Chapter 580 - Who Doesn't Have A Backer? ?

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“Watch your mouth! You said that my sister is ugly, but why don’t you take a look at yourself! Brother Jiang is naturally outstanding. Otherwise, why would my sister like him? Do I need you to remind her? Heiress? From what I see, you’re just a vixen. This is someone else’s house. You came to someone else’s house to behave atrociously and even threw a glass. Your upbringing is really good!”

Li Jiajia was hit hard and her nose almost bled.

She covered her face and pointed at Zhao Qian. “How dare you smash me?!”

“You’re such a funny person. I’ve already smashed it at you, but you’re still asking?”

“Li Jiajia, right? Let me remind you that Mo Qian also likes Brother Jiang. Do you think she’s really so kind as to come all the way here to tell you that my sister is a guest in the Jiang Family? If she simply wants to tell you, can’t she just make a call? She needs to come to Water City personally because she wants to follow you to the Jiang Family.”

“Mo Qian can’t enter the Jiang Family by herself, so she went to look for you. Do you really think she’s willing to help you? Idiot, you don’t even know that you’re being used by others. You still think that you’re very smart!”

Zhao Qian had only one purpose for saying this.

Not letting Mo Qian have an easy time.

If it wasn’t for Mo Qian, Li Jiajia wouldn’t have appeared here and all these wouldn’t have happened.

He didn’t want his sister to be targeted by others before he was stronger enough. However, because of Mo Qian, his sister was targeted by Li Jiajia.

How could he let Mo Qian off?

Mo Qian panicked when Zhao Qian mentioned Mo Qian.

Meeting Li Jiajia’s angry and questioning gaze, Mo Qian trembled. “No, no, Jiajia, don’t believe him. He did it on purpose. The Zhao siblings don’t get along with me. He said that on purpose to make you misunderstand me! Don’t believe him!”

Li Jiajia didn’t listen to her excuses because Zhao Qian had a point.

If Mo Qian was just reminding her, she could have just made a call. Why did she have to go all the way back to Water City?

“You like You?”

“No! I don’t! Jiajia, you have to believe me! We’re good friends. I know that you like Senior Jiang, but why would I like him? Don’t believe Zhao Qian. He’s deliberately trying to sow discord between us!”

Li Jiajia frowned, skeptical of her words.

At that moment, Yang Jun said, “You disgust me!”

“I’ve pursued you for so long, but you didn’t agree. If you didn’t agree, but you still kept me hanging. Every time I asked you out, you would go. I thought you were interested in me too. So, you’re here for You! Do you treat me as a springboard?”

Seeing Jiang Xianyou look over, Yang Jun said, “You, it’s none of your business. I’m just disgusting her. You keep saying that there’s something wrong with my taste in people. At first, I didn’t believe you. Later on, I finally saw her true colors and realized that I had seen the wrong person.”

“I already felt that she was already a bad person. I only found out today that she has simply refreshed my bottom line! She actually intended to come into contact with you through me! Fortunately, you have sharp eyes and didn’t take a fancy to her. Otherwise, wouldn’t we have fallen out for her?”

“I’m not as stupid as you,” Jiang Xianyou said.

“…” Yang Jun.

“Alright, just take it that I was blind in the past!”

After Yang Jun said that, Zhao Qian’s words became even more credible.

Li Jiajia slapped Mo Qian. “How dare you use me? You’re very bold. I’ll settle this score with you slowly later!”

Mo Qian covered her face with hatred in her eyes.

However, she couldn’t afford to offend Li Jiajia. She wanted to explain, but Li Jiajia didn’t give her a chance. Linlin stared at Zhao Linlin fiercely, but she didn’t dare to say anything excessive. She was afraid that Zhao Qian would be unhappy and smash the glass at her face again.

“Zhao Linlin, right? You like You, and I like him too.”

Looking at the frowning Jiang Xianyou, Li Jiajia said, “That’s right, You. I like you and have liked you for many years! I originally thought that with your personality, you wouldn’t fall in love so early. When you want to fall in love, I’ll be the most suitable person by your side! But I didn’t expect that in just half a month, Zhao Linlin would appear beside you!”

“Zhao Linlin, I won’t stop you from liking You, but I have to tell you that I’m more suitable for You than you! I’m the eldest daughter of the Li Family. I have the Waterlight Group behind me. Me being with You will be very helpful to the Jiang Family’s business. What about you? What can you do for You when you’re with him?”

“What gave you the wrong impression that you’re the most suitable person for me to fall in love with? Li Jiajia, are we familiar with each other?” If it wasn’t for his upbringing, Jiang Xianyou really wanted to slap her twice.

