Chapter 49: Magnificent Performance

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Chapter 49: Magnificent Performance

Everyone held their breaths, waiting for Sun Mo’s reply.

“I can bring it up, but what will happen then? Even if I get the younger brother and manage to win, Qin Fen will still have excuses.”

“You can continue to teach Zou Ping.”

After Li Ziqi said that, before Sun Mo replied, she understood. “That’s right. Since the results would be the same, then you might as well not mention it. After that, you can tell Zou Ping about it privately to stimulate his yearning for victory. In the end, the only part that Zou Ping might lose to Zou An is probably just the mentality of ‘always wanting to give in to the younger brother.”

At the mention of this, Li Ziqi smiled sweetly and couldn’t help but grab onto Sun Mo’s arm, shaking it. “Teacher, you’re really such a schemer!”

+10 favorable impression points from Li Ziqi.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi: Friendly (106/1000).

“Congratulations. Your prestige connection with Li Ziqi has reached ‘friendly’. Rewarded with one black-iron treasure chest. Please continue to work hard!”

A big treasure chest that was shrouded in a black glow appeared before Sun Mo.

Jin Mujie, who was outside the door, subconsciously nodded when she heard of this. To think that this Sun Mo had gone on with the scheme! He was a scheming person!

Yet, why was it that she didn’t find Sun Mo detestable but had some admiration for him instead?

“What are you guys talking about?”

Lu Zhiruo appeared stunned, not understanding the conversation.

“You’re thinking about things too simply. I can tell you clearly that Zou Ping’s potential isn’t comparable to his younger brother’s,” Yue Rongbo reminded him.

Sun Mo gave him a heartfelt thumbs-up. If it wasn’t for his Divine Sight, he wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference in the duo’s potential value. However, Yue Rongbo was able to do so. Was this the judgment that a 4-star great teacher had?

After hearing Sun Mo’s praise and realizing that he wasn’t trying to flatter him, Yue Rongbo felt even more curious. Could Sun Mo tell this as well? This was a judgment Yue Rongbo had developed after having seen over 100,000 students. How could Sun Mo possibly...

Zou Ping’s countenance turned grim. After all, no one liked to be looked down upon.

“Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be able to defeat Zou An. Come, take off your clothes.”

Sun Mo stroked Lu Zhiruo’s head as if he was stroking a Scottish Fold cat.

Zou Ping subconsciously grabbed onto his clothes and backed off one step. Other than Li Ziqi who seemed to be thinking about something, everyone else appeared stunned. One was required to take off their clothes when receiving guidance?

“Ziqi and Zhiruo, go out!”

Sun Mo instructed then secretly said ‘open’ in his heart, opening this black-iron treasure chest.

A small palm-sized round bottle appeared before him.

The essence was extracted from the ancient whale oil’s fats and bones and refined together with 16 types of precious medicinal herbs. For external use. The effect will be greater when used together with the ancient massage technique!

Remark, as the effects are too powerful, please use them in small amounts each time. If used in too high dosages, it would corrode the nerves, resulting in a great feeling of excitement.

“System, you’re really bent on having me go down the path of a masseur!”

Although Sun Mo was complaining, he was very satisfied with this reward. The black-iron treasure chest was the treasure chest of the lowest level. It wasn’t a loss to be able to get a bottle of ancient whale oil that was worth 1,000 points.

As expected, the papaya girl could increase his luck.

Sun Mo couldn’t help but pat Lu Zhiruo’s head again.

The papaya girl turned her head, letting out a ‘hmmm?’ sound. (Why are you touching my head again?)

“There’s not much time left. Don’t just stand there, quickly take off your clothes. If the two of you don’t mind, you can stay!”

“What... What do you want to do?”

Zou Ping felt a little uneasy.

“There’s only two hours. What guidance can I give you? I can help you analyze battle strategies at most. Even if I were to point out your problems in battle, these aren’t things that can be changed within a short period. Therefore, the only thing left to do is to give you a tuina.”

Sun Mo had already thought through things. Right now, he had two cards up his sleeves. One was the ancient massage technique, and the other was his ‘Soul Imprint’ great teacher halo.

The owner of this body had gone through many battles to reach the blood-ignition realm. Sun Mo had long since integrated the owner’s memories and experience with his own. If he were to strike all of them into Zou Ping’s mind with the Soul Imprint, it’d take immediate effect and last for five minutes.

Yes, he’d definitely be able to win. However, Sun Mo had always been someone who liked to think about things before putting them into action. This was like playing a game of Fighting the Landlord [1]. Who would throw out a king bomb [2] right from the very start?

The system said that the Soul Imprint was unique to him. Such a great trump card must be left for the most critical moment.

Of course, in Sun Mo’s opinion, the ancient massage technique and the ancient whale oil would be able to bring up Zou Ping’s physique, spiking his battle condition to its peak.

Zou Ping’s gaze turned hesitant.

Yue Rongbo opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

“Zou Ping, you’re lucky. Teacher’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is really amazing. He had given that Qi Shengjia a massage a few days back, allowing him to level up.”

Li Ziqi looked at the small round bottle in Sun Mo’s hand. “This is the ancient whale oil. It’s said to be refined from ancient whale’s fats together with many precious medicinal herbs.”

(Oh my, I’m teacher’s disciple now. I should be able to experience the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands’ prowess as well, right? But I’ll have to take off my clothes. It’ll be so embarrassing!)

