Chapter 49 - Someone’s Stirring Up Trouble

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Chapter 49: Someone’s Stirring Up Trouble

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Yan Jinyun frowned and stopped. She turned around and looked at Zhao Yue, who was smiling brightly on the sofa. She said calmly, “Next time.”

Next time? Of course, it would be next time.

However, Zhao Yue pretended not to understand what she meant and continued smiling brightly, “Why do you have to go through so much trouble? Since we’ve already met, it’s a good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Your sister has just returned, so she needs to get to know some new friends, right? After all, she’s your sister, the eldest daughter of the Yan Family. In the future, when all of us inherit our families’ businesses, we’ll definitely have to interact with each other. Now that we’re familiar with each other, it’ll be more convenient for us to interact with each other.” She deliberately raised her voice while saying this as she clearly wanted Yan Jinyu, who had already walked out of the private room, to hear it too.

Yan Jinyun sneered inwardly.

Does she think that she, Yan Jinyu, was so easy to fool?

If Yan Jinyu was really someone who could be instigated with just a few words, then Yan Jinyun wouldn’t take the initiative to give up on competing with her for the marriage that she had been told had belonged to her since she was young.

However, every time she thought about how Yan Jinyu was so capable and how even an old family like the capital’s Qiu Family couldn’t do anything to Yan Jinyu, she would feel proud. Why was that so?

No, she wouldn’t admit that this strange feeling was pride. This didn’t match her character.

Her firm tone stunned Zhao Yue and she almost couldn’t continue to smile, “Alright, next time then. Yun’er, don’t be angry. I don’t mean anything else. I just want to get to know your sister based on our relationship so that we can help each other in the future.”

She was all smiles on the surface, but she was scolding Yan Jinyun for being a hypocrite in her heart. She clearly didn’t like Yan Jinyu, but she was pretending to be close to her.

Others might not know Yan Jinyun, but how could she not know?

Yan Jinyun clearly wanted to find a chance to teach Yan Jinyu a lesson. If she ruined Yan Jinyu’s reputation, Yan Jinyu would no longer have the right to fight with her. Today was such a good opportunity, and Qiu Jian was here standing up for her. Yan Jinyun actually didn’t know how to use her. Foolish!

“It’s a pity. It wasn’t easy for Second Young Master Luo to organize an event, but you guys came and left without having any fun. Without you guys, things seem to be a little boring. Seriously, those who knew you guys, will know that you left because you have something on. But those people who had no idea would say that you guys didn’t give Second Young Master Luo any face, it would be so embarrassing for Second Young Master Luo when news get out.”

Glancing at Luo Yikun, who had turned a little pale, Zhao Yue hid the gloating look in her eyes and continued, “But Yun’er, don’t mind it too much. With Second Young Master Luo’s relationship with you, he wouldn’t take such a small matter to heart.”

She tilted her head and winked at Luo Yikun, “Right, Second Young Master Luo?”

Luo Yikun gave a fake smile and looked at Yan Jinyun, “Of course!” It was fine usually, but today, Qiu Jian, whom he had always wanted to curry favor with, was here. If they left just like that, wouldn’t he lose face in front of Qiu Jian?

Qiu Jian was not important. However, if this ruined the Qiu Family’s impression of him, who would be his backer if he wanted to develop his business in the capital in the future?

“But Yue’er is right about one thing. Since we’re already here, why don’t we play a little before leaving? I know that there was some unhappiness just now. Isn’t that because everyone isn’t familiar with each other? As the saying goes, no discord, no concord. It’s fine as long as a small misunderstanding is cleared up. Why make it so awkward?”

He looked at Qiu Jian, “Miss Qiu, do you think so?” And, he mouthed the word ‘racing’.

He was trying to please Qiu Jian.

After all, Qiu Jian had just suffered a setback. For the time being, she might not find trouble with Yan Jinyu again because she was worried, but it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t blame him for this.

He did not want to get himself into trouble after trying to please Qiu Jian for so long.

He had not thought of a way to make up for it, but Zhao Yue’s words reminded him. He gave her an approving look for that.

Zhao Yue took the opportunity to return him with a charming wink.

It was not the first time these two had hooked up. They knew very well what kind of person the other party was.

Hearing Luo Yikun’s words, Qiu Jian was initially a little unhappy, but after seeing his hint, her unhappiness disappeared.

She had lost so much face just now and was worried that she wouldn’t have a chance to get back at Yan Jinyu. Due to the inexplicable fear that she had for Yan Jinyu, she temporarily wouldn’t touch Yan Jinyu. Or rather, her plan to make Yan Jinyu know her limits and take the initiative to cancel the engagement was destined to fail.

How could she accept that?

Luo Yikun’s suggestion was exactly what she wanted.

Even if she couldn’t achieve her goal, she had to at least teach Yan Jinyu a lesson!

She was the eldest daughter of the Qiu Family in the capital. If she hadn’t wanted to meet Yan Jinyu, she wouldn’t even bother to interact with the North City’s families’ successors. Yan Jinyu actually made her lose face in front of these people whom she looked down on!