He was extremely excited when the girl he liked confessed to him. Just as he was about to agree, someone jumped out to make a fuss!

This was the second time he was so angry in his life.

The first time was when he saw Zhao Linlin rolling down the hill.

“It’s my business whoever I like and whoever I get together with! Is the Li Family useful to our Jiang Family’s business? In Miss Li’s opinion, our Jiang Family needs a marital alliance to stabilize our family’s foundation? A mere Li Family dares to spout nonsense. Do you really think our Jiang Family can’t survive without the Li Family?”

“How arrogant!”

“Butler, invite them out. Our Jiang Family doesn’t welcome such people in the future! Also, tell my brother that all our businesses with the Li Family are canceled!”

“Miss Li and this lady, please!” The butler quickly went forward and made a “please” gesture.

He was still polite, but his attitude was firm.

“You, you…”

“Miss Li, please call me Second Young Master Jiang! I’m not familiar with you!”

“You! You actually chased me out like this. You’re so ruthless! What’s wrong with me liking you? Do you like this woman? Alright, I want to see how you like her without her being alive!”

She turned and was about to leave angrily.

Jiang Xianyou was furious. “Butler, stop them!”

He comforted Zhao Linlin, “It’s fine. Don’t worry.”

He turned to Li Jiajia and returned to being cold. “Are you threatening me?”

“No, I’m not threatening you. You’re the Second Young Master of the Jiang Family. Our Li Family is indeed a little inferior to the Jiang Family. I don’t have the guts to threaten you either.”

She pointed at Zhao Linlin, “She’s the one I’m threatening!”

“Zhao Linlin, if you’re sensible, it’s best not to covet what doesn’t belong to you. Otherwise, how can a country bumpkin like you fight with our Li Family? You don’t care about your safety, but you have to think about your parents and your brother.”

The reason why Li Jiajia dared to say that was because she was certain that the Jiang Family wouldn’t go against the Li Family for a country bumpkin.

Although she thought so, Li Jiajia was actually feeling nervous too.

She felt that Jiang Xianyou really treated Zhao Linlin differently.

Jiang Xianyou was pampered by the entire Jiang Family. If he really wanted something, the Jiang Family would satisfy him.

She was taking a gamble.

She was betting that the Jiang Family wouldn’t be enemies with the Li Family for Zhao Linlin.

It was true that the Li Family’s status was inferior to the Jiang Family, but the Li Family was not bad either.

The Jiang Family would also be in a lot of trouble if they became enemies with the Li Family.

“Yo, yo, yo. Look at how outrageous you’re making it sound like our Linlin doesn’t have a backer.” Chu Xiaohuan ate a piece of cake and her tone was a little disdainful.

“Miss Li, before you say this, shouldn’t you figure out who Linlin’s good friends are? A mere Li Family isn’t even qualified to face the Jiang Family. I wonder where you get your confidence from.”

After finishing the cake and taking a sip of juice, Chu Xiaohuan smiled and said, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Chu Xiaohuan, the current head of the Chu Corporation in the capital. You didn’t hear wrongly. I’m not the daughter of a wealthy family who is being supported by my parents. I’m the head of the Chu Corporation.”

“I have another identity. Linlin’s good friend.”

Qin Xuan smiled and continued, “I’m not that capable. I’m not the head of the family. I’m just a second-generation heir who relies on my parents. Let me introduce myself. My name is Qin Xuan. I’m from a side branch of the Qin Family in the capital. I’m also Linlin’s good friend.”

The Qin Family in the capital was one of the three top families in the capital!

Even if it was just a side branch, it was still the Qin Family in the capital!

With the Qin Family as Zhao Linlin’s backer, not everyone could easily offend her!

Li Jiajia’s current mood could already be described as shocking. She instinctively looked at Yan Jinyu, who was sitting calmly and drinking water.

Auntie Jiang said that she was an important guest.

Sensing her gaze, Yan Jinyu smiled faintly, “My name is Yan Jinyu. I don’t have any status, but I don’t take the Li Family seriously. Oh, just a reminder. I’m protecting Zhao Linlin.”

Yin Jiujin, who was walking downstairs with Jiang Zhao, happened to hear her domineering words. For a moment, he was speechless.

He rarely saw her being so childish.

Usually, she would not speak when something happened.

Normally, she would have attacked whoever was looking for trouble. She wouldn’t just threaten them with words like now.

She was clearly cooperating with the others.

This was very good. It meant that she was getting used to this kind of life where she interacted with ordinary people and dealt with problems in a more “gentle” manner.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Zhao asked.

The two of them went downstairs and walked towards them.

Other than Yan Jinyu, everyone else quickly stood up when they saw who it was. They all said respectfully, “Master Nine!”