Chapter 951 - My Shoes… They Seem to Be Wet…

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Chapter 951: My Shoes… They Seem to Be Wet…

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However, she felt a little strange. When she met his aunt previously, why didn’t he ask her to call Su Xiuying ‘aunt’?

“O-okay!” Feng Shunqing replied cheerfully.

Seeing that the two of them were about to leave, he couldn’t help but ask again, “Are you planning to go out?”

“I’m taking her back to her hotel,” said Xiangyi.

Feng Shunqing nodded. It was indeed inconvenient for a girl to stay at their home on her first visit.

“Then go back to the hotel after a meal. I’ll ask your aunt to prepare dinner.” Feng Shunqing shouted at the top of his voice. “Xiuying? Xiuying?!”

“There’s no need, Uncle. I already made her some food. She’s not hungry right now.” Xiangyi quickly reached out to stop his uncle from shouting.

Feng Shunqing turned around and looked at the two of them. “In that case, sit down and have some snacks.”

“That’s alright, Uncle.” Xiangyi kindly refused.

Feng Shunqing also knew that though Xiangyi lived in this house, he barely spent time with the family outside of meal times. Once he was done eating, he would immediately go to his room every single time.

“Mom is playing mahjong. She’s not back yet!” Feng Lulu walked out and looked at them.

“What? She went to play mahjong again?!” Feng Shunqing couldn’t help but frown.

Ever since the family’s conditions improved, his wife had been addicted to gambling all day long. Sooner or later, she might just bring down the family again!

Feng Lulu didn’t say anything more. After glancing at Nuannuan, she returned to her room arrogantly, the corners of her mouth even curled up proudly.

Feng Shunqing turned back towards Xiangyi and Nuannuan and smiled at the latter. He wasn’t too worried even though she had already seen some of the bad sides of the family.

“Uncle, we’ll be leaving now.” Xiangyi’s attitude towards Feng Shunqing was very gentle. Although he did not smile, he respected his uncle very much.

“Okay, remember to bring Nuannuan over for dinner tomorrow.” Feng Shunqing did not forget to tell him.

Xiangyi nodded before pulling Nuannuan to the door.

Just as she was about to put on her shoes, Shi Nuannuan suddenly cried out in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Xiangyi looked at her in confusion.

Shi Nuannuan had just taken off her boots.

“My shoes… they seem to be wet…” How strange. Why were her shoes wet all of a sudden?

Xiangyi frowned in confusion. He picked up one boot and sure enough, it was wet. He picked up the other and it was wet too!

Shi Nuannuan knew very well that her shoes would not get wet for no reason. However, she couldn’t figure out how they could have gotten wet in the first place!

She turned around and looked at Xiangyi. “What should we do?”

She only had that one pair of shoes. Otherwise, she might just have to wear Xiangyi’s pair of slippers.

However, the snow outside had melted and the ground was filled with water. It was obvious that the slippers would not work.

When she looked up at him, she noticed that Xiangyi’s face had turned dark.

He put down her wet shoes and looked at her with his lips slightly curled upwards. “I’ll carry you.”

She paused. Carry her?

To the hotel? But it was a long way from there. It took her ten minutes to get there by taxi. It would take them almost an hour to walk.

“Carry me to the hotel?” She didn’t think it would be possible.

Although Xiangyi was strong and she was not very heavy, carrying her for an hour would still be tiring for him, which made her feel bad.

But Xiangyi’s calm face turned amused as he smiled broadly, revealing two straight lines of white teeth. It was the first time she had seen him smile like that, and she was slightly stunned.

She had known him for so many years, but she had never seen him reveal such a toothy smile. He was indeed so charming, and handsome, and intoxicating…