Chapter 941 - The New Year atmosphere

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Chapter 941: The New Year atmosphere

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Early in the morning, Shi Le packed his luggage because he had promised to travel around the world with Zuo Yi.

They had worked hard for decades and had now reached the peak of their lives. They had no regrets and their lives could be considered complete. Now, they only needed to enjoy their old age in the company of their children.

Of course, before that, while they were still able to move freely, they had to travel around the world. That way, they would truly have no regrets even if they had to cross over into the other world.

“Grandpa, Grandfather Zuo, have a safe trip!”

Shi Nuannuan wished them well as she watched them get into the black Lincoln.

Once the car had disappeared around the corner, she turned and walked back into the house.

She tried to remain calm, taking deep breaths. But not seeing Xiangyi for even three days was driving her crazy.

She heard that he would only be back on the eighth day of the New Year. In other words, she would have to wait for another week before she could see Xiangyi.

But why did she feel like she couldn’t wait any longer?

She plopped herself down onto the sofa and pulled up Xiangyi’s number on her phone.

She had just called him before she went to bed last night. Wouldn’t it seem too a little obsessive if she called him again?

Her brother said that she had to be more reserved.

Should one even be reserved with a lover?

She didn’t think so and dialed Xiangyi’s number!

The phone rang for a long time—no one picked up. In the end she gave up.

But, what should she do? She missed Xiangyi so much!

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

She should go find Xiangyi in G City.

“Nuannuan, we’re going to the city’s main temple to pray for the babies. Do you want to go?” Shen Lanzhi had been keen to visit the temple to pray for her grandchildren after hearing that Z City’s temple would be filled with strong incense and was usually flooded with people praying for their children every New Year.

Nuannuan looked up and saw that her mom, sister-in-law, brother and the twins had already gathered in the living room. Nuannuan would have usually wanted to go, but she refused this time.

Hearing her daughter’s answer, it wasn’t just Shen Lanzhi but even Zuo Weiyi was surprised.

Wasn’t Nuannuan usually the outgoing one? Why would she pass on an outing on New Year’s?

“Why aren’t you going? Wouldn’t you be alone at home then?” asked Shen Lanzhi as she carried her grandson.

Shi Nuannuan avoided her gaze. Although she could hide it from her mom and sister-in-law, she could not hide it from Shi Yuting’s eyes.

She lowered her head. “Yes, but I just wanted to catch up on some sleep. I hadn’t slept well last night.”

With that explanation, Shen Lanzhi didn’t push further.

“Alright then. You stay at home and rest well.”

After watching them leave, Shi Nuannuan did not turn around and go upstairs until the car was far away. After a few minutes, she came down with a red suitcase in her hand.

Before boarding the plane, she sent her brother a message.

After all, if she left without saying anything, her mom might be worried about her.

After a while, she saw her brother’s reply: “Be careful, don’t act recklessly.”.

“Tsk, didn’t you and sister-in-law get to know each other because you acted recklessly? In the end, you got married and lived a happy life.”

In Shi Nuannuan’s heart, it was only a matter of time before she slept with Xiangyi!

But thinking about it, she wasn’t sure if she would even have the guts to do it.

She turned off her phone before the flight to G City officially took off.

It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when she arrived at G City Airport.