Chapter 953 - How Did She Know Your Surname?

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Chapter 953: How Did She Know Your Surname?

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“Which floor?” asked Xiangyi as they entered the hotel lobby.

Shi Nuannuan looked up at his handsome face. “Six!”

He smiled as he ignored the gazes of others and carried her to the elevator.

A woman in uniform walked towards them. Shi Nuannuan looked at her. The woman looked like an employee of the hotel

But why did she call Xiangyi ‘Mr. Xiang’?

She was a little curious. After entering the elevator, she could not help but ask, “Did she just call you Mr. Xiang?”

He looked at her. “Yes, it’s a polite form of address.”

Well, that was true, and it was also how others would call her brother out of respect.

But what she was more curious about was that a hotel staff member suddenly called him ‘Mr. Xiang’ as if they already knew each other.

And she knew his surname was Xiang!

“How did she know your surname? Besides, she didn’t need to look for you. She just greeted you out of the blue.”

At this time, the elevator had already reached the sixth floor. He glanced at her and smiled without saying a word. Instead of answering, he asked, “Which room?”

He carried her and walked towards Room 609.

Just as he was about to take a step forward, he saw a familiar figure walking towards him.

Xiangyi was a little surprised to see the other party.

The woman gave a slight smile. “It’s really you.”

An Zhihan noticed the girl in his arms, which surprised her a little.

Xiangyi actually carried a girl to the hotel? This was too strange.

She looked at Shi Nuannuan but didn’t say anything else. What would a grown man do with a girl in his arms?

An Zhihan was well aware, so she naturally not stupid enough to ask.

“Why did you come to the hotel?” Because they were acquaintances, Xiangyi asked casually.

An Zhihan smiled and turned to look behind her.

“A friend of mine came to visit, so I brought her to stay in this hotel. I just sent her back to her room.” As she spoke, An Zhihan looked at Nuannuan again and their eyes met.

Though she was in Xiangyi’s arms, she did not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment. Instead, she grew curious about An Zhihan.

An Zhihan revealed a polite smile when she met her eyes.

Shi Nuannuan also curled her lips to show her smile.

However, she had never spoken to people she was not familiar with, so she remained silent.

“This is…?” In the end, An Zhihan could not help but ask about Nuannuan.

Xiangyi looked at Nuannuan, then back at Zhihan. “My girlfriend. I’m sending her back to her room too.”

An Zhihan was stunned.

When did he get a girlfriend?

Although her heart was in turmoil, An Zhihan did not let it show outwardly. She just smiled and said, “You have a girlfriend.”

“It’s the New Year. Why are you letting her stay in the hotel alone?” It may have sounded like she was concerned about their relationship, but in fact, she was more curious about whether Nuannuan will be staying alone or with Xiangyi at the hotel.

Xiangyi smiled slightly and softly said, “It’s okay, she stays often in hotels.”

Indeed, when Shi Nuannuan was traveling, she would often stayed in hotels.

An Zhihan smiled. “That’s good.”

“When are you leaving this year? If you have time, let’s go to the Welfare Institute together?”