Chapter 67 - : Dumb And Silly

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Chapter 67: Dumb And Silly

They were really walking together and Lin Zimu was deliberately walking behind them.

This was the second time that Yan Jinyun saw a woman next to Yin Jiujin.

The first time was when Yan Jinyu appeared beside Yin Jiujin.

Of course, Yan Jinyun rarely had the chance to see Yin Jiujin. However, before this, she had never even heard of any woman who could get so close to Yin Jiujin.

Hence, when Yan Jinyun saw the situation in front of her, she instinctively looked at Yan Jinyu with a hint of worry in her eyes.

When she saw that Yan Jinyu looked normal… No, she was smiling even more brightly than usual, her heart that had been constricted, finally relaxed.

Perhaps that pretty woman just happened to be on the same flight as Master Nine and coincidentally got off the plane together to walk out of the passage. After all, there were so many people on the same flight. Not everyone knew Master Nine’s identity.

Since she didn’t know his identity, it didn’t seem strange for her to have the courage to walk beside Master Nine.

Yan Jinyu didn’t know what Yan Jinyun was thinking at that moment. She didn’t even notice the worry in Yan Jinyun’s eyes.

Due to Little Rain’s request to find an opportunity to get to know her, Little Rain did not inform her beforehand that she was coming to North City.

She had come to the airport to pick up Yin Jiujin.

Yin Jiujin didn’t know that she would come to the airport to pick him up.

Last night, when Yin Jiujin had sent her a message as usual, he had mentioned to her that he would be returning to North City today. She was naturally happy to hear this news, so she asked him about the flight’s arrival time. However, she didn’t say that she would pick him up and only told him to contact her when he returned.

It was undeniable that she didn’t have much contact with Yin Jiujin. They only interacted with each other on the day he brought her back to North City. However, after that, they would text each other almost every day and even call each other occasionally. After two months, the two of them were already very familiar with each other.

At least, that was what she thought.

She had come to the airport just to give Yin Jiujin a surprise.

Don’t ask her why Yin Jiujin would be surprised if she knew that she was coming to pick him up personally. This was her intuition.

Before she returned to North City, the Yin Jiujin she knew was not someone who would remember to send messages to remind others after having three meals a day.

However, she didn’t expect that when she arrived at the airport, not only did she receive Yin Jiujin, but she also saw Xiaoyu. Of course, she was happy. She was twice as happy.

However, Yan Jinyu didn’t think that it was just a coincidence like Yan Jinyun when she saw the two of them walking together.

She knew very well that without Yin Jiujin’s permission, it was impossible for anyone to walk together with him, even in an airport passageway with a group of people who didn’t know him.

Because of Yin Jiujin’s aura. His dark eyes were always sinister and it was not even enough to describe him as unapproachable. Furthermore, she knew that on a certain level, Little Rain and Yin Jiujin were related.

Little Rain was the eldest daughter of the Huo Family in South City. Her real name was Huo Siyu[1], and she was engaged to the eldest son of the Qin Family, Qin Hao, who was one of the top three families in the capital.

Qin Hao was Yin Jiujin’s childhood friend.

Based on the information Yan Jinyu had, Qin Hao seemed to be Yin Jiujin’s only friend in all these years.

However, regardless of whether it was Yin Jiujin or Qin Hao, they both had their own careers and weren’t playful. They rarely appeared at the same occasion, so not many people knew that they were on great terms.

Qin Hao definitely knew that Little Rain was coming to North City. He also knew that Yin Jiujin would return to North City, so it was possible for him to ask him to take care of Little Rain along the way.

She had heard from Meimei that this young master of the Qin Family treasured Little Rain very much.

Yin Jiujin and Huo Siyu’s senses were sharper than that of ordinary people. They had already noticed it the moment they sized them up.

Most importantly, Yan Jinyu was among them.

Huo Siyu’s eyes lit up when she saw Yan Jinyu.

There was surprise and excitement.

Thinking about how she didn’t inform Yan Jinyu beforehand when she came to North City, Yan Jinyu obviously didn’t come to fetch her. She pouted.

What kind of personality did Beauty Yu have? In the past, other than being slightly different to the three of them, there had never been anyone who could have such a huge influence on Beauty Yu.

Beauty Yu had personally come to the airport to pick him up. She even seemed very happy. What magic did Yin Jiujin have?

Huo Siyu’s gaze landed on Yin Jiujin as she thought about it. From this angle, she could see Yin Jiujin’s perfect side profile.

Huo Siyu was speechless. Fine, Yin Jiujin’s looks were outstanding.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had a fiance, and this was Beauty Yu’s man, even someone as determined as her might be seduced by Yin Jiujin’s face.

