Chapter 95: Five Personal Disciples

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Chapter 95: Five Personal Disciples

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“Sun Mo’s proficiency in those two moves is really not bad!”

“Yeah, it’s impossible for him to achieve that level of expertise if he didn’t use two or three years to train.”

“Zeng Jun also challenged him after the intern teachers meeting and also lost.”

The intern teachers discussed. As they chatted, their attitude toward Sun Mo became increasingly prudent. Sun Mo wasn’t an easily-defeated opponent.

If they weren’t completely confident, it was best not to act or they would be used as stepping stones by Sun Mo instead. They might even be crippled.

Lu Zhiruo stood among the crowds. When she saw no one else coming out to challenge Sun Mo, she happily clapped her hands.

“Teacher Sun is so awesome!”

Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30. Friendly (418/1,000).

Seeing that no one else stepped out, Sun Mo put away the wooden blade. His expression was calm as he announced, “In the future, cultivators at the first level of blood-ignition realm didn’t need to look for me. I won’t accept any challengers at this level!”

A commotion instantly rang out from the crowd.

Sun Mo’s words were truly arrogant!

Because the unspoken words were clear. (None of you are my opponent, so stop embarrassing yourselves, please?)

Those intern teachers at the first level of blood-ignition felt depressed and unhappy in their hearts. They really felt like rushing out to break Sun Mo’s head and roar a sentence, ‘Who do you think you are? How do you know that you would win for sure?’

However, when they turned their heads and looked at Mei Yi and Lu Kun, the unhappiness in their hearts vanished and it turned into intense frustrations.

Sun Mo was arrogant indeed, but he had the capabilities to be arrogant.

“As for those at the second level of the blood-ignition realm, just bring it on!”

Sun Mo took the initiative and challenged them. Other than wanting to try the power of ‘Copy’, the technique from the third-level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, he had two other reasons.

Firstly, this was a public venue and there were many spectators. If he won, his fame would spread swiftly.

Fame was a type of proof for one’s social status and position. The greater one’s fame was, the lesser others would scorn or hold you in contempt.

Sun Mo’s first step was to make those people who always called him ‘soft-rice guy’ shut up.

Secondly, it was to settle all of these random challenges once and for all, making those who wanted to use him as a stepping stone not dare to act recklessly. By doing so, he could filter out trash from elites.

Sun Mo wasn’t afraid of combat, but he didn’t want to waste time. Fighting against these random nobodies wouldn’t help him grow even if he won against them a hundred times.

It was like someone killing a hundred ‘white-name’ monsters in a game. The experience gained was so little that it was negligible.

Sun Mo’s creed was that if he had to kill, he would rather kill elites!

Those intern teachers at the second level of the blood-ignition realm had planned to challenge him. But after hearing his words, all of their faces turned green.

That was right, they were a level higher. If they won, it was only to be expected. But if they lost, they would become Sun Mo’s stepping stone instead.

“Zhiruo, time to go.”

Sun Mo called out. After that, he flicked away the non-existent dust on his clothes and departed.

Seeing Sun Mo walk over, the surrounding students immediately opened up a path. Some were even bowing slightly.

“Who is that teacher?”

“What the hell are God Hands?”

“Have you not heard of the incident yesterday?”

As expected, the students began to discuss. After that, Sun Mo’s name began to sound out everywhere.

Gao Ben was currently walking to the canteen and there was a relaxed smile on his face.

He was at the third level of the blood-ignition realm and was two whole levels higher than Sun Mo. This disparity was so great that even if Sun Mo didn’t do anything but cultivate for an entire year, he wouldn’t be able to catch up to Gao Ben.

For matters like cultivation, one had to unceasingly challenge themselves to break their limits. Hence, the higher one’s cultivation level was, the tougher it was to advance.

To teachers, because they had to guide students and even research into side occupations, the amount of time they had for cultivation was shorter compared to others. Hence, their cultivation speed was also slower when compared to pure cultivators.

For the blood-ignition realm, according to the data published by Saint Gate, it would take a teacher roughly about a year to break through each level.

Teachers of this caliber would be heavily nurtured in each of the famous schools. They would be given heavy responsibilities as well.

But very soon, Gao Ben stopped laughing. He recalled his humiliation yesterday. There were only four students who had attended his public lecture.

That was his first public lecture! How preposterous!

“I have to execute my plan quickly and let the teachers and students of Central Province Academy know that I’m the best. Sun Mo is just a dog fart!”

Upon thinking of this, Gao Ben decided not to eat breakfast and went to search for his personal disciples straight away.

“Congratulations, you obtained a total of +127 favorable impression points.”

Sun Mo was surprised. He thought that there would be more.

“These were contributed by lower-year students. Their judgment is lower, and that’s why they were shocked by your performance and became impressed. If you want to awe those high-year students, you have to work harder and perform even better,” the system explained.

Sun Mo reached the entrance to the teaching building five minutes before the meeting time.

Li Ziqi, Xuanyuan Po, and Jiang Leng already arrived.

Li Ziqi, whose physical ability was equivalent to zero yet was a good-talker, wanted to forge a better relationship with her two junior brothers. Hence, she did some checks on their current situations.

