Chapter 80: Harvesting Favorable Impression Points

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Chapter 80: Harvesting Favorable Impression Points

As a 3-star great teacher, Jin Mujie’s words were still relatively weighty.

Zhang Hanfu snorted while temporarily suppressing his temper. (Later on when Sun Mo screws up, just watch what I’ll say to you all!)

Sun Mo exerted force as he pressed Zhang Zhong’s biceps. The muscles of this brat were so stiff that he was like a frozen dead catfish. Evidently, he was way too nervous.

There were no solutions to it. With so many teachers watching, how could Zhang Zhong not be nervous? He felt that this might very well be the highest peak of his life.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and surveyed him.

15 years old, sixth level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength 7, strength has never been your strong point.

Intellect 6, you are intelligent in small ways, but you love to think of yourself as clever when you are actually not.

Agility 9, this is your capital. However, your tendons are recently injured, and you have no way to unleash your full potential.

Potential value: Average.

Note: A mediocre person, don’t waste any time on him.

Sun Mo rapidly read the data. After that, he used the ancient massage technique to do a check before discovering the reason.

“Did your body start to hurt three months ago?”

Sun Mo didn’t move his hands away.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Zhong’s expression that was originally one of heaviness and trepidation turned to one of joy instead.

Teacher Sun was truly awesome. He actually knew his situation by just touching his muscles. It seemed like his problem had the possibility of being resolved.

“Change to another type of mediation method. Right now, the one you are using will cause you to absorb a large amount of spirit qi when you are meditating. Your energy channels are unable to withstand the load; hence, they are now damaged!”

Zhang Zhong was shocked. So, this was the reason? He recalled his past experiences and after that, he revealed a look of sudden realization.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Four months ago, I obtained a peerless-grade earth-tier meditation art; hence, I started to use it. However, three months ago, I started to feel pain in my body, especially at my chest area and dantian. Those areas felt like they were being pricked by needles.”

Zhang Zhong revealed his situation to allow Sun Mo to have a more detailed and accurate judgment.

After all, this matter concerned his body. Zhang Zhong didn’t dare to conceal anything.

Upon hearing Zhang Zhong’s words, the students were all completely stunned. Their gazes grew more passionate when they stared at Sun Mo. He was actually able to see this? How awesome.

As for the teachers, they were bewildered. Was Sun Mo swindling them or did he have true capabilities?

“Change back to your previous method. It’s quite good.”

Zhang Zhong scratched his hair while feeling reluctance in his heart. “That’s a peak-grade earth-tier meditation art, and it has immense power. Could it be that there’s no solution for me to use it?”

“If you don’t wish to be crippled, wait until you reach the spirit-refinement realm before you change to it!”

Sun Mo seriously replied. For matters such as cultivation, one had to be overcautious. If there was a mistake, a life might be destroyed.

The students and teachers at the scene could all understand Zhang Zhong’s conflicted feelings. The better a cultivation art, the faster it would allow one’s strength to grow. Naturally, it would also be able to raise their cultivation.

However, the prerequisite was that one’s body must be able to endure it.

“Would I be able to break through if I changed back to the meditation art I was using before?”

Zhang Zhong solemnly asked.

“Nope. Your energy channels are already damaged. You need to rest. For one entire month, don’t even think about meditating.”

Sun Mo repeatedly warned.

Zhang Zhong’s expression grew dispirited. Cultivation was like a boat going against the currents. The influence of not cultivating for an entire month was simply too great. “Teacher Sun, are there other methods to resolve this?”

“My Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands can resolve this, but are you willing to try?”

Sun Mo asked. Actually, he could resolve it. But before obtaining the approval of the student, he wouldn’t use his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands without careful consideration.

The moment the name ‘Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands’ rang out, everyone immediately began to whisper to each other.

“It’s like he’s very capable!”

Jiang Yongnian ridiculed.

“The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is finally going to appear?”

Qi Shengjia almost jumped up in agitation. As someone who had enjoyed the benefits of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands before, he knew how powerful this technique was. Hence, his gaze was filled with envy when he looked at Zhang Zhong.

Zhang Zhong decisively replied. He felt that on such an important occasion today, Sun Mo would definitely not dare to joke around with his future. Hence, since Sun Mo said he could resolve it, Sun Mo most probably had 90% confidence.

From this point, one could see that the system’s evaluation of Zhang Zhong’s intellect wasn’t randomly given with no basis. Zhang Zhong was pretty intelligent in small ways.

Sun Mo placed his right hand on Zhang Zhong’s shoulder. He then exerted force as he squeezed.

Zhang Zhong instantly screamed. The pain was so bad that he was perspiring cold sweat.

The entire lecture theater once again fell silent. Everyone was staring at each of Sun Mo’s actions.

Even the cicadas on the chinese parasol tree outside the window were frightened away by Zhang Zhong’s screams.

“Teacher, it’s painful, so painful!”

Zhang Zhong screamed. He was shaking profusely as he curled up involuntarily. The pain was so bad that it felt like someone was plucking his tendons out from his body.

Sun Mo roared. His hands swiftly roamed around Zhang Zhong’s body as he continued pressing.

He surely looked very stupid now, right? Although his level was higher compared to a little sister working at a foot massage shop, it was truly embarrassing.

He also didn’t know whether a genie like the one in Aladdin would pop and help to massage his target like before.

However, no one felt that Sun Mo looked stupid. This was especially so for some teachers who were also proficient in massaging. When they saw the novel massage technique used by Sun Mo, something that didn’t belong to the three main factions and six branches of massage skills, they couldn’t help but reveal an expression of excitement.

“How long does Sun Mo have to massage him? He wouldn’t let everyone wait until the lesson ended, right?”

