Chapter 11: Call Me Teacher Sun!

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Chapter 11: Call Me Teacher Sun!

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“Please allow us to admire your massage technique!”

Wang Hao and Zhou Xu bowed with utmost sincerity.

Humans were like that. The easier they could get something, the less they would cherish it. They could tell that Sun Mo didn’t wish to display his massage technique and this caused them to become extremely nervous, filling their heart with worry.

Li Gong decided not to mess with Sun Mo for now. He wanted to observe him for a little while. If Sun Mo was truly capable, Li Gong would have to change his attitude toward him.

In order to complete his new mission, Sun Mo could only do this. “However, this isn’t any massage technique. It’s known as the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!”

“What a powerful name!”

Wang Hao was astonished.

“This is a consummate skill that has been lost since ancient times. After using it, it will clear your meridians and energy channels, improve blood circulation to your muscles, allow you to be immune to a hundred illnesses, and maintain your peak state for a longer period.”

Sun Mo didn’t have any intentions to lie to people. However, he felt the name ‘massage technique’ too unpleasant-sounding.

Qi Shengjia’s gaze was filled with enthusiasm. When he thought about his body being massaged by such a consummate skill last night, he was so emotional that he was shaking.

“You first, lie on the wooden plank!”

Sun Mo pointed to Wang Hao.

Wang Hao immediately went to the wooden plank and lay down obediently. His body was tense and straight, like a salted fish waiting to be packed.

Sun Mo instructed. His hands grabbed out, and he used force to knead Wang Hao’s veins on his thigh.

A heart-drilling pain started to spread from that area, causing Wang Hao to scream. Half of his body directly turned numb.

“You are too lazy, even your veins are starting to be rusty.”

Sun Mo frowned. His expert-grade circulation technique allowed him to accurately assess the conditions of Wang Hao’s meridians.

This Wang Hao’s potential value was higher than Qi Shengjia. However, his constitution was extremely ordinary.

“I...I will start working hard tomorrow!”

Wang Hao turned red and guaranteed while stuttering. At the same time, his admiration for Sun Mo grew. Indeed, ever since he got hooked on reading novels, the amount of time he spent on cultivating had been reduced by half.

Teacher Sun could tell his condition just by kneading his thighs. Teacher Sun was simply too awesome!

As the pain faded, currents of warmth generated in his body, causing Wang Hao to moan in comfort. He felt that the accumulated fatigue of these past few days had vanished.

Five minutes later, Sun Mo heard the system’s notification.

“Ding! The optimal performance of the target’s energy channels is extended by 120 two-hour periods.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sun Mo since he didn’t understand.

“There’s a lifespan for the various organs and tissues in the human body. After the lifespan is exceeded, their performance would gradually decline. The energy channels share the same logic. Your Tuina technique can allow your target’s energy channels to maintain their optimal performance for a bonus of 120 two-hour periods,” the system explained.

“120 two-hour periods, which means 240 hours or also equal to 10 days. Isn’t the amount of time too little?”

Sun Mo instantly calculated. What could someone do in 10 days?

“Optimal performance is when the target’s energy channels are in the ‘extreme eruption state’. You can extend this period by 240 hours.”

Sun Mo nodded to indicate that he understood. In this case, the circulation technique was truly impressive. If he leveled it up to the grandmaster-grade or ancestor-grade, the upgrade this technique brought to his targets would be even greater.

“Alright, your turn now!”

Sun Mo didn’t massage them for nothing. His comprehension of the circulation technique improved by a little again.

Wang Hao stood on the ground and couldn’t help but jump about, punching out a few times. Right now, he felt that his body was more relaxed and lighter. His punches were also more accurate.

However, the most important thing was that he could feel the qi circulation in his body quicken!

Wang Hao immediately became joyful. Before this, the circulation of qi in his body had been sluggish. Now that the circulation had become quicker, it also meant that his state of being had improved and his cultivation level had been enhanced by a little. If he could maintain this state of being, he would be able to break through to the 5th-level of body refinement realm very quickly.

“Teacher Sun, thank you!”

Favorable impression points from Wang Hao +18.

Prestige connection with Wang Hao. Neutral (23/100)

Zhou Xu comfortably closed his eyes. His father was a tea merchant and he was quite wealthy. Hence, Zhou Xu would often go to various associations and enjoy all types of massages. But even for those aged masseurs with plenty of experience, they had no way to be compared to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo’s skill was not as fanciful, but its effect was beyond comparison.

“Ding! The optimal performance of the target’s energy channels is extended by 100 two-hour periods.”

The system’s notification rang out.

Sun Mo contemplated and understood. It wasn’t that he hadn’t done the massage well. In this case, Zhou Xu’s energy channels were healthier than Wang Hao’s. Therefore, the upgrade that the massage had brought for him was slightly weaker in comparison.

This also indicated that Zhou Xu’s cultivation, aptitude, diet, and many other aspects were superior to Wang Hao. If not, Zhou Xu wouldn’t be a level higher than Wang Hao.

Zhou Xu didn’t get up straight after the massage. He began to breathe in and out in tandem with the circulation of spirit qi. Very soon, the spirit qi in the surroundings gathered, forming a mini-spiral before entering his body.

Zhou Xu’s clothes began to swell. His muscles became full and were glowing with a faint layer of light.

Zhou Xu’s entire body began to emit a cracking sound.

“He is going to break through?”

Li Gong exclaimed in shock.

Qi Shengjia and Wang Hao hurriedly shush Li Gong, indicating for him not to disturb Zhou Xu.

