Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: The Elders’ Relics

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Only when Yan Xin took out a wooden box from behind the painting did Yan Jinyu realize that there was a secret compartment there.

She dared to say that her parents definitely did not know about the secret compartment in this room. Otherwise, this wooden box would have long been plundered by them.

In this house, other than the large items that Yan Xin had moved out to bask in the sun, there were no other valuable items.

It was obvious who had taken them.

The items that were left in the old residence were probably kept by people who tried their best to stop them from being plundered.

Yan Xin’s next words confirmed Yan Jinyu’s guess. As he placed the wooden box on the table beside Yan Jinyu’s hand, he said, “When Madam left, she told me to take good care of this box and not let your parents know about it. You don’t know about that, but after Madam left that year, if Missy hadn’t rushed back, everything in the old mansion would have been emptied.”

The “Missy” that he was referring to was Yan Qingyu’s younger sister, Yan Jinyu’s aunt, Yan Ruyu. She went overseas to study after graduating from high school. After graduating from her doctorate, she stayed in her school to teach. Her husband was also a professor in that university. Just like that, she settled down overseas and rarely returned home.

After Old Madam Yan’s funeral, she never came back again.

Fu Ya was very afraid of her sister-in-law. After she was taught a lesson that time, she didn’t dare to touch anything in the old residence. If not, Yan Jinyu wouldn’t be able to see anything valuable when she stepped into the Yan family’s old residence today.

“Sigh, Old Master and Madam have been wise all their lives, but the son they raised was a good-for-nothing. He even married such a woman…” At this point, Yan Xin suddenly paused, remembering that this woman was also Yan Jinyu’s biological mother.

“Let’s not talk about these matters. I’ll pass the things that Master and Madam left behind to you first.”

He took out the key and opened the wooden box. There was a document and a few precious accessories inside. Yan Jinyu didn’t know what the document was, but she could still tell that even the least valuable pair of earrings cost at least 10 million dollars.

Two pairs of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a simple hairpin. All of these things added up to at least 200 million dollars.

“Take it first. I will give you the contact number of a lawyer. Go find him after you turn 18 years old and have signed this document. He will settle the rest of the matters. You don’t have to worry about anything. With these shares, as long as Yan Corporation doesn’t go bankrupt, you will be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life.”

That was even excluding those expensive jewelry.

Her heart suddenly felt heavy.

She was actually very lazy. Most of the time, as long as she didn’t have to use her brain, she would try her best not to use it. Today, she had thought much more than usual since she stepped into the old residence until the time she finished offering incense to her grandparents. She was even a little tired.

And now, these things appeared…

She narrowed her eyes slightly. “Did Grandfather and Grandmother say that if I never returned to the Yan family, how would you deal with these things?”

Yan Xin was afraid of scaring her, so he didn’t tell her what these things meant. He only said that having these shares would ensure that she would never have to worry about her survival for the rest of her life. However, even if it was just this, to a young lady like her who might have suffered for the past 16 years, it was still something extraordinary. But her…

Her expression did not have any changes at all, as if she did not care about these things.

Yan Xin was confused again.

“I’ll keep an eye on them until Miss Yu comes back. If Miss Yu doesn’t come back before I die, these things will be transferred to Missy.”

“In that case, I’ll just take this hairpin as a remembrance. Leave the rest to Auntie.” With that, she took out the box containing the hairpin and stood up.

It took Yan Xin a while to realize what she meant. “No! This is what Old Master and Madam left for you. It should be yours! Besides, even if I give these things to Missy, she might not accept them either.”

“It’s her business whether Auntie accepts it or not. Grandpa Xin just has to leave it to her. Grandpa Xin should be able to contact Auntie.”

Of course, he could contact her, but…

“Miss Yu, perhaps you’re still young and don’t know the value of these things. With these things, even if Young Master and Young Madam don’t care about you, you’ll never have to worry for the rest of your life. How about this? If you don’t want to take them now, I’ll help you look at them for a while longer. When you’re 18 years old, I’ll hand them over to you…”

“There’s no need to.” Yan Jinyu closed the box containing the hairpin and held it in her palm. “I know the value of these things, but I don’t need them. If Grandfather Xin doesn’t want to give them to Aunt, then just keep them in the secret compartment.”

“This…” Her determined attitude made him feel that she really knew the value of these things.

The hands that were full of calluses were proof that she had suffered a lot. She shouldn’t have such knowledge.

“Grandpa Xin, just take it that I don’t want to have anything to do with the Yan Corporation.”

Yan Xin was silent for a moment, “…Okay. If Miss Yu doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Yan Corporation, you don’t have to take these shares. But, Madam left these jewelry for you. It has nothing to do with the Yan Corporation. You have to accept them.”

Yan Jinyu looked at the few pieces of jewelry placed in the wooden box. “No, I’ll pass them all to Auntie.” They were too heavy, and she didn’t like them. If it was meant for remembrance, a hairpin was enough.

“I’ll make a move first. I’ll visit Grandfather Xin again when I have the time.” She then turned and left. She did not stop no matter how Yan Xin called her.

After a long time, Yan Xin sighed heavily.

He was now certain that Miss Yu was not as simple as he thought. He really could not understand her at all.

Let’s leave it at that for now. Missy would definitely come back to take a look after she knew that Miss Yu had already returned to the Yan family. He would get Missy to persuade her then.