However, one of them was a muscle-brain that was only interested in combat, and the other sat there in a daze and showed no signs of wanting to chat. He was like a cold corpse.

Li Ziqi didn’t wish to be snubbed. Hence, she didn’t say anything.

Upon seeing Sun Mo walk over, Li Ziqi prepared to run over. But when she was going down the stairs, her steps weren’t stable, and she directly slipped and fell over.

Li Ziqi’s butt slammed onto the ground directly!

She felt that her butt was about to shatter from the impact.

“Boohoo, my image as the eldest martial sister is completely destroyed!”

Sparkling tears could be seen in Li Ziqi’s eyes. Other than pain, she also felt embarrassed. Now that she had fallen over like this, where had the prestige of the eldest martial sister gone to?

Lu Zhiruo jumped in fright and hurriedly went to help her up.

Xuanyuan Po was indifferent, not even glancing at Li Ziqi. Jiang Leng was slightly better. He cast a glance at Li Ziqi but had no intention to help her up.

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. His students had their own personalities. It wouldn’t be an easy thing to teach them!

“Eh? You guys all arrived?”

Tantai Yutang’s voice rang out. Everyone turned their heads and saw this invalid calmly walking over.

As he spoke, he even pointed to the sundial that lay before the entrance.

“I’m not late, I’m perfectly punctual!”

When Tantai Yutang walked over to the stairs, at the instant he halted, the majestic sound of the bell rang out. This indicated that it was 8 a.m. now, and class had officially started.

“Don’t tell me this fellow has OCD?”

Sun Mo guessed. However, in this era where there were no wristwatches, Tantai Yutang’s sense of time was very strong.

Everyone had arrived. Hence, Sun Mo brought his five students over and found a small classroom that could hold up to 30 people. He then began to give his first tutorial after he arrived in Jinling.

“My name is Sun Mo. From today onward, I’m your personal teacher. I will do my best and give my all to guide you all. If there’s a question that I cannot answer, I will personally consult great teachers for it. Naturally, you guys can also seek guidance from other teachers, I won’t blame you all for that.”

Sun Mo went straight to the point and first informed them of his teaching philosophy.

“Teacher Sun, a teacher for a day, a father for a lifetime. We won’t look for other teachers to answer our questions.”

Li Ziqi hurriedly guaranteed.

Lu Zhiruo also nodded in haste.

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, once a student took someone as their teacher, they wouldn’t consult other teachers with their questions as a sign of respect toward their teacher.

Naturally, even if they did so, they would do it privately. If they did it openly, that would be doubting the capabilities of their own teacher.

This was why Qin Rong had apologized to Feng Zewen during the first public lecture that day.

“Wait for me to finish speaking first!”

Sun Mo gestured for Li Ziqi not to interrupt. “Not only so, if there comes a day where you all discover more capable teachers and wish to take them as your teacher, you can leave me. I will not blame or stop you all.”

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were stunned. How could this be possible?

“Teacher, your words are too over!”

Jiang Leng, who had the coldest expression and was like a block of ice, was actually the first to retort. “Are you doubting my character? Since I’ve taken you as my teacher, I would never regret it.”

Tantai Yutang cast a glance at Jiang Leng while silently musing that even if Jiang Leng wanted to acknowledge another teacher, it was unknown whether that teacher would accept him or not. However, Sun Mo didn’t seem to be joking!

That was really impressive then!

One couldn’t help but say that in terms of his spirit alone, Sun Mo was truly very shocking.

Indeed, Sun Mo wasn’t joking. He wasn’t born in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, and he didn’t regard these rules as important. In his heart, the most important thing was that students could grow and make something out of themselves, becoming a person worthy of respect.

“I will also not regret this!” Li Ziqi guaranteed.

“Me too!” Lu Zhiruo raised her dainty hand.

“Can you say something proper?” Xuanyuan Po frowned. He felt that this topic was simply a waste of time.

“What can be considered proper?”

Sun Mo knew that Xuanyuan Po’s personality was like this. However, it was also a kind of challenge to convince such obstinate genius students.

Xuanyuan Po’s reply was concise and comprehensive. He looked Sun Mo in the eyes and was already filled with the desire to fight. “Teacher, how about fighting against me?”

Fortunately, Xuanyuan Po still remembered that Sun Mo was his teacher. If not, his action now would be equal to him taking the initiative to provoke and challenge Sun Mo.

“You are just at the body-refinement realm. How is it possible for you to defeat Teacher Sun?”

Li Ziqi felt Xuanyuan Po was a retard.

“So I shouldn’t fight because I cannot win?”

Xuanyuan Po counter-asked.

This strange logic made Li Ziqi not know how to reply. Truly, Xuanyuan Po was a combat addict with a muscle-bound brain!

“The cultivation art I train in is the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique. It is considered a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!”

Xuanyuan Po stared at Sun Mo, his tone was filled with arrogance. “Teacher, do you dare to fight me under the premises that we both don’t use our spirit qi and only compete with moves?”

Upon hearing the grade and the tier of the cultivation art, even Jiang Leng who always had an aloof expression couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air. By proposing such a method of combat, Xuanyuan Po might really have a chance to win.