Chapter 946 - Cooking for Her

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Chapter 946: Cooking for Her

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“Give me some time. I will definitely prove myself and give you all the love in this world.”

The sudden confession caught Shi Nuannuan off guard. She leaned against his chest and nodded her head, a little flustered. “Okay.”

She wasn’t sure what exactly she had agreed to.

He had changed his mind! No matter how much he had to give, he would spoil her until the last moment in this world!

The sound of hunger came from Shi Nuannuan’s stomach again. Xiangyi let go of her and smiled at her. “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

It was the first day of the new year, and the restaurants should be closed, so he planned to cook something for her personally.

Shi Nuannuan looked up at him in surprise. “You’ll make it for me?”

“Yes.” He nodded, still smiling at her reaction.

“You know how to cook?”

“Do you want to try it?”

“Yes!” She nodded her head eagerly!

He smiled, took her hand, and walked to the door. “Let’s go.”

After going downstairs, Xiangyi pulled her straight to the kitchen.

He then walked to the fridge and opened it before asking her, “What do you want to eat?”

She thought for a few seconds before looking up. “Steak!”

Xiangyi paused for a moment before chuckling. “I don’t have the ingredients for it.”

After all, this was a rural area. Things like steak could only be found in restaurants, so it was not something easily found at home.

Moreover, even if they could find a piece of beef to make a steak, they did not have any western tableware that could be used.

“Dishes. What kind of dishes do you like to eat?” They usually had plain white rice, home-cooked dishes, and almost no western dishes.

Shi Nuannuan came to a realization and smiled at Xiangyi. “Meat!”

“Um… I can’t think of anything else. You can make whatever you like. I’ll definitely like what you make anyway!”

He took a few eggs and meat from the fridge and a few vegetables. Xiangyi walked to the side of the sink and washed all the vegetables. After that, he cut them neatly with an incredible handle at the knife.

Shi Nuannuan was dumbfounded as she watched him. “Do you cook often?”

“I do it when I’m in the apartment.” It was impossible for him to go out to eat every day. Unknowingly, he eventually learned the job of ‘cooking’.

Shi Nuannuan looked at the sliced tomatoes and realized that she was too hungry. She could not help but walk over, pick up a piece, and put it into her mouth. Then, she looked at him.

But Xiangyi only looked on affectionately.

The single slice of tomato was definitely not enough to appease her hunger. She could not help but reach out to pick up another piece and put it into her mouth.

“Yes!” She nodded, then picked up another piece and handed it to his thin lips.

Xiangyi was slightly startled. He glanced at the tomato in her hand, then opened his mouth and allowed the slice to enter his mouth before chewing on it.

“Ah!” Shi Nuannuan suddenly exclaimed.

Xiangyi quickly turned around, thinking that she was injured somewhere. “What’s wrong?”

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Turning his head, he found that she was unharmed, and the worry in his heart disappeared.

Shi Nuannuan raised her bright black eyes and stared at him. She said a little awkwardly, “I forgot to wash my hands just now.”

He smiled. “I’m fine.”

Half an hour later, Shi Nuannuan smelled the aroma of rice. Then, home-cooked dishes were served one after another.

“It looks so delicious…” Nuannuan almost couldn’t help herself as she inhaled the aroma of the home-cooked meal.