Chapter 78: You Guys Don’t Understand Teacher Sun’s Excellence!

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Chapter 78: You Guys Don’t Understand Teacher Sun’s Excellence!

The lesson had started. When Gao Ben was doing his self-introduction and mentioned Jixia Learning Palace, which he graduated from, sounds of surprise echoed throughout the entire classroom.

Looking at the envious and admiring gazes from those young and tender students, Gao Ben’s expression remained unperturbed, but he could feel his ego swell.

(Zhang Hanfu, have you seen that? This is the influence of a graduate of an Aristocratic School. To think you’re comparing me with Sun Mo, you don’t even understand my value.)

Gao Ben had a vile character in his heart who couldn’t stop sneering. His enemies were Liu Mubai and Gu Xiuxun from Myriad Daos Academy.

No matter how it was calculated, his rival would never be Sun Mo.

The 300 seats lecture theater was now filled with not less than 200 people. This was where Gao Ben got his arrogance and confidence from. Sun Mo had been working hard for 3 years, but the number of people in his public lecture perhaps couldn’t reach this number.

The other lecture theaters’ atmosphere seemed quite harmonious.

Some students were not interested in gossip and rumors; hence, they didn’t know that Sun Mo was An Xinhui’s fiance, nor did they know about those negative news.

They only came here to listen to the lecture and look at Sun Mo’s standards.

During the lecture, Sun Mo had not only dealt with Zhou Yong’s deliberate questioning but also left another teacher speechless with his verbal skill. He had also very naturally displayed his excellence.

Putting his teaching ability aside, at least Sun Mo stood firm and steadily on the rostrum. This kind of confidence, calmness, and free-spiritedness was very infectious.

After the students had quietened down, an arc appeared on the corner of An Xinhui’s mouth. This was the charm that belonged to Sun Mo!

His perfect performance had temporarily won over the students. It made them want to continue listening.

“I’m good at 3 disciplines. Firstly, the study of spirit runes. Secondly, medical arts. And thirdly, traditional painting!”

Right after Sun Mo spoke, voices of comments were echoing.

“What is medical arts?”

“This vocabulary is so unfamiliar!”

“I haven’t heard of it before? Is it a new discipline?”

Not only the students, but even the teachers let out a perplexed expression and didn’t know what trick Sun Mo was plotting.

“It seems like everyone is puzzled by medical arts. Let me explain. This is the conclusion of some of my experiences and will be of great assistance toward cultivation.”

After Sun Mo finished explaining, everyone present went into a commotion.

“He is just making things unnecessarily complicated!”

Xu Shaoyuan ridiculed him. (A fella who isn’t a great teacher wants to establish a new discipline? Is this a joke? If it was, then a boar could even give birth to a monkey.)

“Teacher Sun, this is your first public lecture. You must not mess around!”

A teacher from below shouted.

“Everyone, please remain patient and listen to my explanation.”

Sun Mo moved his palms downward and indicated for everyone to keep quiet. “It’s named medical arts, which means that it’s a discipline that combines medical science and cultivation arts.

“Everyone is a cultivator. Do you all think that just by spending great efforts in cultivating, you’ll be able to upgrade your realms?”

“You don’t say. We can’t possibly be cultivating when we’re eating or resting, right?” Zhou Yong started to make fun of Sun Mo again.

“Yes, during the period of cultivation, what you eat, how much you eat, the time you sleep, even your method of sleeping—all of this will affect your health and your results of cultivation,” Sun Mo explained.

The students were astonished once again. On the contrary, those teachers with some experience started to frown and pondered over what Sun Mo had said.

“Cultivation is not just attainable by meditation. The warm-up prior to cultivating, the maintenance after cultivating, and the intensity of cultivating—all of this must be considered as well.”

Sun Mo started to elaborate on his philosophy of medical arts.

This was actually the spirit qi version of sports medicine. In the original world where Sun Mo had lived in, the study of sports medicine was an emerging discipline.

In the past, athletes were all engrossed in training hard. But now, it was about the scientific knowledge of diet, training, as well as rehabilitation.

Why did certain athletes rarely injure themselves? Why was the recovery process shorter? And why were certain athletes able to maintain their peak performance for over ten years?

Sports were all about scientific knowledge.

Those top-notch football clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona—they all had professional doctors, nutritionists, therapists, and fitness coaches. These people made up a training plan to ensure that the top-notch footballers always maintained their best state.

“Cultivation is a serious matter that runs through a cultivator’s entire lifetime; hence, the cultivator’s state will always be fluctuating. And what medical arts pursue is to always maintain the cultivator’s state at its optimal moment.”

The students were still dumbfounded, while some of the teachers had already revealed expressions of sudden realization.

“So that’s what it is.”

Jiang Yongnian nodded. When he was training his students, prior to the start of certain yearly competitions, he would plan the students’ diet and resting time.

Many teachers were already doing that, but they were all relying on the inherited experience from the previous teacher. They only found it to be beneficial to the students, but as for the root cause of this strategy, most teachers didn’t try to think about it.

Now that Sun Mo had concluded it, they seemed as though they had achieved speedy enlightenment.

Jin Mujie was flabbergasted. (This Sun Mo isn’t that simple, huh?)

An Xinhui’s beautiful eyes brightened up. Sun Mo had once again given her another surprise.

“Be quiet, don’t interrupt Teacher Sun.”

Zhou Shanyi suddenly shouted with his voice.

“What are you trying to do?”

