Chapter 56 - Ten Taels 1

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Chapter 56: Ten Taels 1

“You only have one bed here. It’s freezing cold at night, so there’s no way he’s sleeping on the floor!” Madam Guo bombarded Qi Qingyao with accusations and then turned around to complain to Old Man Qi. “Dad, not only did she have children out of wedlock, she’s even hooking up with a random man in front of the children despite being a mother! She even tells outsiders that he’s her servant, hahahahaha! What a joke!”

Old Man Qi and the other men in the Qi family instinctively looked at Jiang Yeqian, and Old Man Qi barked, his expression dark, “What a shameless woman.”

Qi Yuanxiu spat on the ground. “The man is no better, where’s his shame? Who knows where he’s from, but here he is hooking up with a widow.”

Qi Yuanye said in a voice full of contempt, “What are you talking about, Brother? When two pieces of trash get together, of course they wouldn’t care about their shame. They’re stupidly undignified.”

Qi Qingyao was still all smiles despite their words, as though she was not angered in the slightest. As a result, Madam Wu grew even angrier.

“Look at her face! We’re right here, yet she can pretend she’s not hearing any of this at all!”

“Even babies know shame. There’s nothing you can do to someone so nakedly shameless,” Madam Guo added.

Madam Tian pulled her mother-in-law aside and said softly, “Mom, there are no cracks in her armor at all. We can’t do anything at this rate.”

Just as Madam Wu was about to nod, she glanced at her husband and then at Qi Qingyao.

An idea occurred to her.

“What do you mean there’s nothing we can do?” Madam Wu straightened up and stuck out her chest, looking down at Qi Qingyao. “Qi Qingyao, you broke off all relations with our family, right? In that case, you have no right to stay in our house.”

“Madam Wu, I moved out of your house ages ago.” Qi Qingyao’s drawl had a chilly edge to it.

“You moved?” Madam Wu was like a ferocious dog dying to take a bite out of Qi Qingyao. “Open your heartless eyes and look carefully. This hut belongs to us too!”

“…” Qi Qingyao raised her brows.

Madam Guo suddenly realized what her mother-in-law was talking about and jumped to her aid. She said viciously, “Your father and brothers worked together to build this hut, and the land belongs to our family too. If you don’t believe me, Yuancheng, go get the deed for the land and show this woman.”

Qi Yuancheng burst out laughing. It seemed like they were getting the pork and the money, after all.

Qi Qingyao frowned and looked around at the worn hut. Calmly, she said, “Since you claim this place is yours, madam, we’ll move out.”

“Sure, you can move.”

Madam Wu was not going to let this slide so easily, her voice vicious. “You can break off your relations with us too.”

With that, she pinched Old Man Qi’s thigh. While the old man yelled, she said quickly, “Qi Qingyao, you must first pay us back for everything we did while raising you all these years.”

“How much money do you want?” Any problem that could be solved with money was not a problem.

“Oh, not too much. Ten taels will do.” Madam Wu smiled, holding up ten fingers.

Everyone else in the family widened their eyes once they heard the figure she demanded.

How could she ask for such an enormous sum?!

There was no way the little fool had that much.

Hehe, so what if she did become smarter? There was no way she could escape their control.