Chapter 87 - Returning Home Rich and Proud 4

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Chapter 87: Returning Home Rich and Proud 4

When Ma Sanye returned to his senses, he hurriedly asked the neighborhood representatives to summon all the people who had loaned her money back then.

Soon, many villagers gathered at Ma Sanye’s door. Some of them were those who had lent her money while others had just tagged along to get in on what was happening.

The entrance to Ma Sanye’s home became very lively all of a sudden.

After everyone had received their money from Ma Sanye, a few of the neighbors were assigned to scoop and distribute the rice…

One person piped up curiously, “Eleventh Daughter, where did you run off to these few days? We haven’t seen you around at all.”

Qi Qingyao smiled mysteriously. “I spent this time making money, of course.”

“What kind of business did you do to be able to earn 20 taels? You even managed to give us two hundred catties of rice. You’d also bought yourself such beautiful clothes, even some gold bracelets~”

“I just did some heroic work.”

As in, saving people?

After receiving money and distributing rice, everyone returned home in a happy mood. When Old Man Yang’s wife walked past the Qi family home, she spotted Madam Wu sitting in the central hall sewing the soles of some shoes and deliberately yelled out to her.

“Your family’s Eleventh Daughter has come home.”

Madam Wu was stunned. She put down the shoe soles and walked out. Scratching her head, she said, “Qi Qingyao? Didn’t she take off?”

“She really came home. She’s at Ma Sanye’s home now distributing rice to everyone,” Old Man Yang’s wife said with a smile.

“Rice? What rice?” Madam Wu was confused.

“When she returned, not only had she earned money, but she also brought back two hundred catties of rice and said it was to be distributed to all the villagers.” Old Man Yang’s wife pointed at the sack of rice in her arms.

Madam Wu asked, “Did everyone get a share?”

Old Man Yang’s wife proudly responded, “I think only those who lent her money back then…got a share of the rice.”

After saying this, she hugged the rice sack and went back home. She even told Madam Wu that she would be preparing steamed rice in the afternoon.

Madam Wu went back into the house, half-convinced and half in disbelief. She relayed the news to her daughter-in-law, Madam Guo, who was preparing lunch. Dumbfounded, the two of them went to Ma Sanye’s home. Eventually, they confirmed with their own eyes that there was a carriage there and that many people were there collecting rice.

The crowd noticed Madam Wu and Madam Guo coming over. Some of them were even laughing at Madam Wu and making fun of her.

“Madam Wu, the little fool that your family did not want has gotten rich now. She not only made money for herself but also had some to spare and bought everyone rice. What a thoughtful child!”

Madam Wu heard this and was confused.

Qi Qingyao made money?

She only had two strings of mace in her hand at that time. Even if she sold half of that pig, she still would not have much in her hands. How could she possibly give everyone back their money? What a joke!

The people who had completed their part of the rice distribution did not seem to have any intention of greeting Madam Wu.

Some who had gotten their rice did not rush to go home, however. Instead, they went into the central hall of Ma Sanye’s home and began chatting with Qi Qingyao.

Madam Wu was infuriated.

So, she went along with the crowd into the house.

In just one glance, she saw the luxuriously dressed young woman sitting in the main seat of the central hall. There was plenty of sparkling jewelry hanging off her body that blinded Madam Wu a little. For a moment, she could not recognize the woman.

That was, until she noticed the three kids.

It was only then that Madam Wu recognized this young woman with a noble demeanor and elegant countenance to actually be the hopeless fool of a child that their family did not want…

Ma Sanye and the others were chatting with Qi Qingyao merrily, listening to her account of what she had seen these past few days.

Suddenly, someone noticed the person standing at the door and voiced out with displeasure.

“Madam Wu, what brings you here? You don’t have the right to take the rice.”

These words were especially grating on Madam Wu’s ears.