Chapter 942 - : Missing Him (1)

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Chapter 942: Missing Him (1)

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She had been here once before, and the place was still familiar to her.

Xiangyi’s home was in a third-tier county town. Well, it wasn’t really his home, was it?

After all, he lived with his aunt and uncle went he came back here last year.

He lost his actual home when he was only in his teens…

But Shi Nuannuan did not know the exact reason.

After leaving the airport, she hailed a taxi and took it to the county town where Xiangyi lived.

In the county town, she found a decent hotel to stay in. Of course, the hotels here were incomparable to the star-rated hotels that she had stayed in before, but she was not picky!

After booking the room, she left the hotel. Xiangyi’s home was still a distance away from her hotel, so she had to take another taxi there.

She didn’t tell him that she was here, so he would definitely be pleasantly surprised to see her later, right?

Shi Nuannuan’s heart became filled with joy as she imagined his reaction!

After various attempts at remembering the way there, she finally managed to get much closer to his house.

She remembered that Xiangyi’s house was in the third row..

When she arrived at the third row, she indeed saw the familiar door.

The residential area here was filled with small houses with a single door and a single courtyard. While things looked peaceful, their economic situation was not as good as those in the city.

The courtyard door was not closed, so Shi Nuannuan walked straight in.

When she walked into the small courtyard, she saw a figure walk out from the main door. It was a girl.

“Who are you looking for?” asked the girl as she sized up Shi Nuannuan.

Shi Nuannuan also looked at the girl.

She had not seen this girl last year.

Could Xiangyi be hiding a mistress?

“Xiangyi!” Shi Nuannuan called out all of a sudden! She was always a direct and straightforward person.

The girl was stunned for a moment before asking, “Who are you to him? Why are you looking for him?”

Shi Nuannuan thought for a moment. People had to identify themselves before being able to meet him?

Hence, she answered without thinking, “His girlfriend!”

The girl was obviously shocked. She looked at Shi Nuannuan from top to bottom again.

In the room on the second floor, Xiangyi was using his laptop to deal with something when he heard a conversation coming from downstairs.

He thought it was his imagination, but he swore he heard Nuannuan’s voice.

But this was G City, and it was the first day of the New Year. How could she be here?

As he tried to figure things out, he heard her voice again!

He got up and walked to the window. Sure enough, he saw the familiar figure standing downstairs.

He turned around and rushed downstairs. As soon as he came out, he saw the face that he had been longing for.

Hearing the voice, Shi Nuannuan turned around. The moment she saw Xiangyi, she rushed over without a second thought. With no regard to her surroundings, she hooked her arms around his neck. “Xiangyi!”

Xiangyi hugged her tightly and smelled her fragrance. A few seconds later, he let go of her and stared at her beautiful face.

His spoke in his deep and magnetic voice slowly. “Why are you here?”

She smiled brightly. “I missed you!”

Unlike other girls, Shi Nuannuan dared to love him openly. She did not feel ashamed to say that she missed him.

It was true after all, she did miss him. She missed him so much that she flew all the way here from Z City!

He beamed and touched her hair. His eyes were spoke of his longing for her the past few days.