Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Beautiful Smile

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Yan Jinyun was the one who called the driver from the Yan Family. The car was still the one that they drove today.

Turning back to look, she saw someone chasing after her from the Zhao residence. When she saw who it was, Yan Jinyun hurriedly said, “Stop the car.”

After a while, the person caught up with them. Yan Jinyun didn’t get out of the car. She simply rolled down the car window.

“Yun’er, long time no see.”

The person was wearing a pair of silver-framed glasses. He looked handsome and refined, like a well-bred young master. However, because this well-bred young master had run all the way here, he seemed to be in a rather sorry state.

Yan Jinyun had never seen this person in such a sorry state before.

She had already sorted out her frustration and smiled politely, “Why is Brother Luo here?”

Luo Yilin was the eldest son of the Luo family in North City. He was 20 years old and was in his second year of university.

“Little Qiu is sick and since it’s also the weekend, I came back to take a look. Coincidentally, it’s also your classmate’s birthday. Our family isn’t far from the Zhao family, so Little Qiu asked me to go to the Zhao Family’s house to send her a gift.” The Luo Family was not far ahead, and it would only take them about half an hour to walk over.

“Why did you leave as soon as you arrived? I saw that most of the people at the Zhao Family’s banquet were your classmates. I thought you would stay on for a while longer.”

“I have something on, so I won’t stay any longer.”

“But Brother Luo is…”

“Hey, I was just about to leave when I saw you leave. I wanted to hitch a ride. I came here on foot. It will take me half an hour to walk back.”

The young master of the second-biggest family in North City would not need a free ride. Even if he really did not want to walk back, a call from his family would be enough for him to pick up.

Yan Jinyun didn’t expose him. She simply smiled and said, “It’s my honor to be able to give Brother Luo a ride. If you don’t mind, Brother Luo, please get in the car.”

“Thank you, then.” Luo Yilin thanked her with a warm smile. He opened the car door and got in. He was very gracious and looked like he was really just taking a ride.

“You’re already in your third year of high school. You must be very nervous about your studies recently,” Luo Yilin said first.

“It’s alright. I’m almost done revising, so I’m not too nervous.”

Luo Yilin nodded. “With your foundation, it’s only normal that you’re not nervous. Don’t give yourself too much pressure either. If you perform normally, you can still get into one of the top universities in the country.”

“Thank you.”

Luo Yilin gazed at her face. There was a flash of infatuation under his silver-framed glasses, and he quickly looked away.

“I heard that your sister is back?”

Yan Jinyun’s smile froze, “Yes, I’m back.”

“How did your sister get along with you after she returned?”

“Pretty good.”

Luo Yilin glanced at her and smiled, “That’s good. I thought that the environment you two grew up in was too different for you to get along with. You’re too kind and soft-hearted. Uncle Yan and Auntie Fu haven’t seen your sister for many years. I was worried that if you two couldn’t get along, they would side with your sister because they owed her and you would suffer…”

“Luo Qiu is sick. Is she still okay?” Yan Jinyun still had a smile on her face, but it was clearly not as sincere as before.

She clasped her hands tightly together.

He was obviously someone who was deceived by her hypocritical appearance, but why did she feel a little angry when she heard him say that?

He had thought that the gentle and refined young master of the Luo family was different. Compared to others, he had said it very tactfully, but his prejudice against Yan Jinyu was real.

They were all very prejudiced against Yan Jinyu. She had no right to criticize others, nor did she have the right to be angry because of other people’s prejudices. She was once one of them.

But she couldn’t help it.

Luo Yilin wasn’t stupid. He could tell that she was deliberately changing the topic.

She didn’t want to talk about this anymore.

She had always been prideful, so she must have been wronged.

A cold glint flashed across his eyes as he continued, “She had a high fever yesterday. The family doctor came to see her. She took some medicine and got an IV drip. Her fever has subsided. If she rests well, she can go back to school tomorrow.”

“That’s good. I wish Luo Qiu a speedy recovery. We have reached the Luo Family’s residence, I still have things to do. I’ll visit you next time when I have the time.” She cut off the possibility of Luo Yilin inviting her in.

In the luxurious villa area, there were not many cars on the road. The distance that he needed to walk for half an hour, could be covered in a five to six minutes drive.

