Chapter 773 - Something Went Wrong

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Chapter 773 Something Went Wrong

Song Wenye was pregnant. After a discussion, Song Wenye and Yu Yuanxi decided to keep the baby.

With the New Year approaching, the additional good news lifted the family to higher spirits.

Granny Yu, Yun Jinping, Du Juan, and Shangguan Yanqiu especially were already onto plans for the child’s clothes, shoes, and hats.

The plan was for Granny Yu to make a pair of tiger shoes. She should start now since she was slow. Granny Yu might not have them ready before the baby was born.

The grandma and mothers were over the moon.

Song Wenye was pulling her hair out. This was not in the plan. The sudden pregnancy threw all their planning out the window.

She never dreamed that the baby came before they even had time to think about a marriage license.

“These things happen. There’s no use fretting over it.” Shen Xi consoled her. “If you’re not happy, the baby in your tummy can sense it.” “I’m not unhappy.” She spent the last two days in a trance. Song Wenye could not believe a little baby was growing inside of her and was on her way to becoming a mother when she was still a baby herself.

Shen Xi had no idea what to say since she had no experience to share. It was hard for her to understand the overwhelming feelings Song Wenye was having. Hence, she changed the subject. “Have you and my brother discussed when you’re getting married?”

The wedding should happen soon, ideally while the baby was in the early stages. As a matter of fact, there was no rush. Yu Yuanxi was not one to shrink from responsibilities. They should be the ones to decide when they would want to tie the knot.

“I don’t know.” Song Wenye’s mind was all over the place. She had not figured out what to tell her group members. “Are you worried about the company? Your schedule? Your work?” Shen Xi went straight to the point. “If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about. We won’t put anything on your itinerary. The company will take care of all your problems. Ye Weiyang and the rest will do well even if they have to go solo. The company is already putting forth the next steps. Just concentrate on having the baby.”

As for an official announcement, it would depend on Song Wenye and Yu Yuanxi’s thoughts. The company would handle all the public relations.

Besides, it was common for singles to get married. Fans would usually understand.

Nevertheless, it could not be ruled out that some aggressive fans may act drastically, especially when Lil’ Ye was an idol of a girl group. The position of idols was different from actors and singers.

“Okay.” Song Wenye held her and nodded.

Song Wenye was not at all worried. It was not a huge deal if she had to give up on becoming an idol and left showbiz. Song Wenye had billions of yuan worth of assets to inherit so money was no concern.

However, her other group members were not from well-to-do families. Making it in showbiz was a dream of theirs. Song Wenye did not want to drag everyone into her mess.

Her best friend, Shen Xi did offer her a little assurance.

Shen Xi added. “Honestly, you girls are aces. You can go solo and still beat any singer or dancer out there.”

Others may not know this, but Shen Xi knew the girls she found were champions in their own right. They made a powerful team together.

Otherwise, the girl group would not have gone viral all over Asia and become the leading girl idols through one talent show.

They were now heading to the world stage as more people got to know them, fall in love with them, and support them.

“Of course. We’re like a flame setting the world on fire.” Song Wenye was proud. “Say, after I have the baby, will there be a change in my position in the group? Where should I go from there?”

The person beside her was the expert. She was Cosmos Entertainment’s chairman after all. The company flourished under her management. Shen Xi was the one who brought in all the artists, including her now best friends.

“Do you like the entertainment world? Shen Xi asked a serious question.

Song Wenye only participated in the talent show because Shen Xi told her so. She strived to make a career in showbiz because of her Qingye.

“I do.” Song Wenye bobbed her head without hesitation. “It’s very fulfilling.”

Growing up, Song Wenye had never worked her butt off for something. The feeling of success was so uplifting.

“I’d suggest you go into film.” Shen Xi gave her honest opinion. Cupping her face, she looked Song Wenye in the eye and caressed her skin. “You have a lot of potential. You have a face like Yu Yuanxi that’s made for the big screens.”

The movie industry was the go-to for her career as it was the ultimate goal and most promising in showbiz.

“Why can’t I sing and dance?” Song Wenye asked.

“No one says you can’t but you can’t go solo on that path. Your singing is not on par with Ye Weiyang and Ji Jingyan. You can’t beat Tong Kejun and Guan Rou at dancing either.” Shen Xi was not trying to tear her down, but laying bare the honest truth.

Song Wenye would not be able to find a footing with a world-class singer like Ye Weiyang and multiple-award winner like Ji Jingyan around.

With Tong Kejun and Guan Rou taking the world by storm with their dancing, it would be laughable to say that Song Wenye could overtake them.

“Can you not beat me up?” Song Wenye cried. Why did Shen Xi have to be so blunt? She already knew what she was made of.

“You have a talent for acting. You do have potential.” Shen Xi comforted the emotionally vulnerable pregnant lady. “Don’t worry. I can guarantee you’ll become the next international film star with my scripts.”

“Can you put me in the same film as Qingye?” Song Wenye inquired.

It was her dream to work alongside Qingye!

“I can put you and Yu Yuanxi together in a film. Husband and wife making a movie together and winning the award for best actors. Doesn’t it sound exciting, thrilling, and romantic?” Shen Xi had the ability to make it happen.

Yu Yuanxi had just finished filming the movie “Mirror”. Since he was a fresh face in the movie scene, people would not be convinced that this should be his ticket to winning best actor.

“We have to wait until I have the baby.” Song Wenye’s eyes were heart-shaped. The thought of becoming the male and female lead of a movie with Yu Yuanxi was thrilling!

“There’s no rush.” Shen Xi smiled. “I haven’t even written a script.”

“It should come easy to you.” Song Wenye had absolute trust and admiration for her.

Out for a bit of sun, the girls chatted during their stroll. Before they got to the door, a maid hurried out. Something huge must have happened.