Chapter 1442

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Chapter 1442: Chapter 1441,’I am in a very good condition.’

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Ling ran performed the surgery at a leisurely pace.

Department director Wan followed Ling Ran’s steps and followed the operation leisurely.

He could perform major vascular surgery on his own, and he did it quite well. Now, it was even easier for him to just follow Ling ran as an assistant.

Of course, there were also rules for being an assistant. Department director Wan was actually a little unfamiliar with this aspect, but he was still prepared. He was just waiting for Ling ran to speak and give him a hand. As the saying went, when the people in the bridal sedan chair lifted him up, he had already given up the operating theater and became an assistant. It was really nothing to say a few nice words.

Moreover, there were so many people watching the surgery outside these days. Many of them were rare world-class clinicians. If he did not take this opportunity to say a few words from the bottom of his heart and talk about something that left a deep impression on people.., even department director Wan felt that it was a waste, let alone Ling ran, who was the chief surgeon. If it were not for the Tian family spending money and using their credit as an invitation, even if you held a very awesome meeting, you probably would not be able to invite so many big shots. It would be even more impossible to see a rising star perform a surgery.

Department director Wan then waited, waited, and waited. He saw Ling ran peel off the blood vessels step by step, Ling ran make incisions step by step, and Ling ran make sutures step by step..

Department director Wan felt uncomfortable all over.

‘aren’t you going to give a speech on opening the bed?

‘Is it not well-prepared?

‘I don’t know what to say? ‘Let’s draw up an outline in advance. I Can’t waste the opportunity to show my face in front of such a big group of big shots.’.

Department director Wan’s gaze quietly turned to the side of the window.

As expected, all of them were staring at him intently. All of them looked quite serious.

Department director Wan thought about it again, and indeed, he should be serious. Not to mention that Ling ran, who was the one who performed the surgery, had a great reputation. The patients who stayed on the operating table were also the big shots among the big shots. They even performed major surgeries such as aortic dissection. Regardless of whether it was because of external factors or medical factors, such things were not common, it was also because of the medical science itself.

But because of this, it would be a waste not to chat..

“Get Ready,”Ling ran suddenly said.

Department director Wan could not help but straighten his back. He looked at Ling ran in surprise. This opening line..

“Pay attention to your surgical field,”Ling ran reminded him once again. Then, he used a knife to rub it all the way down the blood vessels.

Department director Wan was immediately shocked. This separation… he was indeed still a young man. He did not know how to speak, but he wanted to use his skills to speak. Department director Wan could not help but think of all kinds of young thoughts he had when he was young. At that time.., he had taken the initiative to choose the department of cardiac surgery because he wanted to use technology to shock the world after watching a lot of television dramas. Only when he was older and had encountered many obstacles would he understand that shocking the world was something that could only be achieved by transcending the world. In the medical world, this was practically the exclusive right of the elderly, especially in the department of cardiac surgery, if he did not have twenty to thirty years of experience, he would be the one who would be shocked..

“Stop forceps.”Ling ran gave another order and continued to bury his head in the patient’s chest.

Department director Wan Smiled Secretly. He could not help but give a condescending evaluation in his mind. Although it was a very standard operating technique and was very fast, if there was anything special about it..

Of course, there were also some things that were special about it. First of all, the surgical field was very clear. This was because there was very little bleeding, so it was not like the cardiopulmonary bypass surgery performed by ordinary doctors. The chest cavity was always a mess of blood, and it was an inextricable environment. Just This alone was worthy of Ling ran’s reputation as a celebrity doctor. However, it was reasonable for him to be qualified to perform surgery under the noses of so many big shots.

Secondly, Ling Ran’s judgment was accurate, and his operation was not sloppy at all. This was something department director Wan had observed very well. This meant that Ling ran was able to adjust the rhythm of his surgery at any time according to the patient’s condition. There were no set rules, compared to doctors who could only operate step by step, this was something that many people could not learn in their entire lives. However, it was still natural for Ling ran to be able to do things to such a degree in front of so many big shots.