Suddenly, Yin Jiujin retracted his gentle gaze and looked at Huo Siyu with his dark eyes, “What’s the matter?” He had sensed her sizing him up.

Huo Siyu, who was ranked fourth on the killer list, couldn’t help but shiver.

Forget it, no matter how handsome he was, he was not her type. She still preferred Qin Hao, the kind of firm, honest, and old-fashioned man.

It was better to leave this kind of cold and gloomy man to Beauty Yu.

However, the way Yin Jiujin looked at Beauty Yu seemed different from how he looked at her now.

When he looked at Beauty Yu, there seemed to be a hint of surprise and an imperceptible gentleness?

Huo Siyu shuddered again.

Even she found it inconceivable that this word was related to Yin Jiujin, let alone others.

Forget it. Let’s forget it. As long as he didn’t have any ill intentions towards Beauty Yu and treated her better than those people from the Yan Family, it was fine. As for whether he really took a fancy to Beauty Yu, these weren’t important. She believed that with Beauty Yu’s charm, even Yin Jiujin, who made people tremble in fear in the business world, would sooner or later be heartbroken.

This was her confidence in her friend and buddy.

Shaking her head, she said, “Nothing. I’m just a little curious. I saw that those people seemed to be staring at Second Young Master Yin. Are they people Second Young Master Yin knows?”

Of course, Yin Jiujin was unhappy. As soon as he got off the plane, he saw the girl whom he had been thinking about all this time. He was pleasantly surprised and prepared to quickly walk towards the little girl. Suddenly, a gaze filled with sizing him up landed on his face, making him have no choice but to retract his gaze.

Even if this person was the daughter of the Huo Family whom his childhood friend had entrusted him to take care of in North City.

Since he had promised to help take care of her, he would definitely do it. However, his care was limited to Huo Siyu’s safety in North City, as well as the journey from the capital to North City. It did not mean that Huo Siyu was special to him.

Upon hearing Huo Siyu’s reply, Yin Jiujin’s cold gaze finally retracted slightly.

He did not know if he was speaking to Huo Siyu or to himself.

Because his gaze had already retracted and was now on Yan Jinyu, who was not far away.

His gaze was piercing, but not cold anymore.

Huo Siyu didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she felt that when Yin Jiujin said those words, his emotions revealed a hint of joy and…?

Joy was understandable, but what the hell was pride?

Could it be that Yin Jiujin knew of Beauty Yu’s good qualities? Was he pleased because he had an outstanding fiancée like Beauty Yu?

She shook her head. No, it was a setup personally done by Beauty Yu. How could her information be so easily investigated? No matter how capable Yin Jiujin was, it was impossible for him to find out about Beauty Yu’s background in such a short period of time. Furthermore, Yin Jiujin had been trapped by the pit her brother had dug recently.

Taking a step back, even if Yin Jiujin could find out that Beauty Yu’s information had been leaked, it was impossible for them to not notice it.

Then, if Yin Jiujin really had a hint of smugness when he said this, did that mean that he was simply proud of Beauty Yu, the eldest daughter of the Yan Family who had just been found?

Actually, Huo Siyu was wrong. Yin Jiujin wasn’t feeling smug. Instead, he was feeling a possessiveness that even he didn’t seem to notice.

This was not something Yin Jiujin, the “business world’s God of Slaughter,” would say.

Lin Zimu, who was following behind them, trembled when he heard that.

It seemed like the boss’s liking for this Miss Yan was far more “special” than he thought!

Huo Siyu winked playfully at Yan Jinyu.

There was a smile in Yan Jinyu’s eyes. She shifted her gaze away and smiled sweetly at Yin Jiujin. “Brother Nine.”

“Why are you here?” Yin Jiujin stopped two steps away from her.

He was still wearing a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. He held his phone in one hand and had the other in his pocket.

His fingers moved slightly when he looked at Yan Jinyu.

Her skin seemed to have recovered, and her face looked even more tender than it had two months ago.

He wanted to pinch her cheeks.

In reality, this was all Yin Jiujin’s imagination. Yan Jinyu had always been very protective of her face. Her skin was actually no different from two months ago.

Yan Jinyu’s eyes curved, and her smile became even brighter. “To pick you up!”

Yin Jiujin’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that. His eyes were obscure, and it was impossible to see his emotions clearly.

Then, he finally stepped forward and pinched her cheek. “Silly girl. So dumb and silly.” However, she was very likable.

[1] 雨 “Yu”, in Chinese is “Rain”. Even though they are different words in Chinese, 小雨 and 小虞 “Little Yu” and 雨儿 and 虞儿 “Yu’er”, both have the exact same spelling in English. To prevent confusion for the readers, Siyu would be known as “Rainy” and “Little Rain”.