If she wasn’t uncertain about Master Nine’s attitude towards Yan Jinyu, she wouldn’t have been so aggrieved!

Just wait. Yan Jinyu would only be arrogant for a while. When those people in the capital attacked, even if Master Nine really wanted to protect Yan Jinyu, she didn’t believe that Master Nine would be willing to offend those big families in the capital for Yan Jinyu!

“Second Young Master Luo is right. I also had some misunderstandings about Eldest Miss Yan previously. At the end of the day, it’s all because of Eldest Miss Yan… Sigh, no matter what, it’s all because of those rumors that Eldest Miss Yan had led a wandering life for 16 years and grew up in an orphanage in a remote town that made me mistakenly think that Miss Yan was someone who wasn’t presentable. That’s why…”

“Perhaps you guys in North City don’t know what Master Nine means in the capital. He’s a figure that all the young masters and young mistresses in the capital admire. When I suddenly heard that his fiancée was a country bumpkin, many people were feeling indignant for him. I happened to come to North City for something and wanted to meet Master Nine’s fiancée on the way. I didn’t expect…”

“If I had known that Eldest Miss Yan was actually not as bad as the rumors say, I would never have said those words.”

“Although Eldest Miss Yan is much inferior to the daughters of the wealthy families in the capital, she’s not as bad as the rumors say. About her compatibility with Master Nine… If Master Nine really likes her, we, as Master Nine’s fans, naturally have no objections.”

“I apologize for my previous attitude to Eldest Miss Yan. Just as Second Young Master Luo said, we don’t get to know each other without fighting. Eldest Miss Yan and the rest of you, why don’t you give Second Young Master Luo and me some face and stay for a while before leaving? Speaking of which, a situation like today should be considered grand in North City, right? It’s a pity if you guys missed it, right?”

Her words sounded sincere, but she didn’t forget to trample on Yan Jinyu and the North City people whom she looked down on.

Yan Jinyun stopped when Zhao Yue called out to her so Yan Jinyu also stopped in her tracks. Hence, she heard everything they said.

As for their intentions, she knew very well.

Trying to stir up trouble?

Normally, she did not like to use her brain, so she was usually too lazy to use her brain on things that could be solved with actions. It was not her style to retreat when others were looking for trouble.

Since they wanted to cause trouble, she would accompany them all the way and see who would suffer in the end.

After hearing their words, Yan Jinyun, Feng Yuan, and even Xu Gui, who was not familiar with Yan Jinyu, had ugly expressions.

They were not stupid. They naturally knew what Luo Yikun and Qiu Jian were planning.

If it was just them, it would be fine. At most, they could have a real match, but with Yan Jinyu here…

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Feng Yuan and Xu Gui had the same worries. They felt that even if Yan Jinyu was a little different from what they imagined, she was indeed not suitable for such an occasion.

Putting everything else aside, just take the unsulliedness that Yan Jinyu exuded from her bones for example, they didn’t want that to be polluted by the decadent lifestyle of the rich.

As for Yan Jinyun, she felt that no matter if it was Zhao Yue, Luo Yikun, or Qiu Jian, they weren’t qualified for Yan Jinyu to deal with them seriously. Or rather, Yan Jinyu didn’t need to put herself in danger for these unimportant people.

She admitted that Yan Jinyu’s skills were not bad, and she could have many other abilities that she didn’t know about. However, racing wasn’t as simple as just driving a car. If she was careless, she would lose her life!

Yan Jinyu and Master Nine’s engagement was legitimate. She had already admitted it. What right did these people have to doubt it? It was fine if they doubted it, but why did they want Yan Jinyu to risk her life for it?

Wasn’t Master Nine the one who had the final say in whether this marriage contract was a decision? Based on Master Nine’s attitude towards Yan Jinyu, she could tell that he treated her differently from the others even when she had something against Yan Jinyu. What right did these people have to judge and make decisions for Master Nine?

No, it should be said that what right did they have to make the decision for Master Nine and Yan Jinyu?

Even she felt inferior to Yan Jinyu. Where did Zhao Yue, Qiu Jian, and the others get their confidence from?

However, before they could say anything, Yan Jinyu laughed out loud first, “Since you guys have already said so, wouldn’t it make people feel that I’m easy to bully if I refuse?”

“Since this is a racing competition, you can’t simply say that you want to play.”

Seeing that she had relented, Qiu Jian was only thinking about how to teach her a lesson. She wouldn’t have thought about why Yan Jinyu agreed so easily. She hurriedly said, “Of course!”

“However, I won’t make things difficult for you. Since it’s a racing match, naturally, we have to be more professional. Previously, I heard Second Young Master Luo say that Young Master Feng’s driving skills are good. Then, I’ll go with Second Young Master Luo and Eldest Miss Yan will go with Young Master Feng. And, we will have a match?”

Yan Jinyu smiled and said, “That won’t do.”