Chapter 949 - An Embarrassing Scene

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Chapter 949: An Embarrassing Scene

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In the end, the male lead answered all the questions correctly and met the female lead! And the two of them kissed passionately…

Shi Nuannuan immediately shifted uncomfortably.

Xiangyi felt her squirming in his arms and he felt a jolt through his heart.

Strange, why was this scene not over yet…

Shi Nuannuan wanted to fast-forward, but on second thought, if she reached out to fast-forward, wouldn’t that make the situation even more awkward?

Thus, she planned to wait for this scene to automatically end.

However, two minutes had passed, and this damn kiss scene was not over yet. Instead, it was getting more and more ridiculous…

No way, could it be that the male and female protagonist were planning to do that kind of thing on screen?

As she thought about it, Shi Nuannuan could not help but swallow her saliva.

Neither turning off the screen or keeping it on sounded like a good idea…

She pursed her lips, and suddenly, she felt that her face was burning, as if it was on fire.

And she started to become curious about Xiangi’s expression at the moment. She slowly turned and looked up at him.

Xiangyi was a man after all. With a beauty in his arms and such a passionate scene playing in the background, he would be an abnormal one if he did not feel anything.

However, he did not show it. He continued to calmly look at the screen as if nothing had happened.

He just did not expect Nuannuan to suddenly look at him. The moment she raised her face, he also looked over and happened to meet her eyes.

In an instant, his heart felt as if it had been struck by something, and his throat felt a little dry.

Shi Nuannuan also did not expect him to suddenly meet her eyes too. She could not help but be shocked and quickly lowered her head again!

Following that, she felt her entire body heat up, and her cheeks turned red and hot.

Finally, the movie ended. Shi Nuannuan only realized that the movie had already ended when there was no more kissing between the male and female lead!

Damn it, why did a kiss have to be so long? She thought that there would be other plots after the kiss, but why weren’t there any? They didn’t even say who had kidnapped them.

What kind of movie was this that had no proper ending?

Then, the last scene of the movie appeared with two words: To be continued..

Shi Nuannuan came back to her senses and awkwardly moved the iPad away. “Uh, it seems like the show is over…”

She tried to break the awkward atmosphere, but she did not hear Xiangyi’s reply.

She was stunned for a moment, but she did not dare to look up at Xiangyi again because she was afraid that his magical black eyes would suck her in!

She cupped her little face and was about to get up from the bed. It was already dark out.

After watching the movie for an hour and forty-nine minutes, it was already past five in the afternoon. Night was gradually falling outside the window.

She got up and placed both her legs on the edge of the bed, about to reach for her slippers.

However, in the next second, Shi Nuannuan felt a force pulling her back, and her center of gravity fell back to its original position!

When she came back to her senses, Xiangyi’s face was right in front of her!

She widened her bell-like eyes and looked at the handsome face in front of her.

She felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest!

Xiangyi’s face didn’t move any closer to hers as he stared into her eyes but his throat still felt quite dry.

Yes, he had missed her very much.

His gaze slowly moved down from her eyes, to her nose, and then to her pink lips…