The driver had already stopped the car.

“So fast.” There was a hint of displeasure in Luo Yilin’s tone, but it was not obvious and not easily detected.

“Since Yun’er has something to do, I won’t invite you into the home. We’ll meet again when you’re not busy. Thank you for today. If not for your ride, I wouldn’t have reached home so quickly.”

“Brother Luo, you’re too polite. It’s just on the way.” Her tone was already very distant, but Luo Yilin’s eyes could only see that charming smile on her face and so he didn’t notice it.

After closing the car door, she bent down and waved ,”Goodbye, Yun’er.”

“Goodbye.” Before the car started, the window was already rolled up.

Even after the car had gone far away, Luo Yilin was still standing where he was. The warm smile on his face had already disappeared, and it was replaced with a determined look.

Feng Yuan brought Yan Jinyu around the Feng Family’s mansion. After dinner, Feng Yuan drove her back to the Yan Family.

Along the way, Feng Yuan introduced the fun places in North City to Yan Jinyu. He looked so excited that he could not wait to bring Yan Jinyu to play in all of them.

It was a pity that Luo Linlin had instructed him to send Yan Jinyu safely to the Yan Family before eight o’clock. Otherwise, he would have brought Yan Jinyu to see the nightlife of the young people in North City.

“We’ve arrived at the Yan Family. It looks like I can’t bring you out to play today. There’s a race organized by a friend in a few days. When the time comes, I’ll bring you out to play… Forget it, that kind of occasion isn’t suitable for you. I won’t bring you along. I’ll bring you around next weekend. Oh right, give me your phone number. I was too busy talking earlier and didn’t remember your number.”

The car stopped at the Yan Family’s entrance.

As Yan Jinyu thanked him and got out of the car, she gave him a string of numbers.

Feng Yuan took out his phone and pressed a few buttons on the keyboard. Yan Jinyu’s phone rang. “Remember mine too. Call me if anything happens.”

Yan Jinyu smiled and nodded, “Okay, it’s not my territory, so I won’t invite you in.”

Feng Yuan looked at her, then looked at the Yan Family’s main door behind her. He was speechless, but at the same time, he felt upset.

She was most likely treating herself as an outsider in the Yan Family.

Indeed, in the Yan Family, her parents did not treat her as their daughter. Wasn’t she just an outsider?

If it wasn’t for the Yan family, he would have taken her to the Feng Family long ago. However, the Yan Family was still around, and the Feng Family and her were only relatives who were separated by a couple of generations. Therefore, the Feng Family had no right to interfere.

He felt a little oppressed.

“Mmm, it’s getting late. Let’s go in. If you run into any trouble, remember to give me a call. Otherwise, you can contact my parents. You have both their phone numbers, right?”

“Yes. Aunt exchanged numbers with me when you were serving the dishes.”

Speaking of this, Feng Yuan was speechless. He clearly had so many servants, but his mother liked to squeeze him dry and even said nicely that she wanted to nurture him.

“Then I’m leaving now.”

Yan Jinyu smiled brightly, “Be careful on the road.” Although she was in a bad mood today, she was in a good mood now. Not only because she went to the Feng Family to meet them, but also because…

Lowering her head to take a look, a text message popped up on her phone. The content was: “Tomorrow, I’ll be checking the shopping mall here. Your birthday is coming soon. What birthday present do you want?”

The message was from Yin Jiujin, which she had just received as she got out of the car.

So, someone did remember her coming-of-age ceremony.

Feng Yuan’s car left, but she did not enter the Yan Family’s house immediately, nor did she reply to his messages like she did many times before. Instead, she stood outside the Yan Family’s entrance with her phone, kicking the small stones on the ground.

In less than three minutes, the screen lit up again, and the phone rang.

Yan Jinyu’s eyes curved, and her smile became even brighter. She picked up the call, “Brother Nine, good evening!”

“Are you busy?” His voice was deep, but it sounded exceptionally pleasant.

“No, if I was busy, I wouldn’t have answered your call immediately.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. After a long while, he said, “Since you’re not busy, why didn’t you reply to my message?”

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“Of course… It was because I wanted to talk to Brother Nine.” After saying that, she let out a low laugh.