Chapter 52 - The First Crock of Gold 7

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Chapter 52: The First Crock of Gold 7

The older man was surprised to hear that he could exchange those things for a catty of meat, so he happily went home to get what she wanted.

Just like that, Qi Qingyao received herbs, rock sugar, soy sauce, and yellow to make braised pork for free. The man even gave her a few potatoes… making her grin from ear to ear.

After that, she told Jiang Yeqian it was time to start cooking!

Jiang Yeqian went back to starting the fire, while Si Jin went to get water. Qi Qingyao began washing the rice, while the three children sat on either side of Jiang Yeqian, warming themselves in front of the stove. The fire left all three of them flushed and absolutely adorable.

Jiang Yeqian gave the three toddlers next to him a sideways glance or two.

He felt rather complicated right now.

The children from the noble families he had seen in the capital city were constantly kicking and hitting their servants. They were bundles of terror, tearing down their houses and throwing monstrous tantrums.

The young princes and princesses in the palace were even more unreasonable.

As a result, Jiang Yeqian was not fond of children at all.

He never even gave it a thought before.

He was a young man who had never been married and used to hate children. Right this second, however, he suddenly thought these children were quite cute.

After Qi Qingyao soaked the rice, she began steaming it on the stove.

Soon, the fragrance of rice wafted from the pot at the back of the house.

The three children drooled openly.

“The rice smells so good.”

“No, it smells heavenly.”

“We can eat it soon, right?”

Qi Qingyao glanced at the triplets and burst out laughing. Meanwhile, she quickly dipped the meat she had cut up into the boiling water. After removing all the impurities from the pork, she poured away the water in the pot and began caramelizing the sugar…

By the time she started braising the meat, Qi Qingyao the eternal carnivore was starting to salivate as well.

Ever since she transmigrated here, she had only ever eaten plain dumplings and fish. Her mouth craved something more flavorful.

Once the meat was braised, the rice was long since cooked.

The three adults and the three children sat in front of the short table. The house was barely furnished at all, but the three toddlers suddenly felt warm and at ease.

Everyone gathered around the table, eating the braised meat. The children’s faces oozed satisfaction.

When Si Jin ate the meat, he looked somewhat confused. It seemed he still preferred rice.

Jiang Yeqian had eaten all sorts of delicacies in the capital, and he never thought of himself as a gourmet. After so many days of nothing but medicine and fish, however, he suddenly felt that the braised meat she made tasted even better than the food his chef used to cook.

Once they finished all the meat, Jiang Yeqian abruptly looked around him.

How could he think that a woman in this village out in the middle of nowhere could cook better than his chef back home? He must have been too hungry.

There was no way a fool like her could cook well!

Something must be wrong with his tastebuds.

In her past life as a spy, Qi Qingyao had once infiltrated the kitchens of a certain large hotel in Hangzhou. That was why her cooking skills were the real thing! After learning from a professional chef for half a year, she had picked up some techniques of her own.

Qi Qingyao watched Si Jin polish three bowls of rice and then said with a smile,

“After this meal, kiddo, it’s time we went our separate ways.”

Si Jin froze, abruptly putting down his rice bowl.

He looked at Qi Qingyao without a word.

Tears even appeared in his eyes.

Looking utterly pitiful, he asked,

“Can’t I stay? Please, pretty lady?”