Chapter 98 - : A Deal 1

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After Ma Sanye and Qi Qingyao sent Li Qing’s carriage off, everyone looked at Qi Qingyao with admiration in their eyes. Qi Qingyao knew the Divine Physician Su Hexiao personally and had successfully treated Heir Pei! She really lucked out!

As Ma Sanye walked back to the house together with Qi Qingyao, everyone could only look at Qi Qingyao’s retreating back with envy.

They started exchanging gossip on the topic.

“Eleventh Daughter is amazing.” They were totally awestruck.

“Don’t call her Eleventh Daughter anymore. She’s no longer a daughter of the Qi family. She has her own name. She’s Qi Qingyao,” someone retorted.

“Hahaha, yes! Her name’s Qi Qingyao.”

“She’s a miraculous woman.” Her experiences were unbelievable.

“It’s almost as if she’s favored by Heaven above.”

“That’s one way to say it. After breaking off relations with Old Qi’s family, not only did she come to her senses, but she’s also become more intelligent. Now she’s even acquainted with the Heir.”

Another replied, “No. It should be the other way around. Old Qi kicked her out of the family, claiming that she no longer was a fool, because he didn’t want to take care of her and her three children anymore.”

Everyone thought about it and realized that this series of events seemed to be plausible. Old Yang did not agree with that though, saying, “It looks like that on the surface, but I think her mind recovered first. It feels like she intentionally set a trap for the Qi family and had the Qi family break off all relations with her first. Look, now she’s wealthy and has a bright future ahead, and Old Qi won’t get to enjoy any part of it! This is so damn hilarious every time I think about it.”

Old Yang’s insight was unheard of, startling everyone.

“No matter what, it was Old Qi who broke off relations with his daughter first. They really reaped what they sowed.”

That sounded right too.

Everyone agreed that the Qi family was at fault.

Then they clamored, “Say, how did she suddenly become so awesome? She’s acquainted with the Heir!”

“It’s not her that’s awesome, it’s her good luck! She was first friends with a scholar. Then there was that pretty young man. Next it was Su Hexiao and saving the Heir… Now she’s rich!” Old Yang exclaimed.

Old Yang’s wife muttered, “She’s been through a lot in the past nineteen years. Now everything’s finally turning around. All of it is her good fortune.”

A second later, someone asked, “By the way, is that Su Hexiao all of you spoke of really that powerful?”

Some of the villagers, those who had never left the village before, had not heard of this name before.

“She’s one of the rumored Three Famous Physicians in Beiliang. She’s ranked fourth in the whole continent. Everyone calls her the Mysterious Divine Physician. How can she not be powerful?”

“My uncle’s aunt lives in Qingzhou City and has heard some of the stories, but she’s never heard stories about her saving lives.”

“She’s probably most famous for saving the young Emperor ten years ago, before the Emperor ascended the throne.”

“How old is she now then?”

“This… I don’t know the answer to this. Didn’t Qi Qingyao meet her before? Ask her.”

“I’d rather not. The Divine Physician is so mysterious. Qi Qingyao probably won’t tell me how old she is.”

The women had no plans to head to the village chief’s house. They were in the middle of cooking and were about to call their husbands back home for lunch.

Madam Liang was Qi Yuanxiu’s wife. After listening to the gossip along with several other women, she rushed to her parents-in-law’s home. They lived with her eldest brother-in-law and his wife. After entering the house, she saw her mother-in-law Madam Wu, who was alone in the hall, sewing the soles of a pair of shoes. She rushed over and started to say…