Sun Mo took several steps back. His arms were crossed over his chest as he observed Zhou Xu.

Not long later, a booming sound like an exploded balloon rang out from inside Zhou Xu. The gathered spirit qi in him burst forth, permeating the surroundings, causing the dust here to be blown away. After that, Zhou Xu’s breathing gradually became level.

The spirit qi in the surroundings also reverted to their earlier state of calmness.

His breakthrough had ended.

“Haha, I broke through to the 6th-level of the body refinement realm!”

Zhou Xu laughed out loud. He couldn’t help but forcefully thump his chest. After the 9th-level of body refinement, it would be the spirit refinement realm. That realm wasn’t far from him.

“Teacher Sun, your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands are truly awesome!”

Zhou Xu praised him sincerely. As a young man with average potential, his perception was stronger than Wang Hao. He could sense that while Sun Mo had been massaging him, the circulation of his spirit qi had been much faster and also increased in quantity.

Spirit qi was the foundation of everything.

During combat, cultivators needed to expend spirit qi. The faster their spirit qi circulated, the faster it would be replenished. It also represented that one’s combat strength would be higher.

Qi Shengjia punched his good friend’s shoulder. “I didn’t lie, right? Teacher Sun is very awesome!”

Wang Hao also congratulated Zhou Xu. He was filled with envy, and he was annoyed at himself. After the massage, his condition was extremely good. It was the best chance to try for a breakthrough, but why didn’t he think of it.

He had the same opportunity but wasn’t able to grab hold of it. This was too depressing.

Favorable impression points from Zhou Xu +25.

Prestige connection with Zhou Xu unlocked. Current state: Neutral (25/100).

“F***, this soft-rice guy is so awesome?”

Li Gong was dumbfounded. However, the truth was before his eyes.

“Teacher, are you free tonight? I wish to be the host and treat you to a dinner to express my respect.”

Zhou Xu had a smile on his face.

Zhou Xu, who was from a merchant clan, knew when to grab hold of opportunities to build better relationships. Even if Sun Mo’s teaching ability wasn’t that good, this Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was enough for him to spend a large sum of money to get to know Sun Mo.

Sun Mo would never attend such invitations.

“I’m sorry. This student was too impetuous.”

Zhou Xu hurriedly apologized and felt some regret. He had just broken through and was too excited. Hence, he thought of things too simply. This kind of invitation should be sent by his father, and he should also prepare a gift for Sun Mo. Only then would his actions have enough weight.

“Alright, disperse if there’s nothing else. Work hard when you go back.”

Sun Mo waved his hand. He still needed to handle Li Gong.

After hearing these words, Qi Shengjia and his friends solemnly bowed. “We, your students, will take our leave first!”

“Sun Mo, can you help my lame leg to recover?”

After seeing the three students leave, Li Gong impatiently asked.

“System, how do I train my circulation technique to the grandmaster-grade?”

Xun Mo silently asked.

“Use the circulation technique for 10,000 hours. Once your proficiency grows, you will be able to attain the grandmaster-grade.”

When he heard the amount of time needed, Sun Mo lost interest completely. Even if he didn’t become a great teacher, he wouldn’t want to be a little masseur either.

“All techniques and skills are the sublimation of experience. Being called a grandmaster means you can be considered as an existence at the peak of ‘this dao’.”

The system could even say such profound and philosophical things? Sun Mo was really astonished.

Li Gong walked to the front of Sun Mo as he shouted.

“Do we have such a close relationship?” Sun Mo corrected. “Call me Teacher Sun!”

Li Gong was extremely unhappy, but when he thought of his lame leg, he squeezed out a smile. “Teacher Sun!”

“Are these three examples enough for you to believe my words?”

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and glanced at Li Gong’s lame leg. There was no mistake. This was a problem of damaged energy meridians, and he could cure it.

“If you cure my leg, I won’t make things hard on you again.” Li Gong set a price.

“You are already over 40 years old, but you are still so naive?” Sun Mo mocked.

“What do you want then?”

Sun Mo lifted his hand and slapped Li Gong’s face on the left, leaving behind a palm imprint.

Li Gong was stunned. “You actually dared to hit me?”

Although he was from the logistics department, he had been in this school for seven years. Even when the teachers saw him, they would nod and greet him, causing him to feel a little proud of himself. Yet, he was smacked by an intern teacher today? No, Sun Mo wasn’t even an intern teacher...

Sun Mo completely disregarded Li Gong, who was as angry as a mad dog, as he slapped him again with the back of his hand. “That’s right, I’m hitting you.”

This taunt directly caused Li Gong’s anger to burn. His wrinkly old face flushed red. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU TODAY!”

“Do you wish to be lame forever?”

Sun Mo didn’t dodge. He continued standing at his original location and looked at Li Gong calmly.

Li Gong felt like a bucket of ice was pouring on his head. His anger instantly extinguished as he froze on the spot. His expression was incomparably gloomy.

He had been lamed for 12 years and had visited many doctors, but all of them didn’t have a solution. Gradually, Li Gong gave up. But now, there was a chance before his eyes. He truly didn’t want to miss it.

“If I can walk normally, others wouldn’t look at me with contempt anymore. If my leg is healed, I will be able to find a better job...”

A lame leg didn’t simply bring about a physical handicap to Li Gong. He also felt inferior to others in his heart. The word ‘cripple’ made him extremely uncomfortable.

“You are an intern under my supervision. Are you not afraid of being fired if I say that your performance is bad?”

Sun Mo’s answer was very simple. He launched another slap over.

A crisp sound rang out. His palm imprint was extremely clear.