Chapter 44 - Going Out One After Another

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Chapter 44: Going Out One After Another

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A week passed in the blink of an eye.

During this week, it was unknown if it was because Yan Jinyu had made her words clear, or if it was because of Yan Jinyun’s words, but neither Yan Qingyu nor Fu Ya had looked for trouble with Yan Jinyu again.

From Monday to Friday, Yan Qingyu woke up early and went to the office after breakfast. Sometimes, he didn’t even eat breakfast at home. He didn’t come back until late at night when he finished work and socialized with others. As for Fu Ya, she also went out early as well. Once she went out, she would be gone for the entire day. Occasionally, they would bump into Yan Jinyu while eating breakfast and dinner. At most, they would look a little glum but they wouldn’t find fault with her anymore.

Of course, Yan Jinyun played a huge role in this situation. This was because one day during breakfast, Fu Ya couldn’t help but scold Yan Jinyu in an unfriendly tone. Before she could finish speaking, she was stopped by Yan Jinyun’s seemingly unintentional sarcasm.

Ever since that time, Fu Ya had never bothered Yan Jinyu again. She basically didn’t come back for lunch and tried her best to avoid Yan Jinyu for breakfast and dinner.

Yan Jinyu didn’t care about their attitude. It was good that they didn’t seek trouble with her. She was happy to be free from them.

It was Saturday, and it was rare for the family to not go out. Yan Jinyu walked to the dining room and saw that the three of them were sitting at the dining table. She paused for a moment and walked over to sit down.

All three of them looked at her as soon as she sat down.

Yan Jinyu didn’t mind them either. They didn’t speak, and neither did she say anything. She started to eat her breakfast.

“Ahem.” Yan Qingyu coughed dryly but Yan Jinyu ignored him.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem.” Yan Jinyu only slowly looked up at him after he coughed a few times, “Dad, if you have anything to say, just say it.”

“I’ve discussed it with your mother and decided to send you back to school to continue your studies. We’ve already contacted No. 13 High School for you. You can report to school next week and go to Year Three like your sister. As for the classes you owe, it doesn’t matter at all. There are many lousy students at No. 13 High School so you will simply blend in.”

“No. 13 High School?” The person who spoke was Yan Jinyun.

Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya weren’t the ones who discussed Yan Jinyu’s school matters. It was clearly Yan Jinyun who had mentioned it to Yan Qingyu repeatedly.

“Who doesn’t know that No. 13 High School is the worst high school in North City? Aren’t Dad and Mom afraid of being mocked by others if the eldest daughter of the Yan Family went to school in No. 13 High School? I can’t afford to lose face like this!”

“Yun’er, stop messing around! No matter how bad No. 13 High School is, it’s still a proper high school. It’s not like you don’t know your sister’s situation. If not for your father pulling strings and donating a sum to the school, your sister wouldn’t even be able to enter No. 13 High School.”

“They all cost money, so all the schools are the same? Why does it have to be the worst No. 13 High School?”

“What do you know! It’s all about money but the cost to go to No. 13 High School is the least…” Fu Ya realized that she had said something wrong and quickly stopped herself.

Yan Jinyun put down her chopsticks with a “slam”. She looked at Yan Qingyu and sneered, “Daddy, is the Yan Corporation going bankrupt under your management?”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Ever since Yan Qingyu took over the Yan Corporation, his management was indeed far inferior to Yan Qi’s when he was still alive. What he hated the most was others saying that he was not capable enough and that he was not good at managing the company.

“Since you’re not bankrupt, could it be that you can’t even pay for sending your biological daughter to a good school? Not to mention money, with our Yan Family’s status in North City, we still have connections to send someone to Boyu High School, right?”

“Boyu High School? Every student there is famous. I can’t afford to lose face if my daughter ends at the bottom!” Fu Ya said coldly. “Besides, how can the Yan family’s connections be used on such a small matter?”

No mother would say that a child’s education was a small matter.

Yan Jinyun was so angry that her face was red. She looked up at Yan Jinyu, who was sitting opposite her. She was even angrier seeing that her sister still had a normal expression.

Forget it. She didn’t even care about her own matters, so why should she care!

Sensing Yan Jinyun’s gaze, Yan Jinyu, who was stirring the porridge with a spoon, curved her lips slightly. It was very small and disappeared very quickly. No one saw it.

“Alright, it’s settled. Jinyu will report to No. 13 High School next Monday.”