A few minutes later, Zhang Sheng grumbled. But the moment his voice rang out, the spirit qi of the surroundings began to fluctuate as they surged over and gathered around Zhang Zhong.

When the initial pain faded away, what remained was an indescribable feeling of comfort. Hence, Zhang Zhong was in a daze. He was intoxicated. At this moment, the sounds of two slaps rang out as a feeling of burning pain could be felt on his face. After that, Sun Mo started to berate him.

“Focus your attention, try to break through!”

Zhang Zhong drooled from the corners of his mouth. He had a dumbfounded look on his face. (Breakthrough? What breakthrough? Teacher, you should continue your massage. Don’t stop, it’s simply too comfortable.)

Sun Mo’s circulation technique was very strong. Zhang Zhong’s energy channels and meridians were cleared, allowing spirit qi to directly surge into his body.

The spirit qi in Zhang Zhong’s body exploded like a hurricane. With a boom, not only did the dust on the ground fly up, but the corner of the robes and the hair of the students in the surroundings fluttered wildly as well.

The entire scene was completely silent; everyone was looking at Zhang Zhong.

There were many thoughts in the hearts of everyone, but they didn’t know what to say. Zhou Shanyi was still the boorish one, and he directly howled in disbelief.

“What the f*ck, he broke through just like that?”

Due to being overly shocked, Zhou Shanyi accidentally spewed vulgarities.

Jiang Yongnian’s lips twitched. Based on lip reading, one could tell he was saying the three words ‘f*** your mom’.

Zhang Zhong gradually regained his senses. “Eh? Who am I? Where am I?”

“Zhang Zhong, you just broke through. Why are you not thanking Teacher Sun yet?”

A student at the side silently reminded him. His gaze was filled with envy, and all the other students had similar expressions.

Wasn’t this Zhang Zhong too lucky? They should have seized the opportunity to ask Sun Mo earlier. What a pity.

“I broke through? How is this possible?”

Zhang Zhong subconsciously mumbled, but after he spoke, he discovered something wrong. His condition was a lot better now. Not only was his sight and hearing very clear, but even his body felt much more comfortable.

This was the feeling after a breakthrough.

Zhang Zhong stuttered, his face was filled with bewilderment. How did he manage to achieve a breakthrough?

“Although you have broken through, there are still some problems with your energy channels. You have to rest for at least a week before you start with your meditation again.” After Sun Mo instructed, he patted Zhang Zhong’s shoulder. “You can sit down now!”

Zhang Zhong sat down like a wooden puppet. His face was still filled with bewilderment.

(Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, awesome!)

Qi Shengjia waved his clenched fist in the air and roared wildly in his heart.

Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +30.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia: Friendly (458/1,000).

“Teacher is so awesome!”

“Teacher is so awesome!!”

Lu Zhiruo grabbed Li Ziqi by her arm and jumped about happily.

Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (283/1,000).

“Hmph, that’s only natural.”

Li Ziqi swept her gaze across the entire lecture theater. (Who asked you guys to doubt my teacher? Are you all convinced now?)

Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +15.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi: Friendly (146/1,000)

“Do you think I would still have a chance if I begged Sun Mo to be my teacher now?”

Zhou Xu prodded Qi Shengjia’s arm as he asked in a low voice.

“I have no idea. But after this public lecture is over, you will definitely have many competitors.”

Qi Shengjia was smiling so widely that his eyes couldn’t be seen.

Zhou Xu was startled before shaking his head dispiritedly.

Favorable impression points from Zhou Xu +10.

Prestige connection with Zhou Xu: Neutral (51/100).

Four more system notifications rang out, making Sun Mo very satisfied. Through this, he could gauge the thoughts of his students.

The papaya girl and honest guy Qi Shengjia had always admired him. Li Ziqi also admired him, but she was more rational. As for Zhou Xu, he was just someone who always followed the crowd. There was no need to care about him.

As for his three other personal disciples, they remained indifferent.

Sun Mo involuntarily glanced over.

Xuanyuan Po had his eyes closed as he relaxed. Next to him, Tantai Yutang smiled and nodded upon seeing Sun Mo’s gaze. Meanwhile, Jiang Leng was expressionless and had his head lowered.

Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +5.

Prestige connection with Jiang Leng: Neutral (40/100).

Sun Mo was speechless. Although the amount wasn’t high, it was better than nothing.

In the lecture theater, the sounds of commotion rang out, growing louder and louder. Both the students and the teachers were discussing Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

This was especially so for those students who already knew that there were problems with their energy channels. All of them already planned to consult Sun Mo after the lesson ended.

“Vice-headmaster Zhang, how about now? Do you still want to investigate Sun Mo?”

An Xinhui suddenly spoke up, retaliating.

Zhang Hanfu’s expression turned ashen. This Sun Mo was so lucky. It was unknown where he had learned such a powerful massage technique. How infuriating.

“What does that snort mean?”

An Xinhui shook her head as a puzzled look appeared on her face.

Jin Mujie did her best to hold back her laughter. So, Headmaster An also had such a naughty side to her.

Zhang Hanfu pretended he didn’t hear it. If it wasn’t for him wanting to watch Sun Mo screwing up so he could regain some face, he would have left long ago. However, he couldn’t afford to wait anymore. He cast a forceful glance at Feng Zewen and signaled for him to act.

If this continued, Sun Mo’s first public lecture would end perfectly.

“Little Lin, I know you have always felt that Sun Mo is unworthy of me and that the circumstances are very unfair for me. This is why you always view Sun Mo with hostility. However, I hope that you will not continue looking at him with prejudice.”

An Xinhui lowered her voice, “Try to understand him a little!”

Zhou Lin fell silent. Sun Mo’s brilliance made her unable to rebut or find any excuses. He had just used a pair of hands to help that student achieve a breakthrough. Wasn’t this matter a little too exaggerated?