”

“It’s good stuff. I hope that you won’t need it, but if you really need it, it’s most likely to help you return to your normal, peaceful life of chasing celebrities,”Zuo Cidian added, he then said slowly to the girls, “Everyone, can I register my name? It’ll be convenient for me to send something to you later…”

During the time between the surgeries, Ling RAN had someone take out a PAD, type in RAN’s social network address, and read it.

Zuo Cidian turned around. When he saw it, he could not help but feel a little surprised. He said, “Are you really reading it?”

“I’ve already agreed to it,”Ling ran replied and said, “There are also some interesting things.”

“Are there?”Zuo Cidian was even more surprised.

“Yes, NTF is equivalent to a digital collection. It can collect some meaningful scenes and pictures.”Ling ran nodded slightly. He then pointed at the USB drive and said, “Help me customize a batch of USB drives.”

“Okay.”Even though Zuo Cidian did not understand the situation, he had never been hesitant in carrying out Ling ran’s orders.

Ling ran continued to read the posts in the community. Because there were not many of them, he quickly finished reading most of them.

After that, Ling ran even tried to buy a small amount of ran coins. After he familiarized himself with the whole process, he put down the PAD and took a ten-minute nap.

During this period of time, the doctors from each treatment group would take care of the patients.

It was not until the afternoon that another helicopter sent the emergency department over.

A few interns rushed over immediately. When they received the patient, their gazes were inevitably attracted by the paramedics who came on the same plane.

“The patient is for Doctor Ling.”The paramedics wore a hat. Their long legs were slender and strong, and the few interns avoided looking at them.

“The patient will be assigned by Doctor Ling.”Wang Jia heard the voice coming over and explained. However, she raised her head in surprise and said, “You are Lu Jinling from Golden Deer Company, right? The one who likes to ride motorcycles?”

“I bought a helicopter.”Lu Jinling said proudly, “Our Golden Deer Company actively responded to Doctor Ling’s proposal. I brought this one back from the neighboring city. He is rich and has good health. Many of his bones are broken.”

“UH, thank you?”Wang Jia didn’t know how to answer.

Lu Jinling curled her lips. “You’re welcome. A helicopter doing first aid is much more handsome than an ambulance. Now, if word gets out, we also have a company with a helicopter. Oh right, nurse Wang, have you been promoted?”

“Buy two apartments.”Wang Jia couldn’t lose in this kind of competition. She pretended to be calm and said, “I often go out with Doctor Ling to perform freelance surgeries.”

“But after we have helicopters, the number of freelance surgeries will decrease, right?”Lu Jinling laughed out loud.

Wang Jia said with a faint smile, “Doctor Ling’s surgery can not be finished. How many helicopters do you have?”

“Well… your idea… makes sense.”Lu Jinling pondered.

Wang Jia inexplicably regretted it.