Chapter 945 - Giving You All the Love in the World

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Chapter 945: Giving You All the Love in the World

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She walked to the window and looked outside. Although it was the suburbs of the county, the scenery was quite beautiful. Small-sized houses stood among the flowers and trees. Potted plants were placed on the balconies of every house. This was something that did not exist in the city.

“Your neighborhood is really beautiful,” said Shi Nuannuan sincerely.

Xiangyi looked at her from the back tenderly and lovingly.

When he was dealing with work just now, he almost couldn’t calm down. After not seeing her for three days, his mind became increasingly distracted and preoccupied with thoughts about her. The task he had been working on was supposed to only take an hour to complete but an entire morning had passed and it still wasn’t done.

“Do you like this place?” He walked over and stood beside her. He followed her line of sight and looked at the scenery.

“I like the tranquility here.” As she replied, a thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

If this was Xiangyi’s home and they got married, did that mean that she would have to move here?

Though the scenery here was very beautiful, she still wanted to live in the same city as her family.

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt a little troubled.

Xiangyi noticed her change in demeanour and could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Nuannuan looked hesitantly at him before seriously asking, “If I marry you, will I have to live here?”

There was no shyness or awkwardness in her voice.

However, Xiangyi was slightly stunned.

He liked her, loved her, and would even do anything for her.

However, he had never had the luxury of hoping that he would marry her and keep her by his side for the rest of his life.

He’s a considerate person, so he daren’t ask for too much.

Whatever he desired, he’d keep them a secret for now. Instead, he smiled and said, “If you don’t like it, we won’t stay here.”

“Then where will we live?” She was curious.

“Where do you want to live?” asked he seriously.

Without thinking, she said, “I want to live in the same city as Mommy, Grandpa, Brother, and Sister-in-Law.”

“Then we’ll live there in the future.”

“But, your home is here…” Was he going to abandon his family and live in another city with her?

He looked at her bright eyes and paused for a few seconds before saying, “But my family isn’t…”

Shi Nuannuan was stunned.

Yes, although this was where he stayed, it was his uncle and aunt’s home.

Suddenly, a gurgle came out of nowhere. Shi Nuannuan and Xiangyi could not help but be slightly startled.

Then, Xiangyi looked at her stomach.

“You haven’t eaten?” A hint of concern flashed across his eyes.

Shi Nuannuan looked up at him, then lowered her head and nodded. “No…”

Xiangyi looked at the time on his wrist. It was already two o’clock.

“Why didn’t you eat something when you got off the plane? It’s already so late.”

Shi Nuannuan suddenly felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head. “I wanted to see you as soon as I could…”

Such a simple and ordinary sentence made his heart skip a beat.

He raised his hand and suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

A deep and magnetic voice came above her head. “Nuannuan.”

Shi Nuannuan was still a little stunned by his sudden embrace. But with her face pressed gently against his sturdy chest, she felt comfortable and elated.