Chapter 955 - Spoiling Her Forever

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Chapter 955: Spoiling Her Forever

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Was it because she asked something she shouldn’t have asked? Shi Nuannuan pursed her lips, feeling a little puzzled.

“I’m going back first. You should rest early.” He spoke softly, just about ready to leave.

“Are you angry?” asked Nuannuan.

She didn’t want there to be a barrier between the two of them. If there was one, she needed to bring it up and just talk about it. This way, they could better communicate and resolve it.

He paused for a moment, a little confused by her words.

He did not want to talk about his father, but he was not angry with her because of that.

He looked up and finally sat down beside her. “Why do you ask?”

She looked at him. “You don’t look too good.”

Only then did he realize that he was angry.

This was because he had mentioned it to others before. Once he was asked about his father, his expression would turn ugly. He must have scared her.

Then, he softened his expression and revealed a gentle smile. “I’m not angry with you. Don’t think too much.”

“Really?” She had never seen his expression like that before. In that instant, she was indeed a little scared. She thought that she had poked his sore spot and was being despised!

He even said that he wanted to go back, which only further convinced people that he was angry.

To show that he was not angry with her because of this, Xiangyi suggested, “Do you want to go to the rooftop?”

Shi Nuannuan was stunned. “Rooftop?”

He nodded. “Yes, the rooftop of this hotel overlooks the entire county, which would be lit up quite nicely at night.”

Although it could not compare to the night view of a big city, it had a different flavor.

Moreover, it was still early, and he did not want to go back so soon. He just couldn’t find a good reason to stay earlier.

His words immediately filled Nuannuan with interest!

She stood up as soon as she was done speaking.

Xiangyi reached out and pulled her over. With his other hand, he picked up a piece of her coat from the back of the sofa and they left the hotel room together.

There weren’t that many floors in that hotel. The highest floor was the 18th.

As they arrived at the rooftop, Xiangyi placed the coat around Nuannuan’s shoulder. Then they walked out to a view of the city’s night lights.

“It’s so beautiful.” After being used to the scenery of the bustling city, such simple and ordinary rural lights appeared even more novel to her.

The night was a little cold. After holding her hand for less than ten minutes, he felt that the hand in his palm had turned colder.

“Put on more clothes next time.” said he to her suddenly.

Shi Nuannuan was a little puzzled. She looked at herself and found that she was wearing quite a lot of clothes.

In the next second, Xiangyi picked up her hand and warmed it in his palm.

She felt that she was really going to die of happiness.

“Will you always be like this?”

“Of course.” He looked up and met her eyes, which were as bright as the starry night.

As long as she was willing, he could spoil her forever.

She laughed so happily that she could not help but put her head in his arms.

Such a simple and shy action easily captured his heart, and he could not help but want to hug her into his arms.

The night gradually fell deeper.

In the blink of an eye, the lights not far away started disappearing one by one. Shi Nuannuan noticed what was happening.

“Oh?! The lights are going out.” She pointed to a place not far away and exclaimed in surprise.

This was how it was here. It was not like a big city, where the lights could go on for an entire night until sunrise.