Chapter 935 - The Punishment, the Negotiation.

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Chapter 935: The Punishment, the Negotiation.

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After receiving the order, two of the bodyguards escorted Xiao Yayue out of the hospital.

“Shen Lanzhi, you will definitely die a horrible death!” Xiao Yayue cursed stubbornly. Little did she know that in the first prison, there were endless torments that were worse than death waiting for her!

Despite the relentless curses sent her way, Shen Lanzhi remained calm.

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She already had children and two beautiful grandchildren. How could she lose them all?

Shen Lanzhi, Zuo Weiyi, and the others did not take her curses to heart.

Zuo Weiyi also believed that she did not do anything wrong or evil. Her two children would definitely grow up healthily until she would be buried a hundred years later.

Later, when Shi Yuting found out what had transpired, he severely punished the bodyguards.

Zuo Weiyi could not help but feel a little guilty.

After all, it was also because she had insisted on not allowing the bodyguards to accompany them so closely that Xiao Yayue was able to find the chance to take advantage of the situation. The bodyguards were indeed somewhat wronged.

“Actually, I didn’t let them follow because when they did, they had scared the children until they started crying…”

Zuo Weiyi could not help but speak up as she approached them in the courtyard.

“I don’t care about the process. Their duty is to protect you. If they could not do it, then they had not performed their duty,” said Shi Yuting coldly.

As expected of the king.

Zuo Weiyi sensed why and how his subordinates had been able to remain so loyal to him. Just the expression on his face alone made people not dare to raise their heads.

She looked at the few kneeling bodyguards. They all had calm expressions on their faces, as if Shi Yuting’s punishment wasn’t too much.

“But, they also saved Mo Mo in time. It can be considered as making up for their mistakes, right?” Zuo Weiyi still tried to persuade him.

When she made them leave, they had said that Shi Yuting would not let them go if he found out.

However, they were helpless in the face of her insistence as the ‘Young Madam’. They had to leave, despite the huge dilemma they faced.

Therefore, she did share a certain amount of responsibility.

“It was their negligence that caused the consequences in the first place. How could they make up for their mistakes?” Shi Yuting frowned at her.

Zuo Weiyi paused. She wanted to plead on behalf of the bodyguard, but it did not seem to have any effect.

“I’m also partly responsible for this matter. Why don’t… you punish me as well?” asked she carefully as she looked at him.

It wasn’t that she pitied the bodyguards, but she didn’t want others to accept the punishment for the consequences she had caused.

She felt a little guilty in her heart.

“Are you feeling sorry for them?”

Weiyi was taken aback.

“No, I just feel that this matter—”

“Add another 20 lashes!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shi Yuting suddenly turned around and gave out the order coldly as he faced the bodyguards kneeling in front of him!

The sudden 20 lashes caught them unprepared.

The bodyguards raised their heads one after another, but when they saw Shi Yuting’s cold face, they quickly lowered their heads.

Why was it that the more the young madam interceded, the heavier their punishment became?

The bodyguards were all confused. The twenty lashes were too inexplicable.