Chapter 948 - She Realized that…She Liked this Position!

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Chapter 948: She Realized that…She Liked this Position!

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“I don’t have it, but…” He got up and walked over. “I remember buying a mystery novel before…”

“No, no, no. I’m not interested in mystery novels.” Seeing that he was going to look for it for her, Shi Nuannuan hurriedly waved her hands. “If you don’t have it, it’s OK!”

She had just caught a glimpse of the bookshelf, so she wanted to see if there were any romance novels. If there weren’t any, it was fine. She didn’t have to read it.

But there didn’t seem to be a television in the room…

Then what were they going to do now?

What were couples usually like when they were in a relationship? Shi Nuannuan tilted her head and seriously thought about this question.

Her gaze landed on an iPad on the bed.

Well, they could watch some videos on the tablet!

“Let’s watch a movie with this!” said Nuannuan as she walked over to pick up the tablet.

She picked up the iPad and sat down on Xiangyi’s bed. She even took off her slippers and sat cross-legged comfortably on the bed.

This was because she often sat and played with an iPad at home! So, she was already used to this position. For a moment, she seemed to have forgotten that this was Xiangyi’s bed and not her own!

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“What movie do you want to watch?” For Xiangyi, such electronic devices were only used for work. He’d never used them for entertainment before.

He sat down on the bed next to her.

“Let’s see if there are any good movies.” Nuannuan turned on the device and scrolled through what was on it before finally deciding on a disaster movie from abroad.

As soon as the movie started, Shi Nuannuan became very engrossed in it. However, halfway through the movie, she felt that her neck was a little sore because she had her head lowered, so she wanted to lie down.

However, she quickly realized that this was Xiangyi’s bed…

Uh, wouldn’t it be bad if she just lied down like this?

However, she was also a little curious about what Xiangyi’s bed would smell like? Would it have a smell that belonged to him?

However, no matter what she thought in her heart, Shi Nuannuan still had to keep her behaviour in check!

Even if she was with her boyfriend, she still had to pay a little attention to her image.

However, if she kept looking down like this, her neck would be very sore…

As she thought this, she could not help but raise her hand and rub her sore neck.

Xiangyi noticed her movements and knew just from her sitting position that she would quickly grow uncomfortable.

Thus, he reached out and pulled her into his embrace, letting her lean against him as he leaned against the headboard.

The sudden action surprised Shi Nuannuan—she was a little confused for a moment.

Then, he said in a gentle voice, “It’s more comfortable this way.”

Shi Nuannuan could not help but raise her eyes to look at him as she leaned into him. When she met his dark eyes, she realized that.. she liked this position!

Shi Nuannuan was finally able to continue watching the movie in comfort as she snuggled with him. Even Xiangyi, who did not like to watch movies, was influenced by her. His dark eyes remained focused on the iPad screen as they watched the movie together.

The main characters of the movie was a couple who was suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious man and thrown into a secret room. The man had to decipher the answers before he could finally find the female lead. However, every question was would mean life or death for the female character. If the answer was wrong, the female character would be in danger. If the answer was wrong three times, the main character would die immediately!

The couple in the movie spent 13 days in despair, helpless against the security of a proper supply of food and water—they hovered between life and death.