Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Save the Sick Beauty 6

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Since they had decided to save the man, Qi Qingyao dared not delay. She took out a small medicinal pot to prepare the decoction. At the same time, she slaughtered three fish.

After the medicinal concoction had been prepared, the fish was also ready.

Two fish had been steamed and the fish bones had also been crisply and neatly cut off. Additionally, a pot of fish soup had been stewed. When they were served at the small dining table, the triplets jumped three feet high in excitement.

They ate the fish carefully and cutely.

Qi Qingyao who watched them was a little puzzled. “Have you never eaten fish before?”

Near the Jiuli River, there was a lot of fish. The fish bones were quite small and were suitable for the children to eat.

Erniu’s eyes were watery. She smiled charmingly and shook her head.

Xiaobao smiled innocently. “I have eaten fish, but I have not eaten them fresh.”

Qi Qingyao was puzzled by this statement. Who ate fish that was no fresh?

Dabao scratched his head and explained to his mother a little embarrassedly. “Mommy, have you forgotten? Before, when we were at Grandpa’s house, we usually ate leftovers from others. After moving to this small hut, we also ate leftover food from here and there. Although some tasted a little strange, they still filled our bellies.” Occasionally, there were wild vegetables!

Qi Qingyao was speechless.

Holding back the sour feeling in her nose, she forcefully withheld the desire to cry.

Qi Qingyao feigned an air of calmness and gently caressed the triplets’ heads, motioning them to continue eating.

Even if she had not given birth to them, they were the host’s children. The host was a lunatic, but the three children were innocent. Qi Qingyao felt a heavier sense of responsibility.

Even if it was to repay the host for giving her the body to be reborn, she still had the responsibility and obligation to work hard to raise the three children.

After the meal, the medicine was also almost ready to decoct.

Before Qi Qingyao prepared to save the man, she contemplated for a while. She asked Dabao to hold the kitchen knife at home against the man’s neck.

“Mommy?” Dabao held the kitchen knife nervously, feeling incredibly afraid.

What was Mommy going to do?

Qi Qingyao explained, “This person has been so badly injured. I’m afraid that he will suddenly awaken. If he thinks that we are bad people and want to kill us, Dabao, you can just use the kitchen knife and swing towards his neck!”

As the triplets heard that, they felt that their mother made sense.

However, Qi Qingyao’s worries did not happen.

After feeding the sleeping beauty some medicine, the beauty still did not awaken.

‘Gosh, my ginseng,’ she thought.

‘I have fed it to you. If you still die anyway, I will have to chop you into a meat sauce!’

After Qi Qingyao picked up the medicinal pot, she swept a glance at the sky outside. It had already started to snow, and the snow was not small. The ground was already covered in a thick layer of silvery white.

The wind and snow were gradually growing stronger.

It seemed that only slumber was left.

After Qi Qingyao washed her feet, she rubbed her sore shoulders. She then added more firewood before returning to the bed-stove.

The comatose man was moved to the edge of the bed-stove while she and the three children slept on the interior.

Qi Qingyao fell asleep in a daze and even dreamt about what would happen if the cash cow were to awaken. She did not know how much medical fees could be charged…

Madam Guo and Qi Yuancheng got on the bed-stove and glanced at the sleeping triplets and tucked their blankets. Madam Guo then quietly said to her man, “The snow is so heavy tonight. I don’t believe that she will live till tomorrow.”

Qi Yuancheng glanced at the wind and snow outside the window. If this snow lasted for two or three days, then we only need to collect the corpse in two days!”

Madam Guo thought about it and was immediately delighted.

She could finally completely get rid of her idiotic sister-in-law and her three pre-marriage children-in-law.