Li Ziqi’s face suddenly flushed up.

Zou Ping swallowed a mouthful of saliva then took off his clothes. He lay down on the tables that Xuanyuan Po had helped to put together, acting like a salted fish.

“Go get some clean water!”

Sun Mo instructed Xuanyuan Po. Ancient whale oil was very expensive, and he couldn’t bear to waste it.

Seeing Xuanyuan Po coming out, Jin Mujie felt bad about secretly listening outside the door. She was just about to leave when he saw quite a few students who were also listening in secretly.

Yuan Feng, who had been dragged out and was roaming around the corridors, was drooling a lot from the corners of his mouth. Many students who saw that were pointing and snickering at him

Sun Mo pulled out the cork from the small round bottle, and a strange fragrance immediately permeated the classroom. Even Yue Rongbo, who had great experiences, couldn’t help but take a whiff, wearing a curious expression.

After saying that, Sun Mo pressed down on Zou Ping’s back.

With just a few presses, relying on the grandmaster-grade Muscleforge Technique as well as the expert-grade Circulation Technique, he was able to grasp Zou Ping’s body condition.

He had to say that this kid was as expected of someone who came from a family that specialized in medicinal herbs business. His body was very healthy and Qi Shengjia couldn’t be compared with him.

Even if Zou Ping didn’t cultivate, his lifespan wouldn’t be short.

After putting down the water, Xuanyuan Po, who was sitting down by the side, lost interest after a few glances. Wasn’t it just a massage? However, Yue Rongbo’s curiosity got piqued even further.

“As expected, Sun Mo’s massage technique doesn’t belong to any of the three main factions and six branches!”

Li Ziqi wore an expression as if she was struck by a realization. After she went back home, she immediately went through materials and even went to look for a few masters who excelled in tuina massage to ask them. However, no one knew about it.

The massage was still continuing. Even though Sun Mo also ridiculed himself by saying that he was like a masseur, he was very serious when he got to do things.

Sun Mo exerted great force in both hands and slapped out toward Zou Ping’s back!

Li Ziqi was struck by a wave of vigor and immediately covered up her face with both hands, peeping through her fingers. She couldn’t help but let out a cry in her heart.

(It’s here! It’s here!)

A tremendous amount of golden spiritual qi surged out from Sun Mo’s hands, instantly condensing to become a golden human.

Lu Zhiruo was surprised and backed away. This golden human that had a glistening skin was too strange.

The lower half of his body was a wisp of spiritual qi, while his upper body was that of a muscular guy. He was gleaming in golden light, as if covered in olive oil.

Xuanyuan Po clutched tightly onto his silver spear.

The golden human opened his eyes, raising both arms up, showing off his muscles vigorously. He shouted ‘ataa’ and then with a flying pounce, smashed down on Zou Ping’s back, elbow first.

Zou Ping’s cheeks puffed up like a frog, and he spurted out a mouthful of saliva.

Even though this was his second time seeing this golden human, Sun Mo was still unable to accept it. Was this the genie from Aladdin?

The golden human’s head was still wrapped up in that purple turban, and his vest was open, not buttoned up. Also, he would occasionally show off his muscles as if he was in a bodybuilding competition, filled with a philosophical aura.

Even Yue Rongbo, who had seen a lot of things in his life, was stunned

Zou Ping’s cries quickly filled up the classroom as it really felt too comfortable.

Drool was uncontrollably dripping out from the corners of his lips, gathering into a small puddle on the ground.

Sun Mo stood at the side, forcibly holding back the uncomfortable feeling he had and admiring the massage techniques of the genie from Aladdin’s lamp.

He had to say that putting aside the golden human’s image, his technique was really pleasing to the eye. It appeared magnificent and dazzling.

“No, I can’t take it anymore!”

Having seen the golden human jumping high up then smashing his thick elbow onto Zou Ping’s back, Li Ziqi shook her head. She had better give up on letting Teacher Sun give her a massage. She’d rather die than have a muscular man rub and knead her body.

After the massage ended, the genie put his palms together and bowed toward Sun Mo. Then, he disappeared into the air like a wisp of smoke that had been blown by the wind.

Zou Ping lay down on the table, his eyes rolling back. Like a pool of mush, his limbs were convulsing uncontrollably. At the same time, his muscles were trembling, absorbing a tremendous amount of spiritual qi.

“He’s going to level up?”

Yue Rongbo suddenly understood this state.

Sun Mo pulled Zou Ping up and gave him two slaps when he saw that Zou Ping hadn’t gotten back to his senses.

It was useless. Even though his potential value was on the higher end of average, Zou Ping’s performance wasn’t much different from Qi Shengjia back then.

Thankfully, the spiritual qi absorbing process hadn’t stopped. Moreover, as Zou Ping had soaked in medicinal baths since young, his body’s ability to contain spiritual qi was greater.

A tremendous amount of spiritual qi gathered with great impact.

Xuanyuan Po immediately sat down cross-legged and started meditating. He didn’t care what that golden human was. The only thought on his mind was to not waste this dense spiritual qi.

Right now, in the other classroom that had been cleared up, Qin Fen was seated on a stool, appearing relaxed while wearing a confident and proud smile.

“Zou An, don’t be nervous. I guarantee that you’ll definitely win this.”


[2] card combination that can beat any other sets in the game.