Chapter 943 - Missing Him (2)

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Chapter 943: Missing Him (2)

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However, Shi Nuannuan remained oblivious. Instead, she continued looking into his dark eyes. “What about you? Do you miss me?”

He smiled and simply replied, “Yes.”

It was only one word but it was enough to make Shi Nuannnuan happy!

She knew that Xiangyi did not say much. For a man with few words, such a response was more than she can ask for.

Xiangyi looked behind her. There was no luggage. He must have booked a hotel in the county town just like last year.

“Are your things at a hotel?” asked he.

Shi Nuannuan nodded. “Yes!”

He smiled and immediately pulled her into the house.

The girl immediately became a mere bystander as she watched them enter the house. “Don’t dirty the floor of our house!”

The smile on Shi Nuannuan’s face froze.

She looked down and noticed that her boots had gotten dirty from the snow and mud due to weather changes in the past few days.

However, Xiangyi ignored the figure behind him. Instead, he pulled Nuannuan to the door and reached out to grab his slippers.

“Don’t wear my shoes. I don’t like it when others use my things!” The girl started to really become upset when she saw Xiangyi reaching for his slippers.

Xiangyi continued to turn a deaf ear to her. Instead, he took another pair of men’s slippers and swapped them with his own. Then, he looked up at Nuannuan and said, “Here, wear mine.”

“Alright!” replied Nuannuan as she took off her own shoes, put on the slippers, and walked into the living room with Xiangyi.

The moment they did, someone walked out of the kitchen, about to take off her apron.

The middle-aged woman was shocked to see Xiangyi walk in with a girl.

“Xiangyi, who is she?”

“My girlfriend,” replied Xiangyi calmly.

The middle-aged woman immediately sized up Shi Nuannuan.

Though they had never met before, Shi Nuannuan could already guess that she was his aunt.

“My aunt, Su Xiuying.”

Since she was Xiangyi’s family, she politely greeted her. “Hello.”

Su Xiuying nodded. However, Shi Nuannuan’s empty hands did not make a good first impression.

This was her first time visiting, but she did not bring any gifts.

However, Su Xiuying pretended to be friendly. “So, what’s your name?”

Shi Nuannuan glanced at Xiangyi. Why didn’t he introduce her properly to his aunt earlier?

She looked back at Su Xiuying with a smile. “My name is Shi Nuannuan. You can call me Nuannuan.”

“Oh, Nuannuan, where are you from? What does your family do?”

Although Xiangyi wasn’t her son, she judged Nuannuan as if she was choosing her own daughter-in-law.

Shi Nuannuan felt a little uncomfortable that the aunt was already asking about her family upon their first meeting.

However, because she was Xiangyi’s family, the one who directly raised him into the man he was today, she could not display her unhappiness too openly. Instead, she simply smiled and dismissed the question.

“We’ll go up first.” Xiangyi cut in before taking Nuannuan to the second floor