Chapter 582 - 20 Years Old ?

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“Fake?” Yan Jinyu smiled faintly. “Won’t you know if it’s real after you try it out?”

“To be honest, there are really not many people who dare to appear in front of me to find trouble after being taught a lesson by me. And those people who dare to appear in front of me to find trouble after being taught a lesson by me are all famous figures. This is the first time I’ve met someone as unknown as you.”

“Needless to say, this feels quite new.”

“You’re really capable when you try to sow discord between me and my fiancé in front of me. Do I need you to tell my fiancé who I am?”

She waved the revolver in her hand. “Did you see that? I want to kill someone and he handed me a weapon.”

“Violent tendencies? I don’t know if such things exist, but it’s true that anyone who offends me won’t have a good ending. I don’t even remember how many people died at my hands.”

“Tell me, will you be one of them?”

The most harmless smile and the sweetest voice, saying the most frightening words.

“Y-you don’t scare me! You won’t dare, you won’t dare… The thing in your hand is fake. It’s impossible to hurt me…”

About two seconds later, Mo Qian, who had knelt down, screamed and cried in pain.

The others were also shocked.

It was actually real!

She wasn’t scaring Mo Qian!

Zhao Qian was so frightened that he grabbed the corner of Zhao Linlin’s shirt. He was stunned and couldn’t believe that this was true!

Zhao Linlin was also frightened. Jiang Xianyou hurriedly held her hand to comfort her.

Actually, Jiang Xianyou was also frightened.

He had heard a lot of things from the Jiang Family. For example, no one dared to offend Master Nine and how so decisive he was.

However, this was his first time seeing such a scene.

He thought that Yan Jinyu slapping Mo Qian and threatening her with the sickle was already the most ruthless side he had ever seen her. He didn’t expect…

Qin Xuan was stunned. Chu Xiaohuan was slightly better than her.

After all, Chu Xiaohuan had seen Chu Ling beat someone up bare-handed. She had even seen Chu Ling treat Yan Jinyu very respectfully.

Yang Jun’s reaction was similar to Zhao Qian’s.

Other than Yin Jiujin, only Jiang Zhao was considered calm.

He watched this scene with interest.

Her marksmanship was very accurate, and her attacks were fast, ruthless, and accurate.

Also, she said that she didn’t remember how many people had died at her hands.

It seemed like this Eldest Miss Yan was also someone with a story.

Although Jiang Zhao was curious, he didn’t intend to probe further.

He had a relationship with Yin Jiujin, not Yan Jinyu. He also believed that Yin Jiujin had his own judgment. Since Yin Jiujin had already decided on her, he naturally wouldn’t ask too much.

Yan Jinyu didn’t care what they were thinking or how they reacted. She blew on the smoking gun and looked at Mo Qian, who was rolling around on the ground, “Now, do you still think that this is fake? Do you still think that I don’t dare to?”

“There are really not many people who dare to provoke me like you.”

“Based on my temper in the past, this bullet would have hit your head. You should be glad that Linlin is confessing. I don’t want her to see such a bloody scene on the first day she confirmed her relationship. Otherwise…”

“Young Master Jiang, please help me settle her.”

This meant to keep her alive.

“Even if you kill her, I can help you settle it too. It’s a small matter,” Jiang Zhao said.

These words shocked Mo Qian, Li Jiajia, and the others.

Jiang Xianyou glanced at Jiang Zhao and didn’t ask further.

Jiang Xianyou didn’t ask much about Jiang Zhao, but Jiang Xianyou knew that Jiang Zhao wasn’t as he seemed on the surface.

He had a lot of businesses that the Jiang Family didn’t get involved in and belonged to him alone.

No wonder he had a relationship with Master Nine.

Mo Qian had never suffered such pain before. She was screaming and rolling around in cold sweat and could not even bother to beg for mercy.

She forgot about the pain for a moment when she heard Jiang Zhao’s words and was really frightened by him.

There was a short moment of silence.

Yan Jinyu smiled. “Shouting about killing is so violent, right? I’m a gentle person.”

The others were speechless.

