Chapter 45 - Finally Got to Eat Pork 5

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Chapter 45: Finally Got to Eat Pork 5

The three children in the house were at first very afraid of bloody scenes such as this, but perhaps it was because of the fine and beautiful way that Sijin killed the boar, or perhaps it was because they were full of thoughts about eating meat, and the excitement of eating meat ended up being greater than the fear of blood; the children were now looking unblinkingly at the half-killed pig, and they had already begun to drool.

When Sijin was still busy, Erniu, who was standing on the threshold playing alone, suddenly shouted towards Qi Qingyao, “Mother, many people are rushing to our place.”

Qi Qingyao finally moved her eyes away from the pork and swept a glance at the scene in the distance. “It must be because they saw that I caught a wild boar, and they all came here to watch.”

Jiang Yeqian pondered for a moment. “Maybe they’re here to share the spoils.”

Qi Qingyao sneered. “They want to share the spoils? Only if they can!”

Dabao felt like there were dozens of people here. Afraid, he grabbed Qi Qingyao’s pant leg. “What if there are too many people? Mother, we are outnumbered.”

Qi Qingyao picked up Dabao, her gaze fell on Jiang Yeqian. “Don’t worry, Dabao, we have fighters!”

Dabao’s eyes lit up and his little hand patted Jiang Yeqian’s shoulder, imitating Qi Qingqian’s usual pattern. “Uncle, we’re all depending on you.”

Jiang Yeqian was just about to make a sound in protest.

Qi Qingyao also followed suit. She narrowed her eyes and said, “Yes, uncle, it all depends on you.”

This woman was totally taking advantage of him deliberately!

He was only two years older than her!

Sijin was still concentrating on killing the pig and did not pay attention to the others.

The villagers, alongside the Qi family, rushed over. They did not first break through the fence wall, but stood outside the fence wall and looked for a long time.

They said, in awe, “It’s really Qi Qingyao!”

“She looks normal, can’t see anything different!”

“It’s strange because she looks normal! Wasn’t she stupid and crazy before?”

“Old Qi said she’s not even crazy anymore and has taken the initiative to break off relations with the Qi family in order to stand on her own feet.”

Hearing them, Madam Guo and Madam Wu looked cross.

One of the village daughters-in-law said, “Qi Qingyao, are you really not stupid anymore?”

“Fellow villagers and fathers, it’s noon, why come to our house?”

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Qi Qingyao pretended to have only seen them. She raised his head, smiling around a circle of all heads.

After she said that sentence, all the villagers were puzzled. They frowned and began to discuss.

“Are you really not stupid?” Another person asked.

Qi Qingyao raised her eyes in a calm manner. “Look at what you guys are saying!”

Madam Guo did not even care what Qi Qingyao said. Her eyes kept falling on the half-killed boar and the young man who killed it.

Qi Qingyao was relaxed. “Everyone didn’t come here just to see us slaughter the boar, right?”

Madam Wu reacted quickly and stood in front of the villagers, asking as if questioning, “Qi Qingyao, who wants to see you kill a boar? Tell me first how you got it.”

Qi Qingyao shrugged her shoulders and said calmly, “I caught it.”

Madam Wu rolled her eyes in total disbelief. “You, hunt a wild boar in the forest? Don’t joke with us.” The wild boar eating you would be more believable than this!

The crowd nodded their heads.

The village chief Ma Sanye was forced to stand out. His focus fell on the two men. “Qi Qingyao, whether you’re stupid or not, this is not important. The important thing is: what is with these two men?”

After a pause, he continued, “Qi Qingyao, outsiders have entered the village. Have you reported them to us?”

Qi Qingyao’s dark pupils were flooded with a fine light, and she introduced them without panic, “These two are the servants I just bought.”

Madam Guo’s eyes almost bulged out at once. “Servants? You, have servants? You’re so poor, and yet you say you have bought servants!”

Madam Wu was furious. “You said that he’s a scholar before! Since when did a scholar become your servant?”

Other villagers, “????”

Qi Qingyao said as if nothing had happened, “A scholar can’t be a servant? The scholar owes me money! He’s working for me to pay off the debt.”

After saying that, she also cast his eyes on Jiang Yeqian.

Jiang Yeqian nodded lightly in order to avoid more trouble.

Madam Wu was speechless.