Yan Qingyu had just finished speaking when Yan Jinyu said calmly, “I don’t think I’ve said anything about going to school from the beginning. Shouldn’t you ask for my opinion first?”

“You will do whatever we arrange. How dare you have any opinions!” Fu Ya didn’t like Yan Jinyu as usual. If it wasn’t because their coming-of-age ceremony was coming soon and she was worried that someone would talk about her not being sent to school, she wouldn’t have bothered.

They were still so picky. In order to send her to No. 13 High School, they had donated 500,000 dollars!

500,000 was enough for her to play cards for a few days!

The students in No. 13 High School were all ordinary people who had very poor results. No one would know that Yan Jinyu was the daughter of the Yan Family. This way, even if she was at the bottom of No. 13 High School in the future, the Yan Family wouldn’t embarrass themselves.

Yan Jinyu put down her spoon and chuckled as she looked over. “I told you before, it’s best if we live in harmony. Didn’t you guys do very well this week? Why do you have to break it? Don’t try to use anything to discipline me now. You haven’t done anything for so many years, so now you guys don’t have the right to interfere anymore.”

“Besides, if you really had the intention, you should have dealt with this matter when I returned to the Yan Family and not waited until now. Why? Are you afraid of others gossiping and making a fool out of yourself? Since you want to make a fool out of yourself, you should do your best. Do you think that your Yan Family will have any pride if you send me to No. 13 High School? The eldest daughter of the Yan Family is studying at the worst high school in North City. If word gets out, it will really be glorious. Tsk, I really don’t know what to say about you guys.”

“Alright. I won’t care about your business so don’t interfere with my affairs either. Not to mention No. 13 High School, I won’t even go to the best Boyu High School in North City. As for whether you guys will lose face because of this, it’s not something I should care about. After all, you guys should not be afraid of others saying what you did.”

At this point, the phone on the dining table flashed. “Someone is looking for me. I won’t be eating breakfast. You guys take your time.”

Picking up a packet of yogurt that she had just taken from the fridge, she slipped her phone into her bag and stood up.

“Who would be looking for you in North City?”

She turned around and chuckled, “Mom, I told you before. You didn’t care about me in the past, so now you don’t have the right to care anymore.”

Fu Ya’s face flushed red, “If I’m not afraid that the Yan Family will be embarrassed too, who would be willing to care about you! Hurry up and get lost. It’s best if you never come back!”

Her smile turned slightly cold, “If I really don’t come back forever, Mom will probably be anxious. Mom, don’t forget who brought me back. If Brother Nine comes to the Yan Family and can’t find me, the Yan Family will probably be unable to account for it.” It would be a waste not to use someone who was a strong backer.

“Also, I don’t know how to get lost. Mom is from a reputable family after all. It’s not good for you to speak more vulgarly than me who grew up in the countryside.”

“Mom!” They couldn’t feel the coldness in Yan Jinyu’s eyes, but Yan Jinyun could. She had seen Yan Jinyu’s ruthless appearance when she attacked. She was very worried that she would suddenly attack if she wasn’t happy.

She could tell that Yan Jinyu was indeed not a good-tempered person.

“I’m done eating too. Dad, Mom, take your time. I’ve made an appointment with a friend. I’ll be outside for the whole day. I’ll go out first.”

“Is there anything else, Daddy?” Yan Jinyun asked.

“Since you’re going out, each of you can take one of these two cards. There’s a million dollars in each card. You can keep the card. If you need money in the future, I’ll transfer it to the card.”

Yan Jinyu looked at the card that he handed over and her smile deepened slightly. Taking a roundabout route?

She knew that Yan Jinyun must have said something to them when she wasn’t around. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so quiet this week. Then, the roundabout route this time should also be related to what Yan Jinyun had told them previously.

Speaking of which, they were indeed very stupid. Since they wanted to take a roundabout route, why did they have to fuss over such a small matter like school? If she were to go and get someone’s trust, she would definitely take care of everything and not rob Peter to pay Paul like this. Did they really think that others were three-year-olds?

“There’s no need for the card, in case others say that I came back for the Yan Family’s money.”

Yan Jinyun glanced at Yan Jinyu and said, “I don’t need it either. I haven’t touched the three million dollars card that Dad gave Sister previously. If I need money in the future, Dad can just transfer it to my old card.”

Watching the two of them leave, Yan Qingyu suddenly clenched the two cards in his hand tightly. No one knew what he was thinking.

Fu Ya didn’t say anything for once. She glanced at Yan Qingyu and then lowered her head to eat her breakfast quietly.

The servants standing around them were all silent.