As she spoke, Yan Jinyu walked to Yin Jiujin’s side and sat down calmly. She returned the revolver to him.

Yin Jiujin understood her without her saying anything.

She kept Mo Qian alive because she didn’t want to scare everyone present.

He took the revolver and rubbed the top of her head. “You don’t have to bother about such an unimportant person. Don’t kill her if you don’t want to.”

Yan Jinyu blinked at him and then smiled as she hugged his arm. “Mm-hm.”

Yin Jiujin looked at Jiang Zhao.

Receiving Yin Jiujin’s gaze, Jiang Zhao instructed the butler, “Take her away.” He glanced at the frightened Li Jiajia. “Throw her out of the Jiang Family too.”

The butler quickly called two people dressed as security guards over and carried them away. In less than a minute, the living room was quiet again.

A servant came to clean the blood nervously.

“What happened? Why do I seem to hear gunshots?” Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang rushed over from the garden when they heard the gunshots.

“It’s just a small matter. It’s all settled. Dad, Mom, don’t worry.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang had always trusted Jiang Zhao. Since he had already said so, they didn’t ask further.

However, without seeing Li Jiajia and Mo Qian, they could roughly guess that the gunshots were related to them.

They only glanced at Yin Jiujin and Yan Jinyu warily before Mrs. Jiang said calmly, “It’s good that it’s settled. We’ll go upstairs. You guys continue to play.”

The living room fell silent again.

No one said anything.

They didn’t dare to.

They all stole glances at Yan Jinyu carefully and fearfully.

They didn’t ask anything.

In the end, Chu Xiaohuan coughed lightly and changed the topic, “Second Young Master Jiang, Linlin has confessed to you just now. What’s your answer?”

Later on, Zhao Linlin and Jiang Xianyou naturally got together.

Everyone also had a different understanding of Yan Jinyu. Fortunately, what happened at the Jiang Family that day didn’t affect their attitude towards Yan Jinyu. Their relationship didn’t change.

Mo Qian had survived, but her outcome would definitely not be good.

She recuperated in the hospital for a few months. After that, she returned to her hometown and recuperated for a while before going back to school.

However, she had offended Li Jiajia and could not stay in school or even in Water City at all.

She dropped out of school shortly.

No one knew where she went.

Perhaps Li Jiajia knew. She vented her anger on Mo Qian because she was still indignant about Jiang Xianyou and didn’t dare to find trouble with Zhao Linlin.

The two of them were destined to suffer for the rest of their lives.

And all of this had nothing to do with Yan Jinyu.

Yan Jinyu’s birthday arrived.

She was 20 years old.

They could register their marriage since she was already 20 years old.

Early in the morning, Yin Jiujin kissed her awake before six.

Yan Jinyu saw that the sky wasn’t even bright outside. She narrowed her eyes and hugged Yin Jiujin’s neck, burying her head in his arms. “Brother Nine, stop fooling around. It’s not even dawn yet.”

“It’s time to get up.”

As he spoke, he hugged her and kissed her again.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

This mushy “baby” shocked Yan Jinyu awake. “Brother Nine, talk properly.” It was so early in the morning. It was scary.

Actually, Yin Jiujin had told her at midnight when they hadn’t slept yet and were busy making out.

Hence, seriously speaking, Yan Jinyu had slept for less than three hours.

“Little Yu’er, wake up. We have something very important to do today. Come back to sleep after we’re done.”

“What do you want to do so early in the morning?”

“You’re 20 years old today. We can register our marriage now. Let’s register our marriage.”

“…” Yan Jinyu was a little speechless.

Although she had long guessed that Yin Jiujin wouldn’t be able to wait to register their marriage,…

“Brother Nine, what time is it now? The people are not even at work yet!”

“I heard that we have to line up. We have to be the first to get our marriage certificate today. Get up and change. Let’s go line up.”

Yan Jinyu was very exasperated and could only get up.

Actually, with Yin Jiujin’s identity, wasn’t it very easy to get a certificate? Wasn’t it very easy to be the first to get one today?

He just wanted a sense of ceremony.

Yan Jinyu simply let him be.

Actually, it was not bad to have a sense of ceremony.