Chapter 49 - The First Crock of Gold

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Chapter 49: The First Crock of Gold 4

The village head watched the little lady weep, her eyes red and full of lament. It pained his heart, and he patted her hand sympathetically as he spoke to her soothingly. “Good child, we all know how much you’ve suffered throughout the years. It’s good that you’re no longer a fool. I will definitely find justice for you. I will no longer let Old Man Qi’s family bully you.”

The rest also felt emotional.

Thinking of the years of suffering this young lady of the Qi family had endured, they all chimed in one after the other.

“We will also fight for justice for you!”

“All these years, Old Man Qi’s family never treated the Eleventh Daughter as a daughter or even as a human. She often ate leftover rice and vegetables and was raised like a pig. When she bore children by accident, she received even worse treatment. We’ve witnessed it all.”

“Child, you used to be part of Old Man Qi’s family. We, as villagers, could not speak on your behalf then. After all, those were your family’s matters. That’s no longer the case now. They don’t want you. You don’t need to fear Old Man Qi’s family. All of us along with the village head will stand by your side.”

Qi Qingyao wiped her red eyes and said softly, “Thank you, villagers!”

Jiang Yeqian who had just returned with Madam Ma witnessed the scene.

What a terrifying woman.

Suddenly, a shallow sob came from behind him.

Jiang Yeqian turned around and saw that the young man, who Qi Qingyao had named Si Jin, was crying because he felt ‘touched’.

Jiang Yeqian stayed silent. This person was a fool!

Si Jin did not know that this woman was acting!

Sigh, yet another fool who was being tricked!

Madam Wu did not expect every villager to speak for Qi Qingyao. This struck her like a flash of lightning.

She was so angry she pointed at Qi QIngyao’s nose.

“Fine. You… you sly little b*tch. How dare you join forces with the village head and these people to deal with me!?”

Qi Qingyao smiled and spoke with her hands clasped together, “What are you saying, Madam? I’m merely asking for justice.”

The village head felt irritated looking at Madam Wu’s shameless expression.

He spoke with little concern in his voice toward her.

“You people from Old Man Qi’s family, if you don’t want to buy any pork, just hurry up and leave. Don’t bother those of us who want to buy it!”

The rest of the villagers shouted in agreement.

“You, all of you…” Madam Wu did not expect to be pointed at and shouted at by the villagers to leave. The anger in her chest grew increasingly unbearable.

Madam Guo knew that they would only be subject to more hatred from the villagers if they stayed any longer.

She quickly dragged her mother-in-law Madam Wu to leave.

The village head eventually saw that they had walked quite a distance away.

He became more relaxed.

“The uninvited guests have finally left. Everyone, line up properly. I’ll help with the weighing!”

The village head had initially wanted to drag Qi Qingyao along to weigh the meat with him. However, upon seeing the little lady’s fair and clear face, he said a little affectionately,” Little lady Qingyao, just stand by the side and collect money.”

“Thank you, village head, ” Qi Qingyao said as she gave him a sweet smile.

The village head picked up Qi Qingyao’s pork and naturally got to work. He happily weighed and distributed the meat. The village head watched Si Jin, who was standing by his side. As he watched the pretty young man carry out the deed of slaughtering the boar, he could not help but let out a sigh.

He smiled as he patted his shoulder.

He would first give his fellow villagers instructions.

“My fellow villagers, if you don’t have any money, quickly run home and bring some!”

After all, the villagers were all one village together. Upon hearing that a catty of pork was going for 1 Mace of silver, they were all inexplicably delighted. They excitedly raced home to get some money.

Qi Qingyao walked to Si Jin’s side and mouthed two words to him, ‘Thank you’.

Si Jin let out a wide smile and showed his set of pearly whites.

He also mouthed two words back, ‘Afternoon meal.’

Soon after, he cooperated well with the village head. He was in charge of cutting the meat while the village head was in charge of weighing!

Peering from behind the door were the three little children. Their heads tilted as they watched the scene, their eyes wide with uncertainty.