Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Break Off All Relations 6

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“Go, go, go! Don’t just stand there. I want to throw up just at the sight of her face!” Madam Guo spat on the floor.

Old Man Qi looked at Qi Qingyao, who was slumped on the ground like soggy mud, and her three little burdens. He quickly followed after Madam Wu.

Their sons and daughters-in-law followed suit, all leaving the hut.

Qi Qingyao got up, the corners of her lips pulled up with amusement. At the same time, she screamed ‘dejectedly’ outside, “Brothers, don’t go! You all will be my brothers for the rest of my life! I will always love you!”

Hearing that, the entourage picked up their pace. They were on the verge of breaking out into a run.

Once they were far away, Qi Qingyao stopped yelling and begging for them to come back.

She brushed the dust off her knees calmly.

She had planned to take a rest before heading out to hunt, but when she tried to move she discovered that her leg was trapped.

It was her three children clinging on.

Dabao pouted sadly like he was about to break out into tears. “Mother, you said just now that you don’t want us and you want to marry. Is that true…?”

Erniu and Xiaobao were already crying.

Qi Qingyao paused for a moment after she heard what he had to say, but soon broke out into peals of laughter.

“Hahahahahaha! You’re so cute!”

This confused the children. Qi Qingyao sat down serenely and poured some water into a cup. She drank a mouthful, shocked by the coldness.

Qi Qingyao drank another mouthful despite the chill of the water. After that, she muttered, “All the uninvited guests have left. I’m so happy.”

Dabao pinched the hem of Qi Qingyao’s dress with his meaty little fingers and asked softly, “Mother, were you just acting in front of Grandpa, Grandma, and our uncles?”

“If not, then what?” Qi Qingyao eyed her three children. “They came here to give me trouble, and I took the chance to get an agreement from them so that we never have to speak again. From now on, I’m not related to the Qi family anymore. When I get rich, they’ll have nothing! They are no longer your Grandpa, Grandma, and uncles too, so don’t go around calling them that!”

“But Mother, when something happens to us, they…” Wouldn’t help us. Erniu was not brave enough to speak the last three words out loud, but she did not call them her family, either.

“Relax, nothing will happen to us!” Qi Qingyao mussed Erniu’s hair to comfort her. She then stood up and patted Jiang Yeqian’s shoulder. “This man here owes us a thousand tael. He’ll surely pay us back once he recovers his memories.”

Jiang Yeqian, who had been silent till then, had only one thing on his mind. “They said that you used to be a fool…”

Qi Qingyao said with a grin, “That was before. Now I’m not. I’m clever and intelligent! How can you compare me to a fool?”

She raised her brow, her gaze alight with vivacity.

He observed Qi Qingyao intently, saying nothing. Was that so?

Qi Qingyao said to her children, “We brought the fish back home first. Stay here, okay? Mother’s going for a hunt! We’ll bring a wild boar back home with us later. Maybe we’ll get to eat braised pork for dinner tonight!”

“Mother’s amazing!” Xiaobao stopped crying and broke out into a smile. He was so excited he could not stop clapping his hands.

After Qi Qingyao sorted the fish, she grabbed an ax. She also managed to find a cleaver in a dusty corner. She and Jiang Yeqian left, heading into the mountains.

The Qi family was already far away from the hut when Qi Yuanye suddenly slapped his thigh, saying, “We left so hurriedly! Didn’t she just bring dozens of fish back?”