Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Am I Hypocritical

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Yan Jinyu narrowed her eyes and smiled. “If I were you, I wouldn’t ask anything. I would just pretend that I didn’t see what happened just now.”

“Alright, I won’t ask anything. I’ll pretend that I didn’t see what happened today and won’t tell anyone!”

Yan Jinyu smiled and returned to her innocent and harmless look. “Get in. I don’t have the habit of being someone’s chauffeur. You can sit in the front passenger seat.”

“Didn’t you say that you don’t know how to drive?”

Yan Jinyu looked at her and smiled in silence.

Yan Jinyun was speechless.

That’s right. Yan Jinyu was able to disarm nine men in less than a minute so it didn’t seem strange that she could drive.

Yan Jinyun got herself up and then realized that her legs were weak and her hands were trembling.

She was really frightened just now. At first, she was frightened by those hooligans, but later, she was frightened by Yan Jinyu’s skills and ruthlessness.

She had a lot of questions about Yan Jinyu, but she knew that she couldn’t get any answers even if she asked.

Yan Jinyun sat in the front passenger seat and buckled her seatbelt. She looked at Yan Jinyu, who had also buckled her seatbelt and was about to start the car. Yan Jinyun gripped her seatbelt tightly and bit her lip, “I’m sorry.”

Her voice was very faint.

However, Yan Jinyu heard it.

Her hand that was holding the steering wheel, paused and she didn’t say anything. Yan Jinyun wasn’t sure if she had heard her. However, she had always been arrogant and disliked Yan Jinyu very much, so it was already her limit to apologize.

She did not have the courage to repeat it again.

“Will you be in trouble if you let those people leave just like that? I don’t know why you have such good skills, and I won’t ask too much either. I just want to remind you that if today’s matter gets out, your days in North City will definitely not be peaceful.”

Yan Jinyun was not stupid. With Yan Jinyu’s skills, she knew that she could not simply find a master to teach her such martial arts since she was young. When the dagger landed on those people’s shoulders, Yan Jinyu did not even blink. She even had a cold and bloodthirsty smile on his face.

This was definitely not the first time Yan Jinyu had done such a thing. Furthermore, she might have really killed someone before!

The car started and slowly drove forward.

Yan Jinyu turned to look at her. The smile on her face was hard for Yan Jinyun to read. She smiled and said, “Not long ago, you wanted to harm me. Now, you’re concerned about me?”

Yan Jinyun didn’t know how to respond to her, but Yan Jinyu didn’t wait for her reply. She looked away and focused on driving, “Should we still go to the Empire Mall?”

Yan Jinyun looked up but she could only see the side of her face. She couldn’t see her expression, but for some reason, it felt as though something was pressing on her heart . She felt so stifled that she was flustered, “I don’t want to go to the mall. Let’s find a quiet shop to sit for a while.”

How could she still be in the mood to shop?

Speaking of which, she wasn’t in the mood to shop today. The reason why she suggested going to Empire Mall was to plot against Yan Jinyu on the way.

She didn’t feel anything before, but she regretted it now that she thought about it.

She didn’t know if it was because she had almost provoked Yan Jinyu or because she suddenly felt guilty.

“I’m not familiar with North City. Give me the directions.”

“There’s a cold drink shop ten minutes after you exit the alley.” After pausing for a while, Yan Jinyun said worriedly, “Are you really not worried? Those people don’t seem to be righteous at all. What if they can’t take it and accuse you? You’ve been staying at home for this period of time, so you don’t know how much attention you held in North City. Many people are asking about the Eldest Missy that the Yan family just found. At this time, as long as it’s something related to you, no matter if it’s good or bad, it will be magnified by others. Anyway…”

Before she could finish speaking, she met Yan Jinyu’s gaze that seemed to be smiling. Then, she suddenly stopped talking.

“Forget it. This is your problem. If you’re not worried, why should I care?”

Yan Jinyu’s gaze paused on her face for a second before she retracted it, “They wouldn’t dare.”

“What do you mean they wouldn’t dare? Those are desperadoes. What can they not do?” Yan Jinyun paused again. She felt that she was being a busybody.

But she couldn’t help it. She didn’t know what had gotten into her.

“Good. Even if they won’t talk nonsense. How about the driver? He saw you strike. If he tells Mom and Dad about this, you—”

Her parents didn’t like Yan Jinyu. She knew that very well. She had no right to say anything about this because she didn’t like Yan Jinyu either. She even hated her so much that she wanted to ruin her.

But if she put herself in Yan Jinyu’s shoes and thought about it. What would she do if she was Yan Jinyu, who was abandoned by her parents when she was young, and then returned to the Yan family after so many years? Would she be as indifferent as Yan Jinyu?

No, she couldn’t.

Yan Jinyu was actually very pitiful as even her twin sister had schemed against her.

Clenching her fists tightly on her knees, she lowered her eyes, “If Father and Mother knew that you had such capabilities, they would be afraid of you.” In a family like theirs, there was only one outcome for children who were not adored but feared by their parents, and that was to be eliminated.

Yan Jinyu looked at her, “They will be afraid of me. What about you?”

Yan Jinyun looked into her eyes and pursed her lips. “I… I’m naturally afraid of you too.” It was just that her fear of her was different from her parents’ fear of her. She felt that she was a ruthless person. However, after she finally made up her mind to deal with Yan Jinyu with much difficulty, she still went back on her plans midway.

Her parents were not like her. If her parents were the ones who did this instead of her, there was no way they would go back on their plans.

“I’m wary of you, but I’m not afraid of you. Because, I don’t owe you anything.” Her parents were different. They owed Yan Jinyu a lot. The reason she could face Yan Jinyu so confidently was because she didn’t owe Yan Jinyu anything.

