Chapter 62 - Setting Up A Market Stall 3

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Chapter 62: Setting Up A Market Stall 3

Qi Yuanye recognized his older sister’s voice, so he opened the door.

The one outside was none other than the second child of the Qi family, Qi Qingzhu.

From the oldest to the youngest, Old Man Qi’s children were Qi Yuancheng, Qi Qingzhu, Qi Qingyao, Qi Yuanxiu, and Qi Yuanye.

The second child, Qi Qingzhu, married into another family ages ago. She married into the Sun family from the next town, Xingli Village. The Sun family used to have their own land, but their old father fell sick and needed money for his treatment. Her husband Sun Shuli sold their little bit of land for money, but they still could not save his father. After Old Man Sun died, Sun Shuli took what little money they had left and rented some land from the Zhou family in Guanli Town. Now, he was a sharecropper and their family finances were terrible. Qi Qingzhu was working for a larger family in Qingzhou City to earn what she could for the family.

This time, she was back to visit because her masters had given her some time off. After she dropped by to see her son and daughter, she thought she might as well visit her maiden family too.

Madam Wu heard her daughter’s voice and walked out of the hall. When she saw Qi Qingzhu, she looked overjoyed. “My, my, my daughter’s back.”

“You sure are back right in time, lil sis.” Qi Yuancheng shrugged, his tone somewhat cynical.

His wife Madam Guo wore a smile that did not reach her eyes as well.

The fourth and fifth son’s wives did not look particularly pleased either.

All of them were thinking that their sister-in-law showed up today of all days, just when they were about to split the ten taels. What a coincidence, eh?!

“??” Qi Qingzhu could not understand why her brothers’ wives were all looking at her like that. It was slightly annoying.

She was only here to see her mother as usual. Why were her sisters-in-law turning up their noses at her?

Did she offend them in some way?

Only her mother was ecstatic to see her. In fact, the woman looked a little full of herself… Qi Qingzhu could not hold back her curiosity, so she asked,

“Why do you look so happy? Did something good happen?”

“Oh, yes! Definitely!” Madam Wu was all smiles.

She pointed at the ten strings of coins on the tea tray.

Qi Qingzhu followed her gaze and froze. She blinked, her mind completely blank. She had no idea how to react.

Madam Guo shoved her husband hard, and Qi Yuancheng hastily cleared his throat.

“Qingzhu, you married away from the family, so of course you don’t get a share of this money.”

Qi Qingzhu had to know what had happened.

Madam Wu took her hand and told her about everything that had happened. Of course, she selectively failed to mention the part where Old Man Qi threw Qi Qingyao out to fend for herself.

Madam Wu thought that Qi Qingzhu would be happy for the family after she heard the whole story. After all, they had gotten the money and rid themselves of those burdens. It was nothing but good news.

However, Qi Qingzhu’s expression turned solemn and she said,

“Mom, there’s something I have to tell you alone.”

“Why can’t you tell me in front of your brothers?” Madam Wu was in a hurry to split up the money. She did not want to leave the ten strings of coins!”

“I want to talk to you about Lil Sister, Mom,” Qi Qingzhu said, emphasizing her words.

Madam Wu had no choice but to turn to the others. “The rest of you, wait here for now. I’ll go inside and talk to Qingzhu for a while.”