Chapter 950 - Xiangyi’s Uncle

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Chapter 950: Xiangyi’s Uncle

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He could not help but lower his head.

In the next second, Shi Nuannuan could clearly feel the familiar softness of his lips and the faint smell of tobacco from his breath.

When she was kissed by him last time, he caught her off guard and her eyes were wide open.

This time, she knew that she had to close her eyes. She shyly kissed him back, enjoying the moment.

This time, she was willing to patiently wait for the moment to end naturally.

Her response was undoubtedly a signal to Xiangyi!

The kiss went from shallow to deep, from slow to fast. He did not want to hold back his longing for her anymore. He trapped her in his arms and sucked on the fragrance in her mouth.

It was never more intense than this. Shi Nuannuan felt?almost out of breath. Her small hands held onto his clothes tightly, and her whole body slowly lost strength as if she was paralyzed.

After the kiss, he let go of her, because if he did not, he would only fall deeper, and it would be hard for him to control himself!

She was a little shy, but she liked his kiss very much.

She could not help but roll over onto the soft blanket, and cover her face.

It seemed like she was happy while hiding her shyness at the same time.

Seeing her like this, a beautiful arc formed on Xiangyi’s face.

He turned to look out the window and noticed that the sky had completely darkened.

He got up and stood. “Stay for dinner. I’ll send you back to the hotel later.”

Shi Nuannuan finally got her blushing face out of the blanket and looked up at him.

She said, “Uh, I’m not very hungry.”

She had only eaten at three o’clock so she still hadn’t felt hungry.

“Do you want to go back now, then?”

She thought for a moment and nodded. “Okay!”

He smiled and extended a hand to her.

She took a look and placed her hand in his palm. Following his strength, she got up from the bed and shuffled into her slippers.

The two of them went downstairs. Just as they reached the living room, they saw a middle-aged man walk in.

When the man looked up, he saw his nephew holding a girl’s hand as they walked down the stairs. Feng Shunqing could not help but feel a little surprised. He glanced at his nephew and then at Shi Nuannuan.

When she saw the middle-aged man who had suddenly returned, Shi Nuannuan was also slightly stunned. However, what made her even more surprised was that the middle-aged man only had one arm…

Was he a disabled person?

Although she was a little shocked, Shi Nuannuan did not show it on her face. She may be capricious sometimes, but she had a good upbringing and would never discriminate against disabled people.

Xiangyi pursed his thin lips when he saw his uncle. He then looked at Nuannuan beside him. “My girlfriend, Shi Nuannuan.”

Feng Shunqing was a little surprised when she heard this, but he could not hide his joy.

Xiangyi was already 27 years old. In a rural area like theirs, it was already time for him to start a family.

However, he had not seen him for a long time. His family had wanted to introduce him to someone, but he always rejected them directly. He even rejected all the girls who liked him. This made his uncle very anxious about this matter, but that was as much as he could do.

Feng Shunqing looked at Shi Nuannuan with a curious gaze. He nodded and smiled at the same time, as if he was very satisfied with Shi Nuannuan.

“Call him Uncle.” Xiangyi turned his head and suddenly looked at Shi Nuannuan.

Shi Nuannuan was surprised for a moment.

Xiangyi wanted her to call him uncle?

Uh, did this mean that she had already met the parents?

She looked up at Feng Shunqing and revealed a brilliant smile. “Hello, Uncle!”