Chapter 14: Physical Evidence (3)

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Chapter 14: Physical Evidence (3)

Chapter 14 – Physical Evidence (3)

No. That couldn’t be. She must have got all these from that Shu Jianyang. That would be the only thing that made sense. She hadn’t even graduated elementary school. What did she know about the law? She got all this information from Shu Jianyang. He must have his eyes on his company.

“Yanyan, what did that Shu Jianyang say to you? He doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Trust me, he just wanted to use you to get to my assets, only to take them from you. Then, you wouldn’t even have a penny of it left.” The more he said, the more he was convinced that was the case. “Neither one of us would have any money. How are we going to support the kids? Do you want to see the kids suffer?”

The original owner might believe in Ye Zhiqiang’s words, but Shu Yan didn’t buy any of it.

“Shu Yan, you are going too far,” said Ye Zhiqiang, anxious as he looked at the wife he no longer knew.

Going too far? Shu Yan scoffed. She fished out the documents from her purse and threw them at Ye Zhiqiang.

“These are pictures of you and Li Jiaojiao together and also Li Jiaojiao’s hospital report. Not to mention, we have all the amazing photos that we have taken today. You might want to think twice about it, Ye Zhiqiang.”

The items on the table make Ye Zhiqiang shudder. His eyes reddened with a vicious look, “What do you want?”

“I have said it many times already. You, leave with nothing. Take your Li Jiaojiao and get as far away as possible.” Shu Yan would love to choke him to death right now. She enunciated one word at a time, “By the way, I already had someone looked up all of your assets and had them certified by a lawyer. Don’t even think about transferring any of them out.”

“Shu Yan, I am going to kill you.” He couldn’t leave with nothing. He had earned all these himself, why did he have to give them to this damn, fat woman?

“Third Brother,” Shu Yan took a couple steps back and called out. Shu Jianyang kicked the door opened and came inside.