They were twins. Whether it was her parents who favored her or her parents chose to save her instead of Yan Jinyu when they were kidnapped back then, it was not her fault. She was only two years old back then. What could she know?

She also didn’t think much when her grandparents passed away and her parents stopped spending money to look for Yan Jinyu. This was because she didn’t have many memories of Yan Jinyu. Her only impression was that her grandparents favored Yan Jinyu. She didn’t have any feelings for Yan Jinyu.

To her, Yan Jinyu was a stranger whom she only knew about her name.

As the heir of the Yan Family, she was never taught to feel pity for strangers in her education.

To her, Yan Jinyu was a stranger whom she only knew about her name, so how did she react when she found out that Yan Jinyu had been found?

Other than being a little surprised, there were no other emotions.

Yan Jinyu was still a stranger to her.

After that, no matter whether it was her parents, classmates, or friends, everyone kept mentioning the words “Yan Jinyu” to her ears. In addition, after seeing Yan Jinyu’s experiences in her father’s study all these years, Yan Jinyu finally had some weight in her heart.

She didn’t like Yan Jinyu and she didn’t exactly know why.

Was it because Yan Jinyu was the one who was engaged to Master Nine, and after Yan Jinyu came back, her chances of marrying into the Yin Family became even slimmer? Or was it because her friends said that Yan Jinyu might fight with her for the inheritance rights and her parents’ attention when she came back? Or was it because she saw the document in her father’s study room and knew what Yan Jinyu had been living all these years?

It wasn’t her fault that Yan Jinyu suffered outside and she didn’t have any feelings for Yan Jinyu either. Why should she feel guilty when she saw Yan Jinyu suffer so much?

Besides, Yan Jinyu’s return had indeed obstructed her path. It was a path that her mother had mentioned to her ever since she had her memories—marrying into the Yin Family.

To this day, it didn’t matter whether her mother wanted her to take this path or if she wanted to take it herself. She had already sacrificed too much for this and didn’t want to get nothing in the end.

Hence, she thought of completely destroying Yan Jinyu and ending this threat, when she made her feel threatened.

Yan Jinyu looked at her deeply and said, “From that angle earlier, the driver couldn’t see that I was the one who did it.”

“…” Yan Jinyun really didn’t expect that.

Yan Jinyu was really an unfathomable person. She even took this into consideration under such circumstances.

Without saying another word, she pushed the chair back and reached for her handbag before pulling the seat back. Then, she took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Yeah, we’re almost there.”

Yan Jinyun didn’t know what was said on the other end of the phone, but she was a little unhappy. “Mom, can’t you stop lecturing me?” After saying that, she glanced at Yan Jinyu.

Yan Jinyu looked straight ahead and focused on driving, as though she didn’t notice her call.

Yan Jinyun couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I shouldn’t have spoken so loudly, but don’t say those things again.”

“No reason.”

“Yes, I did call you for something.”

As she stole a glance at Yan Jinyu, she said, “The driver found out that I got someone to harm Sister on the road. Someone will send the driver back to the Yan Family later. Take a sum of money and send him out of North City. Otherwise, my reputation will be ruined when he spreads this news.”

“Mom, you… Yan Jinyu is fine! We met someone on the road who helped us! Mom, don’t forget to take care of the driver. If not, the top socialite that you spent so much effort to nurture will lose her reputation.”

“That’s how I’ve always talked. Did Mom just realize it today? Alright, that’s it. I’ll hang up now. I’ll get someone to drive the car home later. There’s no need to specially call someone over. I still have to attend my classmate’s birthday party. I’ll go home later.”

After saying that, she hung up without caring if the other party had anything to say.

Even though she knew that Yan Jinyu couldn’t hear what her mother said, she still didn’t dare to look at Yan Jinyu.

When she said that she wanted to find someone to harm Yan Jinyu, her mother’s first reaction was not to blame her or care about Yan Jinyu’s safety. Instead, she asked her if Yan Jinyu was ruined.

No matter how unpleasant Yan Jinyu was, she was still the daughter of the Yan Family. She was her mother’s biological daughter. How could her mother…

Yes, she wasn’t a good person either. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have schemed against Yan Jinyu. She didn’t like Yan Jinyu either, but no matter how bad she was or how much she disliked Yan Jinyu, she couldn’t be as ruthless as her mother.

Yan Jinyu was really pitiful. She was abandoned when she was young. It was not easy for her to go through so much hardship and grow up to return to the Yan Family, but she still had to face the cold-bloodedness and scheming of her close relatives.

If she was Yan Jinyu, she would definitely hate her family.

However, Yan Jinyu did not seem to hate them.

If she had been schemed against by Yan Jinyu, she wouldn’t have allowed the person who schemed against her to live and leave. She would have even rushed over to step on her ruthlessly.

But what about Yan Jinyu?

Yan Jinyu subdued those people, but she didn’t take issue with her. In fact, she was still sitting in the front passenger seat while Yan Jinyu was driving.

Was Yan Jinyu being magnanimous?

No. Rather than saying that she was magnanimous, it would be more accurate to say that Yan Jinyu did not take her seriously. There was no resentment or hatred. What did that mean? It meant that she did not hold any weight in Yan Jinyu’s heart.

In other words, Yan Jinyu didn’t treat her as family.

This was clearly what she had hoped for, because she did not treat Yan Jinyu as her elder sister either. However, why did her heart feel like it was pressed on by something after thinking this through?

Instead of putting the phone into her bag, she clenched her fists tightly and lowered her head, “Do you think I’m very hypocritical?”