Chapter 944 - Missing Him (3)

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Chapter 944: Missing Him (3)

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Su Xiuying and her daughter rarely left their hometown and were oblivious to branded merchandise, explaining how they failed to notice that Shi Nuannuan was dressed in branded clothes from head to toe. Rather than living like Nuannnuan, they could only afford to buy new clothes only once a year.

As she watched the couple walk upstairs, Su Xiuying still couldn’t help herself from sizing Nuannuan up.

This girl was quite good-looking, but her family background was still unknown to her.

Xiangyi was was quite famous in their area so it’s not unusual for a number of girls who would want to go after him.

“Mom, why did Big Brother Xiang suddenly bring a girlfriend back? Why haven’t I heard of him having a girlfriend before?”

At this moment, Su Xiuying’s daughter, Feng Lulu, walked over and looked up the stairs as well.

Su Xiuying turned to her daughter. “How would I know? Besides the money that your big brother Xiang gives us every year, he rarely tells us anything else.”

“That’s true. He’s not a part of our family.” Feng Lulu knew very well that the reason her mother was still polite to Big Brother Xiang was because he gave them a good sum of money every year. Otherwise, her mother would not have let him stay in their house!

Su Xiuying glanced at her daughter in annoyance. “Heh! Your father doesn’t think so. Didn’t he always say that Xiangyi is now a part of our family?”

If it were not for the sake of money, Su Xiuying would indeed have kicked Xiangyi out of the house long ago. When her husband brought him into the house, she did not agree. However, Feng Shunqing insisted on bringing him home. In the end, there was nothing else she could do about it.

At the time, their family wasn’t very well-off. So having an extra mouth to feed for free was not something she could easily and generously accept. It wasn’t until Xiangyi left and started bringing back large sums of money for them that she started to treat him better.

“But it’s not your complete loss, is it? Big Brother Xiang brings home hundreds of thousands every year! Isn’t that better than your own son?”

Su Xiuying glanced at her daughter and muttered to herself. “That’s true.”

When she thought of her disappointing son, Su Xiuying could not help but grumble, “Your brother is too much! Ever since he graduated, he’s been loafing around at home all day. He only knows how to ask me for money. Look at him now. He can’t even afford to support himself. He even bought a car at the end of last year. Now I have to support him and his car!”

Hearing her mother’s complaints, Feng Lulu couldn’t help but grumble too. “That’s because you pamper Cheng too much.”

Su Xiuying was instantly speechless.

She did indeed pamper her son a little too much.

But she only had one son. If she didn’t pamper him, who would?

“Forget it, none of you have to worry about me!” Su Xiuying left for her bedroom.

After a while, she walked out again to the door, as if she was going out.

“Going to play cards again?”

“Of course, it’s the New Year, what else can I do other than playing cards?”

Generally speaking, the New Year was a time to visit relatives, but the Feng family didn’t have any. Thus, Su Xiuying would only played cards. Of course, it’s also something she loves to do anyway!

It was Shi Nuannuan’s first time visiting Xiangyi’s room. Although it was a little small, it was very simple and comfortable.

When she came last year, she did not even have time to enter before she ran away in anger!