Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: A Straight Man’s Aesthetic

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It was silver and looked like a bracelet or a watch. There was indeed a small round screen that looked like an electronic watch on it. It also showed the current time.

Yin Jiujin asked this because he wanted to change the topic. Secondly, he had indeed never seen such a watch before and was rarely really curious.

Yan Jinyu, who was holding the yogurt, lowered her eyes to look at the “watch” on her left wrist. There was a flash in her eyes. “Yeah, I dropped my phone a few days ago and I need to see the time. I was worried that I would be late for work, so I went to the second-hand shop to get this. Ten dollars. I heard from the boss that he gathered it from those abandoned things and assembled it himself.”

She looked up at him. “Why? Do you like it?”

Before Yin Jiujin could reply, Yan Jinyu said, “Even if you like it, I can’t give it to you. This kind of 10-dollars second-hand goods isn’t worthy of you.”

If it wasn’t worthy of him, how could it be worthy of her?

“If you like watches, I’ll buy you a new one in North City.”

Yan Jinyu’s expression froze slightly. “It’s fine. I really like the one on my hand now. Just remember to get me a phone.”

Since she had already said so, Yin Jiujin couldn’t insist anymore.

However, the thought of her watches being second-hand goods made him feel inexplicably irritated. Although this second-hand good was well assembled and looked a little delicate, second-hand goods were second-hand goods in any case.

He looked at her and then thought about the second daughter of the Yan Family who had been pampered since she was young. Even if the thing cost 100,000 dollars, the second daughter of the Yan family might not even want it.

They were both daughters of the Yan Family. Yet, one was raised with the love of her parents, while the other suffered in the orphanage.

Yin Jiujin’s driver, Cheng Lin, was already waiting outside. After getting off the plane, the few of them walked straight to the parking lot.

Seeing him, Cheng Lin hurriedly got out of the car and said respectfully, “Master Nine.”

Yin Jiujin gave a slight nod.

Cheng Lin opened the door of the backseat. He saw Yin Jiujin calling Yan Jinyu, who was beside him, to get in first. While he was shocked, he also recognized her.

He respectfully held the car door open, “Miss Yan, please.”

He only knew that Master Nine had gone to fetch his fiancée, who had been missing for 16 years. But he didn’t know that Master Nine actually treated this fiancée—whom he had never met before—with such an attitude.

After they got into the car, Cheng Lin closed the door and walked to the driver’s seat.

Lin Zimu sat in the front passenger seat.

“Master Nine, are we returning to Mount Jing, or somewhere else?”

Mount Jing was Yin Jiujin’s residence in North City. It occupied half of the mountain, and that area was Yin Jiujin’s territory. Without his permission, no one was allowed to set foot there.

“Let’s go to the mall first.”

“Boss, should we notice them first?” Lin Zimu asked.

The meaning of the notice was to clear the mall.

Yin Jiujin had always been on inspection when he went to the mall, and he had never been shopping there before. Every time he went there, he would clear the area, and a group of people would welcome him respectfully.

Looking at Yan Jinyu, who was looking out of the car window curiously, Yin Jiujin paused for a moment and said, “There’s no need to.” She should have never encountered such a scene before. If they exaggerated it too much, it might scare her.

Lin Zimu blinked his eyes. This was unlike his boss. His boss hated trouble the most. Most of the time, he would make arrangements beforehand to avoid meeting those bootlickers.

“Other than the phone, what else do you want?”

Yin Jiujin had been treating Yan Jinyu differently along the way and Lin Zimu was already used to it. But Cheng Lin, who had just met Yan Jinyu, wasn’t.

He was a little shocked.

Yan Jinyu retracted her gaze from the window. “I didn’t bring my luggage so I need to buy a few sets of clothes for change.”

He had already planned to bring her to buy clothes.

“What else?”

“And the yogurt that you promised to buy me. Don’t forget about that.”

“…I didn’t forget. I mean, apart from the clothes, the phone, and the yogurt, is there anything else you want?”

“That’s it. But you can buy more yogurt. Don’t worry about their shelf life. I consume it very fast.”

He had never bought anything for a woman before, so he had no idea what to buy. However, he knew a lot of people who often spent money on women for stuff such as bags, jewelry, and cosmetics. However, with a rich man like him here, she actually only cared about her yogurt.

