Chapter 17: Picking Up The Kids (2)

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Chapter 17: Picking Up The Kids (2)

Chapter 17 – Picking Up The Kids (2)

Relatively speaking, Shu Jianyang had it better thought out than Shu Yan. If anyone else went to pick up the children, the elders would definitely ask a lot of questions, but not so much if it was Shu Jianbo.

“Second Brother, it’s me. Shu Yan, Second Uncle’s daughter has a favor to ask. Yes, Second Uncle’s daughter. Nothing much. Ye Zhiqiang had been very busy with his work lately, and Shu Yan had been sick and couldn’t go back to pick up the kids. Since school was about to start in a couple of days, they didn’t want the kids to miss the start of school. As such, can we trouble you to pick up the kids and bring them into town? I have a brother who has a car and can take them to the city.” Shu Jianyang made up a very convincing story in no time flat.

“Ye Zhiqiang was so busy with work that he can’t even come to pick up his own kids? Hand him the phone, I need to have a talk with him. How could his business be more important than his kids?” said Shu Jianbo, displeased.

Shu Jianyang almost rolled his eyes. What went through his second brother’s mind was never the same as what went through his. He was just about to say something when Shu Yan took the phone from him.

“Hi, Second Brother. It’s me, Shu Yan.” Shu Yan waited for him to figure it out before she continued, “Yeah, there was some issue with some supplies on site, and Zhiqiang went over to the factory directly to negotiate. That was a few provinces out, and I couldn’t really get a hold of him. If I have any other options, I wouldn’t have thought to trouble Third Brother. I should be the one to go pick up the kids, but I was just really been sick these last couple of days. Second Brother,I don’t want to ask my parents. You know how it was between my parents and Zhiqiang’s parents. They fight each time they see each other…”

“Alright, I will go pick them up in a bit.” Shu Jianbo took a look at the time. It’s 1:30 PM and there’s one more bus leaving at 2:30 going into town. He should have enough time if he left soon and took his motorcycle.

“Look, Third Brother, I have been troubling you for all sorts of matters.” Shu Yan felt bad about that.

She couldn’t count on the original owner’s own parents or her brothers, but the cousin that she wasn’t closed to ended up giving her so much help.

“We’re family. Don’t say such a thing. Go and get some rest. Your kids will be here soon.” Even though Shu Jianyang didn’t own a lot of clubs, he still has a lot of matters to attend to on a day-to-day basis.

It only took some 10 minutes of motorcycle ride from the Shu’s village to the Ye’s village. When Shu Jianbo arrived at Ye Zhiqiang’s house, the two children were playing in the courtyard.

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