Chapter 11: Wench (3)

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Chapter 11: Wench (3)

Chapter 11 – Wench (3)

He hesitated for a little bit and decided that he’d viciously blackmail Ye Zhiqiang in a bit. Maybe just like his cousin wanted, he would take him for every penny that he had. Otherwise, it just might be… a little difficult… for her to get remarried.

The young man who fetched Shu Yan earlier whistled around the corner, and Shu Jianyang patted Shu Yan on her shoulder. The two of them fiercely walked toward room 505 and with a switch kick from Shu Jianyang, the door flew open.

Shu Yan looked at the door that was cracked open and gulped. Third Brother was so heroic.

Those two people were naked in bed together. Ye Zhiqiang was startled by the loud noise.

Shu Yan scanned over his unmentionables and wondered if he would be traumatized by this event.

Ye Zhiqiang turned around and saw Shu Jianyang and Shu Yan behind him. His face was beet red and right when he was about to say something, he heard the sound of shutters clicking. He looked over and saw something taking pictures of them from all sorts of angles.

Li Jiaojiao shrieked and wanted to grab the blanket, but Shu Jianyang’s man had already grabbed the blanket and thrown it out of the fifth-floor window along with their clothes, including their underwear.

Shu Yan looked sad, but she was cheerful for the smart boy deep down inside. Good job, little boy. I’ll pay you bonus money afterward!

“Stop taking pictures! Do you hear me!” Ye Zhiqiang’s eyes were beet red. “Shu Yan, what the hell are you doing?”

He wouldn’t believe that Shu Yan had what it took to pull this off, but Shu Jianyang was a whole different story. He turned his head to negotiate with Shu Jianyang. “Third Brother, we had never crossed each other in the past. What’s going on between Shu Yan and I is family business. Don’t you think you might be overreaching a bit?”

“Stop! Stop taking pictures! Oh, Zhiqiang, make them stop!” Li Jiaojiao curled up and covered up her face.

Shu Yan ran over, grabbed Li Jiaojiao by her hair ,and slapped her twice on her face, “Is that why your parents paid for you to go to college? So you can seduce something else’s husband? You shameless wench….”

Shu Yan was anxious. She was brought up way too well by her parents from her past life, so she didn’t even know how to yell at someone.

Seeing that his Jiaojiao was attacked, Ye Zhiqiang wanted to go and beat up Shu Yan. With a wave of Shu Jianyang’s hand, a couple of his men went over and beat up on Ye Zhiqiang.

Li Jiaojiao was pregnant, so Shu Yan didn’t want to be too vicious. Slapped her a couple times? Sure. But, she didn’t want her to lose her baby. That would turn her into the perpetrator instead of the victim.

“Enough, Shu Yan. Have them stop. We can talk it through like adults.” Ye Zhiqiang covered up his head and let out a small cry here and there.

Shu Jianyang’s men were professionals. They knew where to hit that would cause the most pain but leave no evidence.

“Third Brother?” Shu Yan looked over at Shu Jianyang. She had asked him for help, and Third Brother had also said that he’d take care of it, so she must look to him to see what his thoughts were.

Shu Jianyang nodded and his two men gave Ye Zhiqiang one final kick before they went back to stand behind Shu Jianyang.

“Okay, since you wanted to talk, then let’s talk.” Shu Yan looked at Ye Zhiqiang and seeing his painful look, she felt redeemed.

No matter what, they had given him a beating. That was for the original owner.