Chapter 1443

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Chapter 1443: The end of chapter 1442

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When Ling ran performed heart surgery, he always tended to be fast-paced.

Especially after he used extracorporeal circulation, the duration of the extracorporeal circulation had a great impact on the prognosis of the patient. If Ling ran wanted to give Tian Qi a lively father who was the same as before the surgery, he had to reduce the surgery time as much as possible.

Fortunately, he did have such conditions.

The skill book that had a 100% success rate was obtained from a high-level treasure chest. If he really followed the blueprint of the successful surgery, it would actually be useless. Ling ran did not use this skill book, but he could guarantee that the surgery would be 99% successful. Even if there was a tendency to fail, he could still use all kinds of means to salvage the situation. Then, once he used this skill book, Ling ran could choose from a wider range of options.

For example, he could challenge some of the actions that he did not dare to challenge in the past, and he could try out some of the techniques that he did not have the strength to try in the past..

There were actually not many techniques that a simple surgeon could master, especially when it came to the same type of surgery. Usually, they would learn by analogy what they were familiar with and what they were good at. They would not be like other industries, they would try out new techniques and new techniques in a bold and decisive manner.

This was because all new things had a price, and the price of being a surgeon was often too heavy to bear.

Ling ran often thought of ways to use cadaver instructors in order to be able to improve some important skills and techniques more safely. He could only improve them with cadaver instructors and then do it with patients, only then could he be relatively safe.

It could be imagined that with the scarcity of cadaver teachers, even if Ling ran used them sparingly, the speed of development of some key skills would not be very fast. However, the situation was completely different now that there was a 100% guarantee on the technical books.

After he confirmed that department director Wan was in a good condition and was familiar with his operating habits, Ling ran picked up a large blood vessel..

“Huh?”Department director Wan subconsciously wanted to stop Ling ran, but he soon realized that he was an assistant. Moreover, was the person in front of him really someone he could question?

Department director Wan subconsciously cooperated with Ling Ran’s operation while he was thinking nervously. The second assistant beside him could not help but swallow his saliva. As a senior attending physician in Dongguang Hospital, he had his own understanding of large blood vessel surgery, but his understanding clearly did not expect Ling ran to perform this operation.

“Focus.”Ling ran was not afraid of his own mistakes, but he was still very vigilant against the assistants’operation. While his movements were quick, he also paid attention to the movements of the first and second assistants.

Department director Wan immediately understood Ling ran’s expression. He believed that the big shots on the other side of the window must have also understood it. wasn’t this the expression he would have when he watched the students being sent to the operating table?

For a few seconds, Department associate director Wan felt that he had been insulted!

Ling ran scooped up the ascending aorta at the far end of the operating table with his hand again. He did everything with ease, and his movements were so smooth that he looked like a butcher in a market.

When Department associate director Wan saw Ling Ran’s actions, his limbs immediately went limp, and his expression became soft again.

When big shots did things, they could do whatever they wanted. There was no need for him to say anything.

Thus, the surgery continued smoothly, orderly, steadily, and without a single ripple.

If one were to look at it from the perspective of an outsider, the surgery process would only seem ordinary, like an assembly line in a workshop.

Meanwhile, in the viewing room that was separated by a window, the big shots could not help but exclaim in admiration.

As the big shots, their remaining reserve allowed them to control the speed of their speech. They would not make a sound unless they were particularly surprised.

In comparison, Zuo Cidian was the one who understood the situation the most. His skill level was too weak, so he could not understand the operation inside at all. However, Zuo Cidian could clearly hear the jealousy, surprise, admiration, and helplessness in the Big Shots’voices.

He secretly recorded the sound effects of the scene, but he was scratching his ears and cheeks, not knowing how to send it out.

It did not seem like a big shot learning how to sing like a bird.

Zuo Cidian’s phone vibrated softly again.

He picked it up and looked at it. As expected, it was another call from Tian Qi.

“The surgery is still ongoing. It went very smoothly.”Zuo Cidian pressed the answer button and spoke directly.

Tian Qi was anxious. In the current situation, they could not enter the visiting room to take a look, and it was not convenient for them to find other doctors to supervise and examine Ling ran. Hence, they could only make phone calls over and over again.

Zuo Cidian was naturally very happy to receive the call. Usually, he would not have such a good opportunity to show his goodwill to Miss Tian Qi. Zuo Cidian was very clear now that Ling ran could decide a part of whether his future was good or not, but most of it was up to Miss Tian Qi to decide, especially the part that was closer to the upper limit. Whether or not he could satisfy Miss Tian Qi was definitely the most important indicator.

On the other end of the phone, Tian Qi turned on the speakerphone. In fact, she did not know what to say. She could only repeat, “It’s good that everything went smoothly. There shouldn’t be any danger, right?”

“Today and tomorrow are still relatively dangerous,”Zuo Cidian said in a low voice. “Right now, the focus is still on the surgery… you don’t have to worry too much…”

Tian Qi listened to Zuo Cidian’s explanation for a long time before she hung up the phone with a grunt. In fact, she had a lot of sources of information, but she still needed some comfort from “Insiders,”or comfort from her mother and others.

Zuo Cidian held the slightly hot phone and sighed in relief.

Li Yinghua, who was from Hong Kong City, smiled and asked, “Family members?”

Zuo cidian chuckled but did not answer. Instead, he said politely, “We also watched the video of you performing the surgery before.”

Li Yinghua was stunned for a moment before he smiled. “I’m ashamed… HMM, you don’t have to watch Doctor Ling’s words anymore. His operation today and this video of him will be learned by everyone later.”

When Li Yinghua said the last sentence, he looked around.

The few big shots nodded solemnly.

Zuo Cidian could not help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw this. To be honest, he had performed the surgery in front of so many big shots, and it was in the midst of competition. If it were him, his movements would have become distorted and the hair on his chest would have fallen off.

“The cardiopulmonary bypass is over.”

Zuo Cidian and the others did not remain silent for too long. The surgery had already progressed to the final stage.

There was not much sense of ritual. The anesthetist looked at the blood gas analysis report and injected some sodium nitroprusside and furosemide. Then, he began to reduce the amount of blood stored in the artificial heart and lung machine. His expression was also relaxed. Because the surgery was carried out for an unusually short period of time and there were no accidents such as atrial fibrillation, the amount of blood lost during the surgery was terrifyingly low. For a professional high-level anesthetist.., the operation today was simply child’s play.

“Doctor Ling, do you want me to close your chest?”Department director Wan took the initiative to bring it up.

To him, even though Ling ran did not say anything, the pressure of the surgery overflowed was already very great. He did not want to wait for Ling ran to order him to do the work of an assistant, so he simply took the initiative to make himself look better.

However, Ling ran did not hesitate to shake his head and said, “I’ll finish it myself.”

The heart surgery, the drainage tube placed in the later stage, and so on were also quite particular. Of course, department director Wan’s level would definitely not make a mistake, but Ling ran took advantage of the skill book and felt that he should not let go.

On the other hand, department director Wan’s self-cultivation had greatly improved after performing a surgery. He was not angry even if he was rejected, he said with a smile, “That’s true. Your… patient likes to work out and even has chest hair implants. You have to be more particular about suturing.”