Third, Ling ran’s separation was extremely neat and neat. When performing surgeries around the heart, the density of the blood vessels and nerves was unquestionable. Sometimes, if the thickness of the skin of a radish was pulled, the blood vessels in the surrounding would be cut off. For the weaker doctors.., each separation operation was extremely dangerous, and they needed to pay extra attention to it. They even needed to hold their breath and stare at it before they could perform the operation. But in Ling ran’s case, he could really lift a heavy weight as if it were a light weight. This..

If this was something that could be seen frequently, it might be a little unconscionable, but there were so many big shots, and there was always someone who could do it..

Department director Wan continued to perform the surgery. As he continued to follow Ling ran, his emotions gradually sublimated.

Because the surgery was entering the most difficult stage, Ling ran’s operation was still so stable that it made people feel calm. As an assistant, department director Wan himself did not even feel the slightest bit of burden.

If it were a junior attending physician, he might even have some wild thoughts in his mind and wonder if his abilities had unknowingly improved.

But who was Department director Wan? He was a department director who had not improved his abilities in the past ten years! How could his abilities improve during the course of a surgery? !

Department director Wan’s emotions could not help but go from a solid state to a gaseous state without any turning point.

His expression also became vivid and strange.

Department director Wan could not help but turn his head to look at the monitor. The numbers that represented vital information such as blood oxygen and blood pressure were as steady as an old dog. The curves were monotonous and boring as if they were the work he was doing.

When he thought of this, department director Wang quickly turned his head around. He was indeed not busy being an assistant, but he still had to be focused.

Fortunately, Ling ran did not take the opportunity to reprimand him. He even made some slight changes during the surgery to ensure that department director Wang returned to the rhythm that he was familiar with.

Department director Wan smoothly switched to assistant mode. The shock in his heart — at this moment, department director Wan suddenly felt that it was time for him to express his shock.

If he was the chief surgeon himself, there was no need for him to do so. If it was anyone else who was the chief surgeon outside, department director Wan felt that they might not be able to do what Ling ran did.

The standards of surgery were one thing. Under what circumstances and what standards of surgery were performed, it was another matter entirely.

If a surgeon was compared to a race car driver, performing surgery on different patients was like racing on different tracks. It was possible to run a perfect lap on a certain track, but running a perfect lap on an unfamiliar track was a story from another dimension.

If the surgeon performed a demonstration surgery at a certain international conference, in order to create a super-strong “Demonstration”effect, the Doctor would at least perform all kinds of tests on the patient before the race, and even screen the patient, from there, they would select the most familiar and standard patients to participate in the surgery.

However, the patient at the moment was Ling ran’s own father-in-law, and he was the head of the Tian family. Not to mention that his condition was sudden, even if he knew in advance about the condition of a patient like Tian Guoli, he would still keep it a secret, even if it was a son-in-law-to-be, with department director Wan’s understanding of this family, especially with his identity as a son-in-law-to-be or son-in-law, he would be the one who should not know about the condition of his father-in-law’s body.

However, Ling ran was clearly running perfect laps on an unfamiliar track. There were even signs that he was running faster than the record.

In the early stages when the condition of the track was relatively simple, this situation was not too obvious. However, when the track became unusually complicated and difficult, and Ling ran ran ran so fast and steadily, department director Wan’s mind started to fail to keep up.

Department director Wan could not help but look out of the window again.

Sure enough, the group of cardiologists who specialized in major blood vessels started to whisper to each other.

“Focus,”Ling ran reminded them again.

“OH. Yes,”department director Wan quickly responded and lowered his head.

“Do you need to rest?”Ling ran asked. His team members had already arrived. If department director Wan did not get along with them, he could change people at any time.

Department director Wan only hesitated for half a second before he shook his head without hesitation. “No need. I’m in good condition.”

Ling ran hummed in acknowledgment, and his hands actually started to accelerate slowly.

He also felt that department director Wan’s cooperation had begun to get through the period of getting used to each other, and he could perform the surgery better.

And this scene, in the eyes of department director Wan and the people outside the window, began to become exaggerated.

Ling ran was still using the word ‘racing’to describe it. It was as if he was driving a car with a big bend but did not release the accelerator. It was not impossible, but it was far from being a normal skill.

However, the controls under his hands were extremely beautiful, and the people were even a little fascinated by it.