Chapter 1436

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Chapter 1436: Chapter 1435: see Mom and Dad

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“RAN coins? That’s quite daring. Well, the community is doing well too.”Tian Qi scanned the RAN community on her notebook.

As one of the many digital coins issued by ether market, ran coins couldn’t be any smaller. On top of it, there were small coins that had been in operation for many years, small coins that had been in operation for many years and had a stable community, small coins that had been in operation for many years and had a stable community and a prosperous community. On top of that, there were also small coins that had been logged into small exchanges, there were small currencies that already had a certain price. There were also small currencies that had been developed for new uses and had a certain application scenario. On top of that, there were small currencies that ordinary people could come into contact with and log into larger exchanges, although the price of these small currencies was still the existence of multiple zeros after the decimal point, as far as the pyramid of digital currencies was concerned, they were already an extremely high-level existence. It was equivalent to pancakes, fruits, eggs, and two intestines, it was like adding soy sauce and soy milk.

Tian Qi did not know much about this aspect of information, but this did not prevent her from being vigilant about the situation related to “Ran.”.

“Buy some ran coins and some aether workshop coins.”Tian Qi thought for a moment and said, “I’ll buy ran coins personally. I’ll use the family fund for the aether workshop coins.”

“There’s no problem with the aether workshop.”The assistant in the Celine suit made a record and said, “As far as I know, you can’t buy ran coins directly yet.”

“You can’t buy them?”

“Yes, the new currency hasn’t been publicly released yet, so there’s no price. Its circulation is mainly based on the contributions of the community as well as gifts.”The assistant paused for a moment, “According to the agreement, Mr. Ling ran should be the largest holder of ran coins. The founder only owns 1% of ran coins. The distribution will be based on the community contributions. and…”

Tian Qi raised her head and glanced at her assistant.

The assistant smiled a little embarrassedly, she said in a low voice, “Unlike most digital currencies, RAN’s community contributions are not only targeted at RAN’s agreement, or market development, etc. . When the corresponding videos or photos are released and made into NTF types, they will be allocated ran coins by the system… the corresponding videos and photos usually refer to Doctor Ling ran.”

“I understand.”Tian Qi nodded heavily and said slowly, “Pay attention to the key points and report at any time.”

“Okay.”The assistant drew three five-stars in front of the paper.

“Where’s Doctor Ling?”Tian Qi got up and tidied up her clothes.

“He’s in the hybrid operating theater.”The assistants had some understanding of the various rooms in the hospital.

Tian Qi could not help but smile, she said, “The good thing about a doctor’s boyfriend is that you don’t have to worry about him running away and not being able to find him… Oh right, are you using the Da Vinci robot to perform the surgery? “I heard that you can drink coffee when you use that machine. Get someone to send some coffee beans to them.”

“Okay, I’ll get someone to send them directly to their lounge,”the assistant agreed. In fact, the coffee beans had already been sent over on a regular basis, but since Tian Qi had given the order, she would re-examine and revise them.

Tian Qi thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go directly to the lounge. Oh right, did my uncle send over beef?”

“Yes, during the Brazilian festival, they slaughtered three lumps and sent over half of the Tenderloin and some shoulder meat. They sent it over this morning.”

“Only half of the Tenderloin.”Tian Qi curled her lips. “Let the Chef roast it. Doctor Ling likes it with more juice.”

“Okay.”The assistant continued to agree and took notes.

While Tian Qi waited, she slowly signed a few documents. After she finished, she stretched and became happy again. “Doctor Ling’s side is better. It’s easy and efficient.”

The assistant put away the signed documents with a smile.

“Are there any more documents to sign?”Tian Qi looked at the time and decided to work harder.

“There are no more urgent documents,”the assistant said in a low voice.

“It’s okay. I’m very efficient now.”Tian Qi stretched her elbow and said, “I’ve decided to learn from Doctor Ling.”

“Please wait a moment.”The assistant turned around and made a phone call. In just a few minutes, two bodyguards in black suits came in with two boxes, followed by two more, followed by two more..

Tian Qi was stunned for a moment. “Didn’t I sign a lot of documents this morning?”

“There are a lot of documents that are not in a hurry.”The assistant smiled and opened one of the documents for Tian Qi.

Tian Qi curled her lips and had to lower her head to read it.

One document, two documents..

“Eh?”Tian Qi suddenly stopped and frowned, she said, “My family bought another ranch? “I remember that in the past few months, I seem to have bought quite a few ranches.”? “Can you help me pull up the purchase records of the previous ranches? who made the decision?”? “Pull up the decision-making and approval process as well.”

“Okay.”The assistant immediately followed her instructions.

“I’ve bought quite a few batches of cattle breeds as well. I thought only uncle liked animal husbandry…”as Tian Qi spoke, she continued to read through the documents. She flipped through them very quickly, but she did not miss any information that she should have obtained.

After a while, the assistant returned with the PAD and placed it in front of Tian Qi. She whispered, “The ranch is basically bought and selected by your mother. The executors are all different…”

“Your mother bought it? She doesn’t like the ranch, right?”Tian Qi was a little puzzled.

The assistant swiped the PAD and displayed a few times. Then, she whispered, “Maybe your mother thought that you might want the ranch and cattle in the future…”

“Why would i…”Tian Qi was halfway through her sentence when she suddenly realized something and her face turned slightly red.

The assistant smiled and did not say anything else. That was all she dared to say.

Tian Qi, on the other hand, took matters into her own hands and listed out the items her parents had recently purchased. She was now the person in charge of the family trust, the family fund, and many related organizations. She only had the authority to look at the records.

It could be seen that her parents actually had no intention of hiding it. Many items were purchased by people who were more casual, but some items were more likely to be purchased personally..

Tian Qi scanned through the ranch’s cattle breeds and other places. After thinking for a while, she pulled up the family’s insurance records. Sure enough, she found a long list of jewelry insurance policies, including a 22-carat diamond ring, a necklace inlaid with emeralds and sapphires that weighed more than 200 carats, and a pair of bracelets full of emerald..

Tian Qi was in a daze, and her eyes reddened unconsciously.

“Put away the documents. I don’t want to look at them anymore.”Tian Qi pushed the documents in front of her.

“Okay.”The assistant personally organized the documents. When he called for someone to come over, only a man in a black suit came. The latter pushed a small cart over and prepared to take the elevator.

Tian Qi rearranged her makeup and looked out of the window. She waited for a while before she smiled when Ling ran came out.

“Ling ran, do you want to go to my house and see my parents?”When Tian Qi saw Ling ran, she asked the first thing she did to prevent the courage she mustered from dissipating again.

Ling ran only thought for a second before he nodded and said, “Sure.”