It belonged to the Empire Group and it could be found all over the first and second tier cities.

They took the elevator up to the third floor where the ladies’ department was.

Lin Zimu had something to do at the company, so he left first. Cheng Lin couldn’t follow them, so he sat in the car and waited. Therefore, only Yin Jiujin and Yan Jinyu entered the mall.

Yin Jiujin’s presence was too strong, and his face was very ostentatious. As soon as he stepped into the third floor’s ladies’ department, he attracted the attention of many people. However, his eyes were too sinister, and his entire person was too cold. No one dared to approach him.

Yan Jinyu looked around, but nothing caught her eye. When she walked into the fifth store, Yin Jiujin finally couldn’t resist taking a dress and said, “Go and try this.”

Looking at the fluffy and pink princess dress in his hands, the corners of Yan Jinyu’s mouth twitched. She casually picked up a light blue dress. “It’s fine. I’ll just try this on.”

She knew that he had a straight man’s aesthetic.

“Take them all in to try.”

The service staff was also very tactful and swiftly said, “Miss, you can try on a few more sets. The effects can only be seen after you wear them on your body. Not only these two sets, but that set, and that set also suits your temperament. Your skin is so fair and your figure is so good. You’ll definitely look good in them.”

Yan Jinyu was about to say that there was no need to. She seldom wore skirts, but Yin Jiujin interrupted her. “Take them all down for her to try.”

The service staff beamed with joy. “Alright, I’ll bring you to the fitting room first.” Having worked in the Empire Mall for two years, she had seen many big shots so she had the ability to judge people.

It was obvious that he was not short of money.

“Miss, this way please.”

“Try the set that I picked first.”

Yan Jinyu rolled her eyes at him.

After Yan Jinyu come out after changing, Yin Jiujin, who was sitting on the sofa, had a glint in his eyes.

She was wearing a light blue dress, and her long hair had been let loose. Her naturally curled waist-length hair matched her fair and exquisite face, so it was hard not to attract people’s attention.

Yan Jinyu turned on the spot. “Brother Nine, how is it? I should be considered as a beauty now, right?”

This form of address made Yin Jiujin feel somewhat odd.

“You barely make it.”

Yan Jinyu’s face fell. She looked at the fitting mirror at the side. No matter how she looked at it, she was beautiful. Why was it that when it came to him, she was only considered as barely make it?

There was something wrong with his taste.

“Let’s try a different set.” In the past, Yin Jiujin would never have imagined that he would accompany someone to shop. He even looked forward to seeing her change a few more sets.

“I’m not going to try anymore. I just want this one. I’ve seen the prices earlier. The clothes here are very expensive. I don’t usually wear skirts so it would be a waste to buy them.”

A dress here cost more than 10,000 dollars. For someone like her who only had 1000 dollars in her card, it was more than just expensive. Even though she tried her best to appear nonchalant, she was probably not as calm as she seemed on the surface.

After he thought about it, Yin Jiujin stood up and walked towards her. Under her puzzled gaze, he raised his hand to rub the top of her head. “It’s just a few dresses. I can still afford them.”

Of course, she knew that he could afford it. This entire Empire Mall was his.

She simply felt that it would be a waste to buy too many clothes. After all, she would not be staying in the Yan Family for too long. It would be too troublesome to pack up when the time came for her to leave.

“Let’s try on two more sets. Otherwise, we’ll get the shop to choose a set according to your size.”

“…Alright.” She knew that someone like Yin Jiujin, who was used to being dominant, would do such a thing.

Yan Jinyu walked back to the fitting room helplessly and the service staff was very happy.

He was indeed a big client.

She strongly recommended Yan Jinyu to try on that pink princess dress first.

Right then, a few people walked into the shop.

“Jinyun, why are you asking us out to shop today? Don’t you usually just call someone to deliver whatever you want to buy?”

Four or five girls clustered around a girl in a white dress.

Obviously, the girl in the white dress was the “Jinyun” they were talking about.

“I’m in a bad mood, so I came out for a walk.”

“Who made you unhappy? Who dares to make the eldest Miss Yan unhappy in North City?”

When Yin Jiujin, who was waiting outside the changing room, heard the words “elder Miss Yan”, his eyes darkened and his voice was extremely cold. “Eldest Miss Yan?”