Jiang Yongnian, who was beside him, jumped with fear. But very quickly, he realized that the classroom’s noise had disappeared and the teachers were all looking at Sun Mo, waiting for him to continue his narration.

“Teacher Sun is so awesome!”

Seeing how even the teachers had become interested, Lu Zhiruo tugged at Li Ziqi’s clothes excitedly.

“That is indeed our teacher!”

Li Ziqi felt honored.

Xuanyuan Po was relaxed with his eyes closed. Meanwhile, Jiang Leng was looking pensive, and Tantai Yutang was tossing around his ears and looked at Sun Mo with a ruminating expression.

“I shall use simpler words. A cultivator is like a weapon. A weapon needs to be frequently polished and maintained to ensure its sharpness. A human’s body is an even more refined structure, so it naturally requires more maintenance. And medical arts is to teach everyone how to maintain your health and remain at the sharpest state at all times.”

If Sun Mo hadn’t gotten the ancient massage technique, he wouldn’t even have dared to launch this discipline. Because the foundation of this discipline was the ability to achieve a detailed understanding of the human body.

“Alright, today is just the first public lecture, so I won’t go into too much professional content. Everyone can come and attend my public lecture on medical arts.”

Sun Mo kept everyone in suspense at the right timing.

Suddenly, there were teachers who let out hissing sounds of dissatisfaction. They had already removed their pants and he had already finished his lecture?

Sun Mo continued to talk more about the study of spirit runes and traditional painting. Then, he drew a self-portrait on the blackboard with the charcoal pen, showing off his Character Painting Technique.

A public lecture’s essence was to let students become interested in the teacher, and it would then allow the teacher to pull in a sufficient supply of students for the courses in the future. Hence, they only needed to display their excellence.

Half an hour had passed.

Jin Mujie scanned the classroom and saw the students listening eagerly. She couldn’t help but be astonished, Sun Mo’s unconstrained appearance on the rostrum didn’t seem like a newbie teacher who was lecturing for the first time at all.

“Could it be that he was of teacher material since birth?”

Jin Mujie was suspicious and grew more interested in Sun Mo.

Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +1.

Prestige connection with Jin Mujie: Neutral (4/100).

An Xinhui asked her female assistant.

Zhou Lin remained silent. She couldn’t find any fault from Sun Mo’s performance because this fella didn’t seem anything like a newcomer. His lecture techniques seemed extremely experienced.

“He must’ve been practicing in private.”

An Xinhui made a guess.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +1.

Prestige connection with An Xinhui: Neutral (5/100).

Looking at the atmosphere in the whole classroom, Li Ziqi suddenly felt a little proud.

“Humph, you guys don’t understand Teacher Sun’s excellence!”

Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +5.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi: Friendly (131/1,000).

Having heard the 3 notification sounds from the system, Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief. For him to have received favorable impression points from them, it meant that he had given a pretty good lecture.

But weren’t these favorable impression points a bit too little?

Sure enough, it wasn’t an easy feat to conquer a woman.

“Alright, we’ll leave the time for questions now. Anyone with questions, please raise your hand!”

Sun Mo ended the topic at the right time and moved onto the second segment of the lecture.

This was a required process stipulated by the school. He couldn’t avoid it.

Sun Mo reckoned that Feng Zewen’s opportunity to raise difficult questions was right at this moment, but he didn’t know what difficult questions he had prepared.

Qi Shengjia had long since been waiting for this moment. He was afraid that no one would raise any question. If the classroom were to fall into an awkward silence, it would embarrass Teacher Sun. Hence, he raised his arm immediately.

But who could have known that there was someone else quicker than him.

Just as Sun Mo’s voice ended, more than half of the students raised their arms. For a moment, the raised arms seemed to form a forest that was about to break through the ceiling of the classroom.

Ludi was so startled he almost bit his tongue. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew it was impossible, he would’ve suspected that these students were dummy students hired by Sun Mo.

“What’s the big deal with so many people asking questions? He can only be called outstanding if he manages to answer every question; otherwise, it’ll be even more humiliating.”

Feng Zewen was unperturbed. Perhaps there wasn’t even a need for the students he arranged to enter the scene, Sun Mo would’ve exposed himself by not being able to answer the questions.

Those experienced teachers weren’t surprised at all. They had already guessed that this situation would happen.

Although everyone would only speak the righteous stuff such as education must not be discriminating, in actual fact, the better students were always being favored. Why was it that when everyone was recruiting students, they would voluntarily want those with great aptitudes?

They were easy to teach and would attain achievements easily. If you recruited a mediocre student, you were only finding problems for yourself!

Of course, there were also teachers who treated good and bad students equally, but the proportion wasn’t big.

This kind of prevalence had contributed to the situation where almost more than half of the students in any school were without any master. If they had wanted to acquire knowledge or obtain pointers, they could only attend the teachers’ public lectures.

Of course, they could also get their answers if they inquired with the teachers in private. But they wouldn’t be able to successfully stop the teachers for questions every time, right?

The students with their arms raised all had questions in their minds that they weren’t able to get their answers to. Now that they had the chance, they were desperately trying every way to get the answer.

Sun Mo activated the Divine Sight and aside from browsing through the great amount of data, he pointed at a student named Wang Gang.

“What question do you have?”

Wang Gang stood up and swallowed a mouth of saliva. “I... I’m at the sixth level of body-refinement realm but have been stuck for almost half a year, I wonder what’s the reason?”