Chapter 89 - Returning Home Rich and Proud 6

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Madam Wu sucked in a breath and glared at Qi Qingyao whose expression was haughty. Putting on a proud facade, she said, “Our family currently has ten strings of mace, so what need is there for me to be jealous of you? Don’t flatter yourself. ”

Ma Sanye did not want Qi Qingyao to be involved with Madam Wu again and so he actively tried to mediate the situation, “Qingyao, there’s no need for you to lower yourself to her level.”

Qi Qingyao smiled and replied, “Ma Sanye, I wouldn’t dream of getting involved with a madwoman.”

She looked at Madam Wu with a calm gaze as she said this.

Madam Wu sensed the gaze the young woman had on her. It was calm and without a trace of hostility, as if no matter how much she made a fuss, she still would not be able to spark any anger in her.

To be more precise, the gaze the young woman was giving her was as if she were looking at an ant.

This frustrated Madam Wu.

She was just a simpleton.

How could she look at people like that?

This both surprised and annoyed Madam Wu.

Ma Sanye was too weary to deal with Madam Wu, so he just asked QIngyao, “Are you still going to leave the village? Or will you be staying?”

Ma Sanye continued without even waiting for Qi Qingyao to answer, “You’re one of us in this village, your three kids as well. You just need to say the word and we can help you apply for a piece of land. Everyone in the village would help you build a house.”

“There’s no need to rush this matter.”

Qi Qingyao still had not made up her mind about this. She now had a lot of money on her hands but was still contemplating on whether she should head to Capital City to travel immediately or remain in the village and be the wealthy woman in a rural village…

However, based on modern-day logic, a person should buy the most expensive house on the second ring road of Beijing the moment they had money!

That would be a house in the school district.

With the same logic, she should go to Capital City to travel and, at the same time, buy a house. In two years, the three little ones would be all grown up and could immediately enroll in schools and colleges in Capital City for their studies.

The education environment in Capital City was definitely better than in the village.

Looking at the village and these people, the majority of them were illiterate and could not recognize a single word. For those who were barely literate, they could recognize only a few words but still did not know how to write them…

The original host was born in a poor environment, she could not allow the children to suffer!

However, entering Capital City was not something she could just decide on right away. Firstly, whether or not Si Jin would tag along was a huge question. Whether or not Jiang Bai would follow was also a huge problem.

That was why Qi Qingyao did not feel too rushed about this matter.

When Madam Wu overheard Ma Sanye and Qi Qingyao discussing building a house, an unknown fire surged straight to the top of her head. She snorted sarcastically.

“You really think you’re a rich person. huh. What are you being so arrogant for?”

Ma Sanye finally could not stand it any longer. He stood up and made an imploring gesture, “Wu Yulian, we do not welcome you here. If there isn’t anything else, please get lost and go back home.”

“Hmph, as if anyone appreciates talking to a fox.”

Madam Wu did not dare to directly speak against Ma Sanye, so she pretended to be speaking to Qi Qingyao. After saying that, she faced Madam Guo and motioned for them to take their leave.

The mother and daughter-in-law duo promptly left.

When the two of them were on their way back, no one spoke a word. Immediately after they entered their house, Old Man Qi asked her if something was wrong. Madam Wu did not feel like talking about it so Madam Guo told him about what had happened at the village head’s door. Old Man Qi’s expression sank and he did not say anything for a while. In the end, he never said anything.

He had no right to judge her since they had already broken ties with Qi Qingyao.

Madam Wu was so angry, she muttered darkly, “She definitely became someone’s concubine. I wouldn’t want a daughter like that even if they were given to me for free!”

A few of her nieces and nephews had returned from playing at the foot of the mountain when they saw their grandmother’s angry behavior. They hardly dared breathe in the atmosphere, let alone say anything.

Madam Guo laughed dryly, not daring to speak on her behalf. She went and brewed a pot of tea for everyone before leading her son and daughter back to their house.

After returning home and sitting on the bed-stove, Madam Guo thought back on everything that had happened at Ma Sanye’s house just now.

Could the Eleventh Daughter really have become some landlord’s concubine?

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And she was now living life as a rich married woman?

If that was the case, Madam Guo felt quite envious.