Chapter 952 - His Gentle Care

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Chapter 952: His Gentle Care

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Shi Nuannuan looked infatuated as she watched Xiangyi.

His words stunned her back to reality. “What?”

He did not say anything else. Instead, he walked in front of her and bent his over slightly. “Get on.”

Looking at his broad and sturdy back, Shi Nuannuan reached out and hopped on without needing to stand up.

“Are your feet cold?”

Shi Nuannuan shook her head. Her entire body felt warm now. It was so warm that it reached her heart. How could she still feel cold?!

With Nuannuan on his back, the couple slowly left the Feng family’s home.

Feng Shunqing nodded and smiled as he watched the couple leave. It was as if he was a father looking at his son and daughter-in-law. Tears of excitement appeared in his eyes.

Although he was not his biological son, Xiangyi was his sister’s only son. He and his sister had been dependent on each other since they were young. The accident that year had taken her life and sent Xiangyi to the orphanage.

He had searched for years before he found him and brought him home.

His only wish now was for him to get married and set up a family.

Although it was in the suburbs of the county, the facilities there were definitely not as good as in a big city.

The couple continued walking under the night sky. There were only a few dim street lights on the small road in the community. They were not very bright, but they could illuminate the small road in the village for people.

As Xiangyi carried her on his back, he would pinch her feet from time to time. Although she was wearing socks, it was still very cold.

“Are you really not cold?” His deep and sonorous voice sounded under the night sky. It was low and pleasant to the ears.

Shi Nuannuan hugged his neck and leaned on his back as she shook her head. “I’m not cold.”

“But your feet are very cold.” He looked ahead. Outside the residential area was the road with taxis to the county district.

When Shi Nuannuan heard this, she stretched her head and looked at her feet.

She had been so immersed in the moment that she even forgot that her feet felt cold.

However, it was so blissful to be carried by him like this. It did not matter how cold it was!

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When he reached the road and stood at the intersection, Xiangyi reached out to call for a car. He then placed her in the back seat before climbing in as well.

“Are you still at the hotel from last time?” asked Xiangyi.

That hotel was the best in this county. Xiangyi also guessed that she should still be staying at that hotel.

He said to the driver, “Phoenix Hotel.”

Then, he reached down and grabbed her feet to place them on his lap. As he rubbed them to keep warm, it was clear that he had no issues with it.

Did Xiangyi really like her that much? Though she did have clean feet and it wasn’t smelly, it was still not something anyone would easily do for her.

“You don’t dislike me?”

Xiangyi looked up at her with a gentle smile. “Why would I dislike you?”

She was the woman he loved. He could not even spoil her enough, so how could he dislike her?

“I’m sorry. Aren’t you afraid that my feet smell bad?”

He smiled and did not say anything.

Ten minutes later, the car arrived at the hotel.

Because she did not have shoes, Xiangyi continued to carry her as they got off the car.

He carried her all the way into the hotel, attracting a lot of attention.

Their actions were not the cause of it – the hoteliers and guests have seen such a thing many times.

It was because both of their appearances were too eye-catching. Especially Shi Nuannuan, who was very beautiful. And by being in the country side, her beauty stood out even more!