Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Eldest Miss Yan

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Yan Jinyu flicked a glance at her, and the servant’s heart missed a beat. She suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

At that moment, she felt like she had just passed by the gates of hell.

W-was it an illusion?

When he looked up again, the girl already continued to eat. There wasn’t a trace of frightening presence on her. So, was it really his illusion just now?

It must be his imagination!

After teaching them a lesson, the servant did not dare to disrespect Yan Jinyu again. “T-this breakfast was prepared according to Second Missy’s preferences. If Eldest Missy wants to eat anything, I can ask the kitchen to prepare it.”

“Since this is Yun’er’s breakfast, why did you put it in my seat?” The two seats closest to the main seat belonged to Fu Ya, the wife of the head of the household, and the eldest daughter of the Yan family.

The servant obviously realized it too after hearing her words.

She was the actual eldest daughter of the Yan family. This was her position.

Yan Jinyu ignored her and looked at Fu Ya and Yan Qingyu who were looking at her thoughtfully. She smiled. “Dad, as the eldest daughter of the Yan family, this is my position, right?”

That was right. It was just that for so many years, Yan Jinyun had always been the one sitting there. Everyone was used to it and naturally felt that this was her seat. They also felt that Yan Jinyu, who grew up in the countryside, had no right to suppress Yan Jinyun in the Yan family.

Yan Qingyu didn’t say anything and merely stared at her.

Yan Jinyu didn’t probe further either. She turned her gaze towards Fu Ya, who was standing there. Fu Ya wanted to get angry but had no choice and had to rein her anger in as she thought of something. Yan Jinyu smiled lightly. “Mom, this is my seat, right?”

“Although I still have my childhood memories, I was still young at that time. With my grandparents around, the seating arrangement at home then wasn’t like this either. I wasn’t sure how to sit according to the rules, but there was one thing I knew. As the eldest daughter of the Yan family and the second daughter of the Yan family, Yun’er, her position shouldn’t be above mine. I wonder if I’m right?”

“You’ve already eaten. Don’t tell me you’re going to let Yun’er eat what’s left behind!” After scolding, Fu Ya looked at the servant unkindly. “Get the kitchen to make another serving for Yun’er!”

The servant who was scolded by Fu Ya hurriedly lowered her head. “…Yes, Madam.”

It seemed that although Eldest Young Mistress wasn’t favored, she wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Look, the Eldest Young Mistress was already so arrogant, but Madam still held back her anger.

It was obvious that before the eldest Miss Yan returned to the Yan family, Madam and Sir didn’t have such an attitude towards her. It seemed like they had become wary after Master Nine sent her back to the Yan Family personally yesterday.

The Eldest Young Mistress was also lucky to have caught that man’s eye.

Fu Ya sat down angrily opposite Yan Jinyu. She even glared at Yan Jinyu, causing Yan Jinyu, who was eating, to narrow her eyes. Indeed, she didn’t want to tolerate it any longer!

Her smiling yet strange eyes met Fu Ya’s eyes and Fu Ya was stunned.

She couldn’t even hold her fork properly and it fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Yan Qingyu frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Fu Ya was shocked. When she looked up again, the person opposite her had already lowered her head and continued eating, as if she had just been imagining things.


How could a girl who grew up in the countryside have such frightening eyes?

It must be an illusion!

However, for some reason, she did not dare to make trouble for her again. What was going on!

Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya had been husband and wife for many years, so he knew Fu Ya’s temper very well. Although he had told the mother and daughter about his plans in the study room last night and warned them not to do anything for the time being, given Fu Ya’s temper, she would definitely not be able to stay calm.

But now, she actually didn’t seek trouble with their elder daughter anymore. Instead, she quietly began to eat her breakfast. No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem like what she said about “nothing.”

It was just that since Yan Qingyu could not figure out why she was like this, he did not bother to think too much about it.

No matter what, she was still her biological daughter. Perhaps after a night of peace, she could not bear to speak ill of her elder daughter.

“Since there’s nothing else, let’s enjoy our good breakfast.”

Looking at Yan Jinyu, he said, “After you return to the Yan Family, you can’t do what you did in the past anymore. As the eldest daughter of the Yan family, you represent the Yan Family in the outside world. Don’t disgrace the Yan Family. Yun’er has been outstanding since she was young. She is the most outstanding child among the children of the major families in North City. You have to learn more from her in the future.”

“Also, ask your mother to find a few teachers for you and teach you some basic things. Yun’er’s coming-of-age ceremony will be in two months. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of the guests.”

Learning from Yan Jinyun?

Yan Jinyu sneered inwardly. She didn’t think that there was anything that Yan Jinyun could do and she couldn’t.

Furthermore, Yan Jinyun’s coming-of-age ceremony?

If she remembered correctly, Yan Jinyun and her were twins. Wasn’t Yan Jinyun’s coming-of-age ceremony her coming-of-age ceremony too?

Although she didn’t care about these things, she still felt unhappy that she was completely ignored.

“Even if I invite the best teachers, what can she learn? I’m afraid she might not even be able to understand what the teacher said! It’s better that we don’t invite the teachers over and let others know that our Yan Family has such a lousy daughter. It will be a disgrace to the Yan Family!” Fu Ya was very unhappy that Yan Qingyu suggested that she find a teacher to teach Yan Jinyu.

What was there to teach? She was someone who had dropped out of school in the countryside. It was already good enough that she could read an article well.

Besides, keeping her at the Yan Family and being nice to her was to pave the way for Yun’er. If she really became outstanding, what could Yun’er stand to gain?

She wouldn’t have allowed her to eat at the dining table today if they hadn’t wanted Yun’er to leave a good impression in front of Master Nine!

Although Fu Ya said that, she didn’t dare to glare at Yan Jinyu again. Or rather, she didn’t dare to look directly into Yan Jinyu’s eyes. Even she couldn’t explain it herself.

Yan Qingyu frowned when he heard that.

Indeed, if the Yan Family wanted to invite a teacher to their house, they would have to invite a teacher with some reputation. Otherwise, it would not look good on the Yan Family if word got out.

However, if they were to invite those reputable teachers to the Yan Family and let them know that the eldest daughter of the Yan Family was someone who couldn’t learn anything well, he would be disgraced.

However, he never thought that if he didn’t invite the teachers over to teach her, how could he be sure that Yan Jinyu wouldn’t be able to learn anything? Any parents who cared about their child’s welfare wouldn’t consider whether their child would be able to learn everything the teacher taught before inviting the teacher over. Instead, they would think that if they didn’t invite the teacher over, the child wouldn’t know anything.

Thus, it was obvious that neither Fu Ya nor Yan Qingyu treated Yan Jinyu as their child.

It was fortunate that she was Yan Jinyu. If it was any other young lady who was treated like this by her biological parents after she was missing for 16 years, how sad she would feel.

Yan Jinyu finished the fried egg on the plate and calmly put down her fork. She raised the glass of warm milk and took a sip. She elegantly took two napkins to wipe her mouth before slowly looking up at them.

“There’s no need to invite the teacher. Brother Nine personally brought me back and sent me to the Yan family. I’m sure that after one night, everyone in North City should already know that the Yan Family’s eldest Miss Yan, who had been missing for many years, has been found. Of course, they should also know where I lived in the past and what kind of life I lead. I don’t think I can hide it from those people. Since that’s the case, why bother putting on an act?”